by Lou Binninger

Sutter County citizens against spending $2 million on a homeless village along Garden Highway came to speak at the October 10th Supervisors’ meeting. Supervisors feigned surprise that there would be a protest from Little League parents, Airport operators, Posse Arena and Twin Cities Rod and Gun shooting range advocates. Supervisors contended the issue wasn’t even on the agenda.

The concern was Item #9, the second reading of a new and improved camping ordinance outlawing squatting on county property. Supervisors argued that Item #9 had nothing to do with a homeless development on Garden Highway. However, a Little League representative noted that the new ordinance exempted the property in question essentially allowing a homeless camp in the city.

Though supervisors acted astonished at the dust-up, there are detailed plot plans, purchase lists and cost estimates for cots, tents, hygiene items, food, security patrols, an agreement with nonprofit providers, and plans for a 6,000 sq.ft. building, and more. Were supervisors ignorant, deceived by County Administrator (CAO) Mitnick , or devious?

The meeting started in bizarre fashion. Board Chairman Jim Whiteaker moved #9 from a stand-alone agenda item to the Consent Agenda where there is no discussion and a number of issues are voted upon at once. However, scores of people were there to speak about #9.

Whiteaker then asked county counsel if the supervisor made a mistake. Counsel responded that Item 9 should now be considered in a separate meeting. Whiteaker ignored counsel by saying he was taking responsibility. The supervisors then passed the Consent Agenda allowing the use of Garden Hwy property for a homeless camp.

In spite of the ordinance being passed without discussion and public input, Whiteaker allowed homeless village speakers to have their say. This was governing in spite of the people. The supervisors already made up their minds without debate. Then they grandstanded about how transparent and easily accessible they were.

In fact, Supervisor Flores promised Peach Bowl Little League new ball fields, just somewhere else. A new shooting range had already been proposed to the Rod and Gun Club, but somewhere else. In other words, everyone along the corridor is being hustled with promises and spending someone else’s money. However, rather than building new facilities first, people are being asked to trust their fate to the Supervisors.

No such guarantee is given to the airport people though. If CAO Scott Mitnick has his way the airport will be closed. Mitnick is not a fan of the Sutter County Airport. He considers it underused and not the best utilization of the property. The county owes the Airport Fund hundreds of thousands of dollars because Federal Aviation Administration rules requires paying fair market rent to the airport for using portions of it for unrelated activities.

So, is creating a camp where hundreds of homeless people will live across the fence line from the airport the first step to closing the facility? Thieves are already stealing from the gun club, baseball operation and airport hangars.

Drugged and drunken homeless pose a threat to airport safety and children at the ball parks. Will sex registrants be allowed in the camp in violation of the law? Speakers addressed the supervisors about these issues but the ordinance was already in the books.

Supervisors played the crowd encouraging them to return on October 24 when the camp itself will be on the agenda. However, the issue may already be decided and then reassigned to the Consent Agenda for a vote.

Last Friday, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency because an outbreak of deadly hepatitis A has killed at least 18 people in the state, and forced almost 500 to be hospitalized. How did that happen?

The epidemic has been linked to homeless communities in San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz.

So far, 581 people in California have been afflicted with the liver virus, more than half of whom have ended up in the hospital. The virus is very dangerous, and can be fatal for those who already have other liver diseases, like hepatitis B or C.

Federal health officials said last week that even with the ongoing efforts to slow the spread of the disease, California’s outbreak could last for years.

Should a handful of local politicians and bureaucrats spend millions of tax dollars while putting the community at risk? The voters say no but no one is listening.

by Lou Binninger

Liberal policies coddling the homeless are reintroducing troubles from the Dark Ages, illnesses spawned from human filth. As Governor Brown declared a State of Emergency due to an outbreak of Hepatitis A in San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, San Francisco civil engineer / web designer Jennifer Wong created an interactive map called Human Wasteland.

The computer map notes human excrement incidents in San Francisco reported by the public to SF311. SF311 is essentially a “Crap App” to request a Public Works “Crap Buster” crew. Have liberals outlawed the plastic bags that could be used by homeless to catch and release their own stools in convenient receptacles?

The highest concentration of crap is at a downtown alley next to the financial district, right in a high-traffic area frequented by tourists. Why? That’s where the hand-outs are? If you wonder where that Third World scent is coming from, that is the fragrance of rewilding modern America.

Marysville and Yuba City should look into launching a “Crap App” since they are both Sanctuary Cities for the homeless.

As the rural North State burned did the payers of the fire tax wonder where the benefits are? Approximately 800,000 rural property owners living in State Responsibility Areas (SRAs), have been paying a fee of $152.33 per habitable structure or a reduced fee of $117.33 if living in an area that overlaps with another fire service area.

The tax was illegally passed by the legislature and became effective July 1, 2014. Remember, Governor Brown said rural dwellers were not paying their fair share.

The fee was said to pay for a variety of fire prevention services like fuel reduction activities that lessen risk of wildfire to communities and evacuation routes. Other tasks include defensible space inspections, fire prevention engineering, emergency evacuation planning, fire prevention education, fire hazard severity mapping, implementation of the State and local Fire Plans and fire-related law enforcement activities such as arson investigation.

However, no firefighting assets were funded by the more than $300 million collected as of June 2015. And, while the Butte and Valley fires raged that year $43 million remained unused in the fund. A state agency was also paid $22 million just to collect the tax.

Last week, a Cal Fire spokesperson revealed that there should have been 3,000 personnel working on the Cascade Fire. Instead, since resources were spread thin throughout the state, there were fewer than 700 firefighters or just over 20% of a proper allocation.

Just how many Yuba Co. burned homes could have been saved if the fire taxes paid for more firefighting? Unfortunately another Cal Fire representative commented that they saved a lot of money on this fire by not having sufficient personnel. Fire victims are not thrilled to hear that.

Cal Fire spokes-people need training on how to communicate with victims. One started his briefing of evacuees, many of whom had lost everything, by alluding to how hard his firefighters had been working the past 24 hours. That certainly was true, but not the right moment to tout their exploits.

Another evacuee thanked firefighters for their work but asked why displaced people couldn’t get more information. The Cal Fire boss then asked, “Would you rather have us put out the fire or get you information? With a more than $2 billion budget is it impossible to do both?

Another lady, maybe a tad naïve but trying to be helpful, offered Cal Fire easy access to areas through gates on her property. The macho Cal Fire executive retorted that they would simply drive over her gates. Probably true, but not the kindest comment for a traumatized victim.

If you have HIV these are better times to intentionally infect sex partners or donate your HIV-tainted blood. Being selfish and deceitful possibly leading to someone’s death will get the perpetrator only a misdemeanor charge and just 6 months in jail. Governor Brown signed the legislation.

However, if you willfully refer to a transgender person using the wrong pronoun you can be fined up to $1,000 and get up to 1 year in jail. Legislators are actually paid to make these laws.

If you missed the part where you needed to participate in this form of government to keep it on track, this is what you get for not being involved.

How many new laws were passed by our gifted lawmakers this past year? Would you believe that eight hundred (800) new laws were sent to the governor for signing? It is true. Ok, lets look at a few of them. The 12 cent a gallon more on gas. The new tax on car registrations. The computer that will be put on trucks to see how many hours/ miles the driver does in a day. Cap and Trade for ten (10) more years, and the republicans voted for this one. Private contractors are now required to use union wages. (SB35) New fees from $75.00 to $225.00 to be imposed on real estate actions. (SB3) Do you really like being in a state that spends all of its time putting a chain around your neck? Look at it like this: these restrictions, laws, and controls are like the links in a chain. You now have eight hundred (800) laws (links) around your neck, not counting last years around the same number. No wonder we are so stressed out. Hope is here. It is time SOJ51 to put a new star on the flag. Educate yourself and be a teacher to others about the truth that this is insane and we need and want our liberty back. If you are fed up and think the time has come and liberty is worth fighting for you need to give of your time, talents and treasures and get behind this movement. Let get it done. A good place to start.

Doris Mitchell

Yuba City, Ca.

For years, I have made people aware in newspapers and speeches how my life changed 25 years ago after a drunken driver hit me. I was 16 then. I urge all to have a sober driver if drinking and some are listening. Thank You.

I intend to bring more responsible, safe and sober drivers on the roads.

A new threat is quickly taking its place: Cellphones. I see people on them everywhere like in stores, restaurants, and even vehicles. Drivers of all ages are distracted in numerous ways, but cellphone usage takes the cake.

Who wants to drive a vehicle and not pay attention to the road just to text a petty message? Is this distraction worth the risk of injuring or killing others?

Due to the destructive fires in California, many hazards are around. Drivers through these regions must pay full attention to the roads and surroundings. Cellphone use destroys that.

Driving with a cellphone is like driving drunk, if not worse. Looking at the phone for just 5 seconds is similar to driving the length of a football field at 55 MPH, blindfolded. Clearly, that is irresponsible and unsafe.

Please, stop your vehicle when using the phone and do not drive drunk. This brings more safety to the roads everyday.

Lori Martin

Tracy, California

Recently talking to my daughter on the phone, she was telling me that elementary school students in her school district, are no longer making Christmas decorations so as not to offend the non-Christian students. OMG. When we visit (or RE-locate) to other countries we have to play by their rules, but when they migrate here we are expected to alter our lifestyles and traditions to suit them. If their way of life is so wonderful, they should stay in their own country, and leave us to ours. Now we know how the native American's felt when we pushed them out of our way, only, our land and way of life, we are holding the door open for them. Thanks for listening.

Eddie M, Howsley

Marysville CA

by Lou Binninger

Sutter County Public Information Officer (PIO) Chuck Smith says, “There’s a saying around here that nothing is on the agenda until the agenda is posted.” That’s makes sense, but Yuba and Sutter County citizens don’t trust their politicians so rumors abound about what is being considered to be on the Supervisors’ agenda. Residents have been fooled before.

Currently, people are hearing all kinds of stories about the upcoming Homeless Village planned for the Sutter County Airport that will affect a number of current and adjacent uses. PIO Smith wrote to clarify what is happening at the October 10th and 24th board meetings.

The homeless have been dictating city and county policy by their errant behavior, law breaking and ignoring county ordinances. Their acts of entitlement give them more benefits than taxpayers who pay for services.

Smith describes a County Two-Year Plan, not to resolve homelessness, but to spend millions in tax dollars on more programs for them. Mark the Plan on the calendar.

At the October 10 board meeting, supervisors will entertain the second and final reading of a new and improved camping ordinance more perfectly teasing out what is and is not acceptable. Smith says this is the only aspect regarding the homeless to be considered at this gathering.

However, the entire Homeless Village proposal will be presented by county staff for Board approval at the October 24th meeting. This will address funding for a temporary emergency shelter for up to 200 people. There will be 17 large tents on cement slabs, with 24/7 security and sanitary facilities.

The camp will be used until a 6,000 square foot structure can be constructed nearby. “Startup costs (including lighting, four acres of base rock, a concrete slab, environmental studies, potential mitigation measures, and a portable office modular building) are estimated at $250,000; the tent shelter is about $115,000 (tents, cots, fencing, animal kennels, onsite storage for personal belongings); and another $285,000 in operating costs (including sleeping bags, toiletries, meals, services provided by Hands of Hope non-profit, and private security).” This comes to $650,000 plus county staff costs.

Then, the county will apply to the state and federal governments for permission to use up to $720,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the construction of the permanent long-term emergency shelter housing up to 60 people.

Smith says if the plan is approved, the Tent Village would only be utilized until the permanent structure is up and occupied in a year, 18 months or so. As the Village is erected the revised camping ordinance will be enforced to remove the homeless population from the river bottom property between Shanghai Bend and the Yuba City Boat Dock. The assumption is that the squatters will migrate to the Tent Village but no one can be forced to locate there.

The PIO’s email says the county will offer paths to self-sufficiency, including job training and affordable housing. Weren’t these already available? Health and Human Services and local service providers for the poor will be enlisted to do what they were already supposed to be doing. Right? Is there anything new offered here other than living facilities?

Since government has a horrible record teaching self-sufficiency, job training and being in the housing business, this could get interesting. One thing for sure, a lot of money will be spent, approaching $2 million to launch.

For years, welfare workers were forbidden to even offer budgeting help to aid recipients. Now, are they becoming self-sufficiency mentors? Where have they been?

According to a county official the welfare department has not filed a fraud case in years and doesn’t even confirm residence addresses to hand-out aid. The agency refused to file a welfare fraud case against former District Attorney Carl Adams’ escort Sarah Garibay though she was collecting county benefits while living on thousands of dollars a month from male clients.

As the October 24th meeting agenda is not finalized additional items may appear or points above may change. Watch for the agenda posting on the Sutter County website.

A number of current uses along Second Street will be eliminated or negatively affected by the homeless development. Those uses include the airport itself, Little League Parks, the Sheriff’s Posse Arena, Twin Cities Road and Gun Club shooting range, and the Sheriff’s Training Center and Range.

by Lou Binninger

California’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) notified Kumar Kairam, owner of Washington Avenue Market in Yuba City that after nearly three years his convenience store can finally sell a single 16 oz. beer. Kairam recently applied to have the restriction removed and never understood why his business was targeted in the first place.

The bizarre aspect to this case is that the store sells all kinds of liquor including beer, wine, and hard drink. However, the City of Yuba City asked for the restriction on Kairam’s liquor license in spite of the fact that his competitors can sell the product.

A Freedom of Information Act request of police responses showed his store having fewer incidents than his competitors that have the freedom to sell a 16 oz. beer.

He could sell a 6-pack or a case of beer but could not sell just one. Sound wrong? That’s because there is nothing right about fascist policies ruling over citizens and businesses.

President Ronald Reagan in a television interview discussing conservatism vs. liberalism said, “If fascism ever comes to America it will come in the name of liberalism. What is fascism? Fascism is private ownership, private enterprise but total government control and regulation. Isn’t this the liberal philosophy?”

Reagan concluded his thought by saying, “The conservative (way) so–called is less government, get off my back, get out of my pocket, and let me have more control of my own destiny.” Some city council members may consider themselves conservative but they act like socialists.

City management arbitrarily crippled Kairam’s ability to make a profit by chasing off customers wanting to buy a beer. So Kairam lost the ‘privilege’ to sell those customers hundreds of other merchandise items as they took their beer business elsewhere.

The single 16 oz. beer issue surfaced when Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots routinely frequented the store for coffee and learned of the owner being abused by the city. They attempted to intervene on behalf of Kairam to no resolve.

City Council candidate Jason Rikard drew attention to the city’s bullying tactics during his campaign. Rikard noted the fact that this was neither a City Council decision nor an ordinance forbidding 16 oz. beer sales but rather the arbitrary act of a single bureaucrat Director of Development Services Darin Gale.

Kairam and his wife have three children, 2 in college and one working for an anti-human trafficking organization in Sacramento. The hard working immigrant who never completed high school confesses to not understanding the myriad of rules governing business here. Kairam thought he just needed to pay someone money like he would in his former homeland.

Kairam has also gotten sideways with the complex city sign rules. Again, he sees the rules being stifling and applied inconsistently among similar stores. And, he wonders why the State Lottery sign can be on the curb but he cannot have his own curb advertisement. Why the favoritism?

Currently none of the five city council members are small business owners. If politicians were required to successfully operate a small business for 10-years prior to ruling over enterprises, maybe they would make fewer rules and regulations and quit jerking hard-working citizens around.

Politicians and bureaucrats have removed the ‘freedom’ from free enterprise. The city’s 16 oz. beer nonsense is symbolic of the government’s routine abuse of business people.

Another election is upon us, and some important decisions have to be made. I am particularly concerned about the position of supervisor of the Yuba County’s Fifth District now held by Randy Fletcher, who, according to prevailing sentiment, has just gotta go!

During the last 3 1/2 years in office he has done next to nothing for the county. He has refused to vote on many important county issues, saying, weirdly, Yuba County residents are his potential (or actual) insurance customers, thus his voting would create a conflict of interest. (So, he should have thought of that before he took the job.) It looks to me like he collects a juicy unearned salary just sitting on his hands.... Initially, in his campaign, he outlined 6-7 projects that he would take care of, just like that (such as building a dam on New York Flat Road (impossible) and eliminating all county building and planning fees (fat chance.) (I reported on these shenanigans in the Territorial Dispatch, on Feb.1, 2017.)

Going back to 2012, there was a disgraceful episode in Fletcher's past, that the public was (and is) little aware of, i.e. his involvement and promotion of the Anti-Measure-T campaign, fall of 2012.

The purpose of Measure-T was to give the people of Yuba County more power over development by giving them the final vote automatically over subdivisions in Natural Resource areas (farm land, foothills, mining land).

Similar ballot measures have worked well in protecting Ventura County against the population

onslaught of the Los Angeles area and Napa County against the population onslaught from the Bay Area.

Apparently, the idea of making it routine for people to vote on important subdivisions freaked out realtor Tib Belza and buddy Randy Fletcher. Both names were on the face sheets of 460 forms for Anti-Measure-T campaign, (lists of donor's names) The pro-Measure -T campaign was going well until the California Association of Realtors, based in Los Angeles, donated an astounding $30, 000, no doubt on the urging of Belza and Fletcher, to the Anti-Measure-T campaign. With such maneuvers, we have Fletcher and Belza going all out, using sleazy tactics, against dedicated Yuba County citizens and in favor of those who would split up prime farm land (in areas zoned for farming) and even activate the huge Spring Valley Project hated by 88% of its neighbors.

Not only did Belza and Fletcher get the California realtors to put in big money against Yuba County voters, but they engineered a nasty campaign like I had never seen before (e.g. stealing signs in the middle of the night all over the county, etc.,)...completely distorting the facts and dispersing nonsense in their campaign literature (telling the people "Measure-T mandates a county-wide election to obtain any kind of permit on rural land.)" (ridiculous, and they knew it). so, the Anti-T folks got the big money and thus the campaign experts to make a farce of our democratic process...and simply rig the campaign. It’s really sad when California realtors over-power a small rural county at the polls. Measure-T lost by less than 1%. P.S. I've known Tib Belza many years, and I have always liked him, but things changed when he came out particularly in such a way, against Measure T. What was going on? Did Tib see Measure-T

as a threat to the still-alive Spring Valley project, or to some other project?

And Randy could really do us all a big favor by resigning as supervisor to avoid his “conflict of interest.”

Hal Stocker

Challenge, Ca

Yuba City has every right and in fact an obligation to its citizens to put contracts out to bid. Government contracts should always go out to bid at regular intervals. Competitive bidding helps keep the process more transparent and honest (hopefully anyway). Remember these contracts are paid for with our tax dollars in most cases. If a company (and its employees) are doing a bang up job and at a reasonable rate there is no reason they can't win the bid once again. Monopoly's in contacts are a breeding ground for corruption and influence peddling. Any contractor dealing with the government should be well aware that contracts turn over, contracts come and go. Employees often follow the contract, changing companies when contractors change. I don't appreciate the attempt to pull on the communities heart strings to keep a government contract. Please chime in on how you the people feel about this...

Monty D Hecker

Marysville, Ca.

The Vegas Shooting is, sadly, being silenced. From what I have investigated. The government entities don't want to call this a terrorist attack, because they don't want to fuel the divide that is already at a boiling over point. So the "facts" or propaganda coming from supposed experts is basically a "Soft Ops" cover-up. But little truths keep being told by officials. The Sheriff made the comment that he wanted to know ...who or what group radicalized the shooter. That speaks volumes, since there are inside reports coming from what seem to be credible sources that were involved, that claim the shooter had radical leftist propaganda in the room he was shooting from. The Shooter was also a former Government IRS employee. Also from the actual police frequencies recorded, an officer in the parking lot of the hotel where the shooting took place, reported to dispatch that a Black Dually Truck he believed to be a Chevy, tore out of the parking lot with an undetermined amount of passengers, and for other patrols to check it out if spotted. This was observed 5 minutes after the Gunman stopped firing on the crowds.

Sadly this cover-up will be useful to the communists agenda of disarming the American People so they cannot protect themselves against threats... so we will have no protection from tyranny.

Other telling signs that this was "hopefully by Leftist thinking" a "Terrorist Attack" is the numerous hate filled statements by the left. A CBS Legal Executive had this to say; “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun toters,” said Geftman-Gold. This sparked outrage from Americans and shows how hateful the Left is against America. Hailey Geftman-Gold was fired from CBS, but other Leftists on CNN, CBS, ABC, NSBC and other Communist Networks think killing all Trump Supports is OK. So they are responsible for Aiding and Abetting these whack-jobs that go on these Terrorist Attacks, because they plant the notion that killing Trump Supports or anyone who supports the Constitution and the American Flag is OK. We may never know the true facts in this case, but maybe it is time we all arm ourselves, we do seem to be in the sights "Literally" of the Leftist Communists.

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.

We need more transparency in the contract process in Yuba County! I know that most of us do not have the time or experience to monitor all that goes on between our local elected officials and services they contract for us, but it still should be available for review and input.

Yuba City is taking a lot of heat for their backbone in insisting that the garbage service contract go out for bid. I applaud them for doing the right thing. Competition is good for all of us. I wish Yuba County would do the same, but rumor has it that they are "negotiating" behind closed doors and not allowing competition.

Granted, allowing for a open bidding process is risky. After all, the current contractor owns the dump, not the county. They could and have forced other company's out by making it impossible to use their facilities. Beale AFB once had it's own garbage provider and it's own dump on the base. The base dump site was closed and competiton ended when the privately owned dumpsite for the county made it to expensive for any other company. A sad day for all of us, and it's been going on for years.

The company has changed names over the years, and yes allowed employees to become small owners, but I believe they are still the same company based out of San Francisco that threaten another garbage provider with legal action in 1986, when they tried to provided free cleanup service to Olivehurst after the flood.

The current company has good points and bad. To the good, they have provided excellent service for me and are very responsive when called, and they provided community services liking free annual cleanups to a few areas. That is good. To the bad, I don't want outside garbage coming into my community! I want to know more about the fines they received for environmental issues. I'd like to see my rates lower. I don't like the dumpsite being in the path of Beale AFB's flight path, and I don't like a company playing on community empathy for it's employee's or trying to negotiate behind closed doors.

We need to know and have a say in what our elected and county officials are doing and that's not happening! All contracts need to go out for bid, in a public, transparent process!

Debra Hecker

Marysville, Ca.

Making California a sanctuary state will propel California into economic despair that will take years to reverse. The long-term effect will be devastating to our schools, healthcare and welfare systems.

Ask the question “If you are intent on crossing the U.S. border illegally, why even consider crossing into Texas, New Mexico or Arizona, where if caught you will be immediately deported. Whereas crossing into California you will be welcomed with open arms?”

By declaring California, a sanctuary state, we may as well hang a sign on our border that says “All are welcome”. Border guards, knowing that their efforts are in vain, will eventually stop enforcing the law. The legislators in Sacramento want so badly to be seen as compassionate, caring souls that they neglect to see the long-term effect this would have on the economy.

Some resolution needs to be considered for the Dreamers that we have already educated and given health care to, but it should be understood that there is a difference between compassion and stupidity.

Douglas Binderup

Dobbins, Ca.

I am sick and tired of the NFL when the NFL players started kneeling I said I was not watching NFL football I would watch college and if they start kneeling I will boycott them. I am already part of the 8 to 10% of people not going to games or not watching them on T.V.

I saw on T.V. that the average ticket cost was $98.00 to just get into the game. Do the millionaire players and owners care? No they don’t, all they care about everything they do build a new field or get a raise , raise ticket prices. A family of 4 can’t afford to see a game. This is a chance for the public to show our contempt for this boycott. We pay their salary & their large new stadiums Oakland taxpayers said no. Sand Diego said no. This is time for all tax payers to say no by not watching or going to games.

I went online to see 49ers tickets prices $866 dollars for 50 yard line seats. But for us average fans top deck seats and the field looks like a postage stamp & the players look like ants are only $19.00 the choice is yours.

Donald E. Lewis

Marysville, CA

by Lou Binninger

As state voters twice approved the usage of marijuana few considered what that would look like in terms of growing, sales, distribution and use. Well, the devil is in the details.

Sacramento authorized up to thirty dispensaries with abundant rules to keep the city leaders happy. However, a recent audit concluded that the dispensaries may be underreporting revenue and receipts, not paying enough taxes and are essentially running rogue.

Of the six dispensaries whose finances were targeted for audit, four did not cooperate. The city auditor asked the dispensaries for information in 8 categories including monthly receipt records, financial statements, tax returns, member names and vendor list.

Five of six audited did not provide gross receipts, finance statements or member names. None offered a list of vendors (providers of their merchandise).

Sacramento City Auditor Jorge Oseguera led the investigation and said his staff went to dispensaries to keep track of purchases. Based on what they observed, they were able to estimate how much the dispensaries should be reporting in revenue and paying in taxes. In one case, a dispensary was more than $100,000 short in taxes paid.

Dispensaries have trouble finding a bank to take their money so there is no ‘paper trail’ via deposits and bank statements. It is an all cash operation with plenty of opportunities to beat the government out of payola.

One dispensary, All About Wellness, refused to allow auditors inside, much to the frustration of Oseguera. “This is critical for the city to be able to do if we’re going to allow these dispensaries within the city," Oseguera said. "And to the extent that (the audits were) contested, well perhaps they shouldn’t be operating in the city.”

Dispensaries also failed to meet city code during surprise on-site inspections. Violations included not posting the required signs, not securing doors, selling medical marijuana to people other than qualified patients and allowing the on-site consumption of marijuana.

Last year, Sacramento collected $4.5 million in taxes from the dispensaries.

Yuba County prohibits dispensaries but the City of Marysville has authorized two outlets in spite of voters’ opposition. Local dispensary rules are many and detailed, but will the city face the same lawlessness as Sacramento?

In Yuba County some have estimated more than 1,000 people are growing illegally. While many rural residents concluded that local government had given up enforcing the law, there has been a change since two deputies were shot at a marijuana grow-site on August 1.

Since then, scores of grows and thousands of plants have been eradicated, honey oil labs removed, hundreds of thousands of dollars and many guns confiscated, and dozens of suspects arrested. Toxic chemicals have been discovered at the sites.

A recent sweep saw 18 apprehended. The interesting aspect is that most all of the accused are from elsewhere - Jamaica, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama. Chances are none of them were checking the quality of schools here to enroll their kids.

Those arrested were charged with 182PC/Conspiracy, 11358 H&S/Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana, and 11359H&S/Possession of Marijuana for Sale. There were also additional environmental and water violations for perpetrators associated with some locations.

No State of Emergency has been declared, but there is certainly a multi-agency effort to make a statement about what the will of county leaders is. It will take many more raids to alter the attraction for lawless profiteers to Yuba County. Great weather and soils combined with a poorly crafted growing ordinance and feeble enforcement created a perfect environment for a criminal element to thrive here.

Residents are firmly behind law enforcement restoring order and peace before the county has completely lost control. Marijuana industry entrepreneurs consider themselves exempt from the law and their responsibility to their neighbors.

by Lou Binninger

Back in the day before TV ruled, Big Time Wrestling would come to Marysville at the noisy Veterans Memorial Auditorium with its cigarette smoke, hardwood floors and mezzanine. To a youngster, the ‘wrestlers,’ the ring and the close-up were magical.

It was a few years before the gig was up. It was all an act. In fact, maybe the contenders were not only fake but someone you wouldn’t hang-out with either. We learned too much.

The recent throwing of the Raiders-Redskins game by black players because their white quarterback Derrick Carr stood for the National Anthem was a come to Jesus moment for those who for decades have watched NFL games. Fans assumed the best about the teams, the players and commonly-held beliefs. The problem is that the fans’ NFL persona was a myth.

Millions this season are realizing they have little in common with the players, certainly not their athletic ability, nor wealth, and neither their value system. In fact, it seems players may allow their quarterback to be sacked, a player to get injured and passes to be dropped to force political conformity. What about the pursuit of victory, giving it all? Busted.

The truth is that though the players are amazing athletes and physically disciplined, NFL teams spends millions on classes to shore up young men skimpy on character, clueless on finances, about how to stay out of jail and the downside of being a gigolo. It’s a fulltime job.

The expressions on the players’ faces at the recent Packers / Bears game came across as rich spoiled brats. We are standing up on the outside but taking a knee on the inside. Good for them. It’s great to see who people really are. You just never see them the same again.

They didn’t just become different from you. They always were. It’s a little painful to lose a fantasy friend.

One player told fans to stay home if they didn’t like what the players were up to. Hilarious, this stuff is too good to be true. How would you like to go into Raley’s Grocery Store and the manager tell you to “F-off” after you’d been shopping their all your life?

A local judge whined about fans discussing boycotting Budweiser. He wanted them to think about all the good souls that would lose their jobs from fewer sales. Who’s kidding whom? Every choice made and dollar spent is a vote for a person or a product and a vote against the rest. People make hundreds of buying decisions each week contributing to the success of some and the demise of others. Where do these judges go to school, anyway, the Lenin Academy?

President Trump suggested firing employee - athletes who don’t reflect the owners’ values and appreciate the country. Welcome to the real world. He has a right to his view. Obama talked plenty of smack. Lefty eunuchs moved up a couple octaves excited about Trump interjecting politics into football. Really, is that what happened?

ESPN once had all sports enthusiasts slobbering 24 hours-per-day over their programming until they became socialists with token sports highlights. Trump may be the only political figure alive willing to tell the truth about the left’s takeover of sports broadcasting.

For those thinking this has something to do with free speech please read the First Amendment to the Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Congress never made a law limiting what the players are doing, but Congress did violate the Constitution by giving millions of taxpayers’ dollars to the NFL each year.

And, no one in America is being forced to agree or disagree. The players are betting their careers on their beliefs. Good for them. Let’s see how it all turns out. Transparency is a healthy thing. It’s never good to live a lie, for the players or us.

Starbucks became vocal as anti-marriage and pro-illegal immigration. I don’t hate them. I’m just happier buying coffee elsewhere. Same with the NFL, no ill-will or bitterness, life is short, make yours count somewhere.

by Lou Binninger

The founders believed that a populace unwilling to exercise self-discipline based upon Biblical principles would eventually lose the republic, their freedom and self-destruct. The framers believed a very small governmental presence was needed to protect from foreign invaders and neighbors running roughshod over neighbors by violating what amounts to the Ten Commandments.

Today, government is seeking to dictate every facet of life, every move citizens make. We are now a fledgling totalitarian system though we still throw around words like liberty, freedom and the Constitution. Very few Americans understand the document or adhere to it, including legislators and judges.

They discover novel concepts like welfare, education and abortion in the document. You can liken it to some members of the population that introduce creatures into their anal cavity. It just wasn’t intended to be so.

Legislators lord it over the law-abiding and have an impotent bent when it comes to law breakers. The prima donnas get rough and tough on when to water the lawn, whether kids can wash cars to earn money for a school project, and grocery bags. Then, they spend years debating a marijuana-growing ordinance that is really enforceable or the funding of enough deputies to withstand the take-over of rural counties by rebels.

Dr. Mourad Gabriel, field agent for the Integral Ecology Research Center has been studying the mess left at illegal marijuana plots. It’s toxic, very toxic, killing insects, small and large animals and surely making humans ill at the very least. Remember the days when meth labs were discovered occasionally with dead cooks when the recipe went wrong.

Gabriel finds fertilizers, poisons and insecticides. Unwelcome bugs, animals, and humans who wish to partake of the crop are the enemy to growers. Gabriel says one of the more gnarly chemicals repeatedly discovered is Carbofuran. Carbofuran, an extremely toxic pesticide that’s effectively banned in the United States, is a favorite product among many growers and Mexican drug cartels. Gabriel says it is at 60 to 70 percent of illegal grow-sites he visits, often mixed in bottles that have no warning label.

“An eighth of a teaspoon would kill a 300 pound black bear,” says Gabriel. Farmers in Malaysia discovered 18 cows dead from Carbofuran in 2010. In 2009, it was used to poison lions in Kenya. The chemical is also highly toxic to fish, and is believed to be one of the main contributors to the reduction of salmon populations in the northwest.

Will it take a couple dead youngsters that were out for a hike and partook of some grow-site’s baited fruit to get politicians on their soap boxes? When reasoning and pleading fail, someone’s dead kid is always good fodder for remedial action.

While some local politicians cash-in playing ‘cat and mouse’ on marijuana growing, Carbofuran residues could become Yuba County’s own little Love Canal. Because of its long soil half-life (from a few days up to 60 days) Carbofuran has a high potential for groundwater contamination and has been detected in surface water.

This highly restricted chemical is responsible for the deaths of millions of birds and wildlife since its introduction in 1967. The pellets often resemble plant seeds commonly eaten by birds and are often applied on newly cultivated soil. One highly toxic granule can kill a small bird and can move up the food chain when dead birds are eaten by predatory species. It can also be obtained as a liquid.

China is manufacturing and then exporting Carbofuran all over the world. It can be obtained online. If delivery is difficult in the US bringing it through Mexico is a popular option where another illegal Chinese killer, the super-opiate Fentanyl or China White is finding its way here.

While food-producing farmers are harassed and fined over the location of portable toilets, tissues, shade structures, drinking water, their monthly spray reports and the posting of notices, thousands of pot growers are slinging killer chemicals with no consequences, all for the sake of profit and a buzz.

It’s actually no surprise at all. It’s always easier to snatch some good citizen’s freedom than pursue his abuser.

As the District Representative for Operating Engineers Local 3, I represent 110 Recology employees. I am truly heartbroken for these hard-working men and women that the Yuba City Council voted to go straight to bid for a new garbage provider without even negotiating with Recology first.

The culture Recology has built in our community is extremely positive. I have heard nothing negative about Recology from the employees, or the customers.

Dozens of Recology employees attended the Yuba City Council meeting with me. I spoke to the Councilmembers and asked them to simply show respect for the decades of excellent service provided, and allow Recology to negotiate their contract. I pointed to all the Recology employees in the room and asked that these employees be able to negotiate for their jobs, THEN if negotiations failed, go to bid. The Yuba City Council disregarded my plea, they disregarded all the hardworking men and women in the room, and voted to go straight to bid.

If you respect the job that Recology and their employees have done for you in Yuba City, please contact the Yuba City Council by phone or email and tell them. Ask that the Yuba City Council reverse their decision and negotiate with Recology.

Ron Roman

Operating Engineers Local 3

I want to warn the public of the ever growing incompetence of the USPS. Over the last 10 years the Post Office has lost or delivered to the wrong address mail and valuable packages we had been expecting on an almost yearly basis. Now I understand stuff happens, but their total lack of caring about it has gotten to the point that when you call to complain they basically tell you; “Tough... too bad, get over it!” Even if your mail or package was sent signature or delivery requested or guaranteed you have none. That is worthless since my experience has been the carrier will mark the mail or package ‘Delivered” and once they mark it Delivered you are S.O.L. because as far as the Post Office is concerned, you got.

We have had literally damn near $10,000 dollars worth of mail and packages that has either been delivered to the wrong address or just plane lost or stolen by the Post Office over the last 10 years... and forget about getting a package back if it was delivered to some low life, because you can guarantee they’ll keep it or try and cash checks if they think they can get away with it! We always receive someone else’s mail, it’s getting more and more commonplace these days, and always put it back in the mailbox with the out going mail the next day. But it seems we are the exception, most low lives just keep it or throw it away apparently, which is a sad reflection of what society has become. Just recently a check I was expecting for almost 7 grand was lost in limbo and the company that sent it to me had to cancel that check and reissue it. I also just had a package I had ordered on Ebay go to God only knows where, that was delivered to God Only Knows who, and since the tracking number and Post Office says it was delivered, guess who eats that cost, yeah ME! The Post Office didn’t care, and said: “Oh well, it says the carrier delivered it, so we don’t know what we can do about it.” So I lost 100 bucks and had to reorder it. About a Year ago a $380 dollar order that also never arrived yet the carrier marked it delivered...once again to whom is the question, because we never got it, and we have cameras running 24/7 and we see all around the house... He never delivered it to our home. Over the years the Post office has steadily gotten more incompetent and totally non-responsive to this problem. Now UPS guarantees packages up to $200 dollars without needing additional insurance, and is the only way to go if you want to have some kind of guarantee, because you surely aren’t going to get one from the Post Office.

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.

We've had a business in Yuba City for 31 years, and during that time I’ve called Recology to remove everything from a mattress to needles and syringes that have been dumped in my lot. Within a day they have always been removed. The same goes for the old railroad right of way, across the street from our shop, where even discarded cars have been removed by Recology! How many cities can say they have a refuse collector who goes to those lengths for their customers?

I’m also a member of the Rotary Club of Marysville. We’ve put on the Sodbuster’s fundraiser event on the Friday night of Rodeo weekend for the past 7 years, and one constant that has always stood out, is the presence of Recology Yuba-Sutter. Every year the employees of Recology provide much of the supplies and manpower to cook the dinner, a huge feat. The Appeal did a great job covering the Rodeo this year. It’s truly amazing that community leaders like the Rosser family, and community stewards like Recology, come together to put on such a fabulous class act and community event.

Sodbuster's and the Rodeo are just a couple of the hundreds of events Recology has been involved in, around our area, for over 40 years. I would venture to say Recology has been engaged in some way, shape, or form with over 75% of the numerous fundraisers in our close-knit community. Recology employees live and work here, raise their families here and contribute untold community service hours for the betterment of our area. Their commitment to fellowship and stewardship is unmatched.

Unfortunately, the Yuba City City Council has decided to put Recology’s refuse collection contract up for bid, without even first negotiating with Recology, a decision that went against advice from their own City staff, against public opinion, and against consultant recommendations that they paid upwards of $150,000 to receive.

Recology has been a model business citizen, so why make a change without first having a discussion with them? Let's not push Recology aside like some refuse! Let’s stand together and send a message to negotiate with Recology. As the saying goes, “Let's Get This Done!”

With Sincere gratitude,

Mike & Gayle Cowley/The Frame Shop

I see our over payed and spoiled NFL players have decided to sit, kneel or some decided to stay in the locker rooms.

Now while these high paid prima donnas act like children, it is time for each sports fan to boycott them for a change. Fans have put up with higher ticket prices and parking prices so high that a day at the middle class cannot afford to enjoy the sport. Do players care if they demand higher salaries that the tickets go up? They know the fans will pay the increase.

All I know is I am one of the 8 to 10 percent of fans that are not going to take this any longer. I have not watched one NFL game this year and I hope to see the boycott grow. Remember you pay a large part of the income buying tickets, parking, television, shirts, etc. Do not watch the NFL.

Donald Lewis

Marysville, Ca