by Lou Binningerhoney oil  8 23 17Norland, Tyler John, age 29 of Portola, Ca

Yuba County has been overrun with marijuana growers and hash / honey oil producers. The loss of control can be attributed to the opportunity to make a lot of untaxable money, a shortage in enforcement personnel, changing local ordinances, and an inconsistency in federal and local marijuana laws.

Past articles noted grows at the Rastafarian Church 9015 Marysville Road, Oregon House; on 429 acres at 10874 Marysville Rd., Dobbins, recorded to BBNR LLC, Lance Bates, Adam Bates, Mary Bates and Scott Bates but being sold to unknown individuals on a contract of sale; another 5 acre operation at 14143 Terra Rojo Lane, Dobbins belonging to Tosha Asker of 1410 Calistoga Rd., Santa Rosa, CA. 95409-2541; and more than 30 sites along Vierra Road, Rackerby with 80 acres at 16485 Vierra Road, purchased in 2013 by Mark and Jeanette Baker, 1769 Kimberly Drive, Sunnyvale, Ca 94087

Last week, an enforcement team began visiting properties. August 14, Tyler Jon Nordlund, 29, formerly of Portola was arrested at 13828 Charlie Lane, Dobbins for planting, growing, harvesting and processing more than 6 plants and manufacturing a controlled substance / honey oil. Agents seized 106 plants, 5 lbs. of processed marijuana, a set of brass knuckles, and a butane honey oil lab capable of producing a pound at a time.

Nordlund purchased his 3.32 acres on March 22, 2017 and ‘moved in’ without electricity, septic or running water. He lived in a camp trailer and told neighbors he was entitled to an open fire to warm himself in spite of the fire danger. He further explained that the property was purchased to grow marijuana.

This was not a clandestine operation as Tyler boldly proclaimed his mission and played Reggae music into the early morning hours for all to enjoy. Agents arrived to find cases of butane containers, a pulley system for his honey oil generator, plumbing equipment, hot plates, generator, and other items used in the production of honey oil. There was evidence of a ground fire that burned up to the butane containers at some time in the past.

Residents fear operations like Nordlund’s. His outdoor fire pit and lab are an imminent fire threat to rural Yuba County. And his lab, chemicals and lack of septic damage the environment.

Nordlund’s bail was $500,000 and he is no longer in custody at Yuba County jail.

A larger grow operation was located the same day on Pecan Lane off Wildwood Trail, Dobbins where approximately 1810 plants were removed. Packaging materials for sales, as well as chemicals, were also found.

Nobody was at the site during the search, but Yuba County personnel are working to identify suspects. Law enforcement became aware of this grow during an over flight of the region.

On August 17, 477 plants and 2 pounds of processed marijuana were removed from the 3700 Block of Nisenan Lane, Wheatland. There were packaging materials and scales inside the home. Agents obtained a search warrant following neighbor complaints, a flyover and a compliance visit.

Jianrong Zhang, who had documents to have and grow marijuana for medicinal use was cited for not complying with the orders of her prescription nor the Yuba County outdoor cultivation prohibition. Zhang’s husband was not cited.

Power to the property was terminated by officials after it was discovered that electric work was done without authorization and the residents were illegally obtaining utilities.

Four large greenhouses and the home were used to grow marijuana. High fencing around the property blocked sighting of the pot nursery from the street.

Most operations under investigation have toxic chemicals present, some have honey oil labs and many have structures and wells developed without permits. The BBNR LLC property at 10874 Marysville Road, Dobbins has numerous large buildings and 4 water wells while only one permit was obtained but never getting a final inspection.

The recent raids have been carried-out by Yuba County Sheriff Marijuana Enforcement Team, NET-5, California Fish and Wildlife and code enforcement officials.

picture: Nordland, Tyler Jon, Age 29, of Portola, Ca

by Lou Binninger

In November 2016, former Republican Assembly member Ling Ling Chang lost a race for the State Senate to Democrat Josh Newman of Fullerton by 2,498 votes out of 317,962 cast. The 29th Senate District is typically conservative and includes portions of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernadino Counties.

Newman served in the Army, was a veterans’ advocate and led a nonprofit assisting vets. Chang, a Taiwanese immigrant, was an Assembly member who distanced herself by her comments from Donald Trump in the campaign against Newman.

The election win helped California Democrats regain a two-thirds legislative supermajority thereby virtually controlling all legislation. Then Newman voted to increase DMV fees and gas prices, already the highest in the nation.

The change in representation, the supermajority debacle, the dramatic spike in DMV fees and 12 cents per gallon increase in gas prices were a catalyst to launch a recall of Newman. Some people’s DMV fees are now what you could pay for a cheap clunker.

Democrats have both changed the recall rules and challenged the recall in court to save Newman and their supermajority. However, this past week more than 63,593 valid signatures were counted by Los Angeles, San Bernadino and Orange Counties. More are coming.

Democrat Secretary of State Alex Padilla has 10 days to certify the signatures, after which Gov. Jerry Brown must schedule an election within 60 to 80 days.

Could Newman lose his seat before his first year in office ends? Chang says she will compete for the Senate seat again should citizens choose to remove Newman. Chang voted to stop tax increases during her two years in the Assembly.

The cliché ‘follow the money’ is often used to explain why a vote or decision was made. However, an equally poignant phenomenon is ‘follow the sperm’ when determining cause and effect in politics and business.

Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy from California ended his run for House Speaker when news spread of his on-going affair with North Carolina Representative Renee Ellmers. Both are married. Ellmers denied the relationship. Enter Paul Ryan as Speaker.

Then there is married former Democrat Assembly Speaker and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in the 1990’s having a ‘girlfriend’ or ‘new steady’ by the name of Kamala Harris. Harris was appointed to one plum position after another by Brown. Then, she became San Francisco’s District Attorney and squeaked by Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley for State Attorney General. She is currently US Senator for California.

Now, there is California Republican Leader Chad Mayes in an affair with former Republican leader Kristen Olsen. Both were married. Olsen is now a Stanislaus County supervisor and Vice Chairwoman of the California Republican Party.

Why difference does it make? The backroom intrigue may have led to Mayes’ reversing his long-held opposition to Cap and Trade laws and leading other Republicans to join Governor Brown and Democrats to extend the punishing tax and regulation law.

The Mayes-Olsen affair was exposed when Olsen’s estranged husband Rod sent a letter to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, demanding an investigation into the affair suggesting tax dollars were used in the affair and an attempted cover-up. The husband later withdrew the request.

Rod Olsen’s complaint letter to Speaker Anthony Rendon is dated April 24, 2017. Three days later, April 27, the Los Angeles Times wrote an article, not about Rod Olsen’s complaint letter but about Mayes’ sudden flip-flop on climate change titled, “The fight against climate change in California gains an unlikely ally: Republicans.” That’s a big shift in 72 hours.

Did Governor Brown and Speaker Rendon heal the political troubles for Mr. Mayes in return for his support of Cap and Trade legislation?

Being pro-life, for traditional marriage and moral integrity, even protecting the second amendment and property rights, no longer defines many California Republican politicians or local central committees. And, they certainly aren’t issues upon which GOP legislators have influence. We’ll see whether one issue still has Republican support, stopping higher taxes.

Last week in Riverside County, Chad Mayes’ home, the Central Committee heard from him and Assembly member Melissa Melendez who has been punished by Mayes and Democrat Speaker Rendon for standing up for lower tax, less regulation party principles. After hearing from both, the committee voted overwhelmingly that Mayes should resign or be replaced as Republican Assembly Speaker.

So far, twenty-four county Republican committees want Mayes out. Nevada and Butte are on the Remove-Mayes list but Yuba, Sutter and Colusa are missing.

The Republican Party at this point seems to be standing for nothing, falling for anything and fulfilling Mathew 5:13.

by Pat Miller

​The Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency has eliminated any chance of transparency by voting to eliminate the Citizens Assessment District Advisory Committee (CADAC) at its August 9 meeting. This follows a number of previous attempts to shut down, control or eliminate the advisory committee including:

• Removing two CADAC members using false accusations. These were two

members who were active on the committee and asked important questions regarding expenditures.

• After not attending the required number of meetings, in spring of 2016 (8 to be exact) Jon Munger was brought in to “volunteer” to be chairperson. He was falsely elected at an improperly noticed meeting in June 2016. Jon has major conflicts of interest. He is the son of Larry Munger who is chairman of the Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency Board and a Sutter County Supervisor. Jon is also employed by Al Montna who is a long-time member of the Levee District 1 Board. Levee District 1 has two members on the SBFCA Board. Once installed as president, Jon wanted to move the meetings to every six months, certainly a shut-down tactic.

• Stacking the CADAC committee with people who are loyal to agencies on the SBFCA Board, i.e. Michael Morris who has since been appointed to the SBFCA Board.

• Outreach Coordinator Kim Floyd unilaterally moving the CADAC meetings from Wednesday to Monday despite information from several committee members that they would not be able to attend on Mondays.

SBFCA management claims the move was because of costs and because members were not attending the meetings. They are now proposing “brown bag luncheon” meetings where they can feed the public the information they want distributed which, of course, will cut down on questions and concerns. This would remove any continuity of information sharing.

And, of course, SBFCA staff will have to be at those meetings and there could be rent involved for Boyd Hall. So where is the big savings? With the extremely high salaries by SBFCA officials and contractors, funding an advisory group is a small amount to ensure transparency for the property owners and taxpayers paying the bill.

The high costs attributable to CADAC in the 2015-16 year were because of attorney costs to respond to a public records request when a committee member was not given requested information, not the routine costs for the Executive Director or the Executive Engineer and the Public Outreach Coordinator to attend who are the only people who are paid. It can be expected that public records requests will increase with the demise of CADAC and costs will increase And, by the way, to save money CADAC was responsible early on for eliminating lunches provided by SBFCA for the committee.

As far as attendance, it was Chairman Jon Munger who failed to show at a number of the meetings, thus sending the message to committee members that CADAC was low on his priority list. And it was Jon Munger, as chairman, who was responsible and failed to provide monthly and yearly reports to the SBFCA board.

The Sutter County Taxpayers Association and the Sutter County School District were promised by SBFCA management in 2010 that SBFCA would establish the advisory committee in return for its support of the 33-year assessment. They have now broken their promise and the question is WHY? What is it they do not want the public looking into?

Kudos to Yuba City Councilman Stan Cleveland and to Live Oak City Councilman Jason Banks for voting against the CADAC disbanding.

By Jim Whiteakerwhiteaker  8 23 17

Chair, Sutter County Board of Supervisors

California has more homeless, yet it provides the least shelter of any state in the nation. Tens of thousands sleep in its streets and along the edges of its rivers.

Sutter County and Yuba County, in partnership with the cities of Live Oak, Marysville, Wheatland, and Yuba City, are creating a Joint Powers Authority to increase local sheltering opportunities and provide housing, job, and other needed services, and to end the decades-long practice of moving homeless encampments from one area of a river to another.

In 2016, an estimated 550,000 were homeless in the United States. More than two thirds (68 percent) were staying in shelters, transitional housing, or safe havens. Except in California, where the numbers are completely opposite. Two-thirds (66 percent) of California’s estimated 118,000 homeless are unsheltered.

The lack of shelter puts homeless people at risk and creates health and safety issues on public and private property. Sutter County is aware of the acute situation on the west bank of the Feather River in the vicinity of Shanghai Bend. Residents complain about the homeless living in encampments along the river, human waste, trash, unlicensed pets, uncomfortable interactions, and safety concerns. Yuba City businesses near the levee report repeated thefts. Many want local laws banning camping along the river to be aggressively enforced.

In 2015, however, in a lawsuit involving the enforcement of a ban on camping, the U.S. Department of Justice declared people have a constitutional right to sleep on public lands, especially if there is no room in a shelter. No local government anywhere has arrested its way into “solving the homeless problem.” In Yuba County, before clearing out river encampments, they provided transitional housing at 14 Forward, an innovative tiny home village in Marysville. Sutter County is looking at 14 Forward as a model as it seeks to create transitional housing before it begins actively enforcing the camping ban along the river. Sutter County has identified potential sites for transitional housing adjacent to the Sutter County airport, and we are seeking clarification from the Federal Aviation Administration whether such housing would be an allowed use of these sites.

According to the Sutter County Department of Health and Human Services, there are an estimated 760 homeless in Sutter and Yuba counties. In Sutter County alone there were 279 homeless adults and 45 homeless children, according to a January survey. Fifty-eight were seniors and nine were veterans. Sixty percent are women.

There are many paths to homelessness (unemployment, underemployment, disability, mental illness, domestic violence, drug and/or alcohol addiction, aging out of the foster care system, etc.), but there are fewer paths back. Building a new pathway back is the vision of Sutter County and the Joint Powers Authority being proposed to address homelessness on a bi-county level.

A regional approach is the only way to end the not-so-subtle practice of pushing homeless out of one jurisdiction into another. A one-stop entry point for services will reduce the time it takes to determine whether someone needs, and is eligible for, assistance with acquiring housing, medical care, employment services, Social Security benefits, Veterans benefits, behavioral health services, supplemental nutritional benefits, and other available services.

Already, without a formal structure, regional cooperation has resulted in plans to build a 42-unit apartment complex in Yuba City that will provide permanent, supportive housing for mentally ill and homeless from both sides of the Feather River. This partnership includes both counties, Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health, and the Regional Housing Authority of Sutter and Nevada counties.

Much more is needed and the Joint Powers Authority will be the organization through which more is done. Reducing homelessness and keeping our river areas clean and safe are priorities of all local government agencies in Sutter and Yuba. Stay tuned for more efforts going forward.

The media’s “ Charleston Story” is a pathetically one-sided (but characteristically typical) aberration by our once-mainstream press! This is the reality: A constitutionally-protected rally in Charleston, Virginia was put upon by an unruly mob! A demented person from half-way across the country used the opportunity to kill and maim. And the press blames those who requested and received the entirely legal permit. Oh, and also the President!

What is TRULY disturbing about this tragedy is that most of the press and electronic media have—typically—chosen to ignore the U.S. Constitution that guarantees the freedom of speech—even of those with whom we strongly disagree. At the same time, this same media vigorously defend—and publicize with evident relish—the actions of those who loot and burn, and those who shout out, “What do we want...dead cops! When do we want!”

Unless willingly blind, American society can see this sickening double standard. Our forefathers charged the press with the responsibility to speak the unvarnished truth. America deserves a press that is not the mouthpiece of a particular political party and/or the Washington Republocrats, which have gone so far off the rails that they are unwilling to even acknowledge the impressive improvements to America already in place and on the way, thanks to our new president; yet continues to clearly and maliciously seek to overthrow the legal election of that legally elected president.

Folks, don’t let this happen! Do not allow this well-funded, vicious, ongoing dismantling of America’s Constitutional government!

Robert Mackensen

Yuba City, Ca.

Recently, an opinion article titled “The Big Marysville Water Rip Off” written by a customer of California Water Service (Cal Water) appeared in the Territorial Dispatch. During the hotter summer months, water use tends to rise, particularly outdoors for irrigation. It’s easy to use much more water than people realize, too. I want to take this opportunity to remind Cal Water customers of the numerous water conservation programs – such as free high-efficiency plumbing device kits or Smart Irrigation Controller rebates – that we offer to our customers to help you control your water use, even during this time of year. I encourage our customers to visit us online at or contact our local Customer Center at (530) 742-6911 to learn more about resources and programs available.

All of us here at Cal Water are committed to our customers – committed to providing you with quality, service, and value. What you see in your water bill is the actual cost to secure, treat, test, store, and deliver water that meets all federal and state water quality standards through a network of pipelines to your tap, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. In 2016, the typical Cal Water Marysville residential customer used 11.3 Ccf (which equals 8,452 gallons) of water each month during the summer. For this amount of water, customers pay about $60 for their water bill. In the winter, the typical residential customer in Marysville used 5 Ccf (or 3,740 gallons) of water monthly during the winter; this amount of water use equals a bill of about $40. A bill of about $200 would mean that 50 Ccf (or 37,400 gallons) was used.

If you ever have a question about your water use or bill, we encourage you to contact us. Our employees are trained to look for anomalies in your water use patterns and pinpoint issues that could affect your water use and, subsequently, water bill. We are part of the community, we are your neighbor, and we are here to help you.

Robert Thompson

Cal Water- Local Manager - Marysville

by Lou Binningerpot1

As Yuba County officials seek to calm frustrated and fearful residents by explaining that the hill country is safe, families have second thoughts. No one questions Sheriff Durfor’s integrity or the lower crime statistics for the rural areas.

However, residents are aware that illegal growing is occurring nearby, buildings are erected without permits, agri-chemicals are used without supervision, and honey oil labs and illegal electrical installations present a volatile fire threat. Add to this people brandishing weapons and making threats. There are no crime statistics for feeling unsafe, intimidated and fearful.

Last week, the Rastafarian ‘Church’ illegal marijuana farm at 9015 Marysville Rd., Oregon House and a much larger operation on 429 acres at 10874 Marysville Road, Dobbins, were noted in the article ‘Yuba Co Pot Chaos Life Threatening’ about Yuba Co deputies being shot protecting an illegal grow.

County records show the larger acreage owned by BBNR LLC, Lance Bates, Adam Bates, Mary Bates and Scott Bates. However, BBNR LLC attorney Courtney McAlister called to say his clients sold the property on an unrecorded contract of sale to new owners who may not want to be identified. McAlister was to call back with a yes or no regarding the new owners’ names, but had not by this paper’s deadline.

A third plot has now been revealed located just behind the Dobbins Catholic Church with access at 14143 Terra Rojo Lane. It’s a 5-acre parcel that supports at least 3 separate plantings (See aerial photo). This grow has been reported to county officials numerous times over a number of years and yet, today it flourishes. Plants have been visible from the road and from the church property.

County records show the property is owned by Tosha Asker who uses 1410 Calistoga Rd., Santa Rosa, CA. 95409-2541 as an address of record. The Sacred Heart Parish is the structure and parking lot in the photo on Old Dobbins Road.

Last week’s Supervisors’ meeting was attended by concerned citizens asking that a state of emergency be declared and for federal authorities to be sought for help. Many residents also feel that enforcement of illegal cannabis activity laws should be handled by deputies and not code enforcement.

The supervisors are on their third marijuana ordinance. They are the policy makers of the county and need to draft an ordinance that helps law enforcement do their job. Unarmed code enforcement people do not have the ability to handle this problem.

Some estimate there are thousands of pot plantings in the Yuba Co hills. People wonder why the illegal grows remain?

By Lou Binninger

On August 9, the Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency (SBFCA) in charge of managing more than $200 million in levee upgrades disbanded the Citizens' Assessment District Advisory Committee (CADAC). It did so after promising to establish and utilize the ‘watchdog’ group in exchange for the public’s support for the 2010 levee improvement assessment measure.

Two previous measures had failed until public assurances were given that a citizens committee would examine the finances and ongoing management of the revenues from stiff property assessments on more than 30,000 parcels and continuing for 33 years. The public did not trust huge property assessments handed over to an unelected and unsupervised agency.

CADAC people receive no pay, even for travel. However, CADAC members created an immediate stir in the beginning when SBFCA employees wanted to spend $80,000 for a junket to Washington D.C. to lobby for flood insurance changes. CADAC members felt this expense was outside the scope of repairing levees. The request was then reduced to $10,000 and then withdrawn altogether.

CADAC members continued to question expenditures and the size of some budget items including the fees of outside contract employees. Two CADAC members, retired state auditor Elaine Miles and former school teacher Roberta Fletcher were dismissed for being too persistent in protecting the public’s funds.

Miles has questioned the legality of some of the SBFCA board meetings when decisions about and changes in the board’s composition were made. She also maintains there is lack of transparency in the finances including staff compensation.

The vote was 8-2 to drop CADAC with Stan Cleveland and Jason Banks opposing the move. SBFCA’s website states that “CADAC was disbanded by the SBFCA Board due to concerns about related staff time and duplication of effort. The information shared with CADAC members is also made publicly available at SBFCA Board meetings, on the website and via staff. The public is encouraged to ask questions, request information, attend community meetings and board meetings, and communicate directly with Board Members and staff.”

To suggest that community members are as SBFCA-knowledgeable as CADAC people and that citizens’ have time to attend 1pm board meetings is elitist razzle-dazzle. Most all government meetings and county department schedules are designed to benefit employees and not to better serve citizens.

SBFCA is out of control and has violated its promise to the people of Sutter and Butte Counties.

When you drive through Marysville it looks like there is a drought. Most all grass and shrubs are dead or dying. However, the shortage is not water but money to pay the egregious bills to sustain one of the most profitable private water monopolies in the country, California Water Service.

Marysville rates run 3-4 times higher than in Yuba City, Olivehurst or Linda where municipal districts manage the water. Cal Water Directors recently declared their 284th consecutive quarterly dividend and their 49th annual dividend increase in a row. Net profit for 2016 was $48.7 million. Their stock price went from $18.35 in 2012 to $33.90 in 2016.

This would be a corporation to invest in, not buy your water from. Cal Water (CW) is also celebrating the corrupt California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) awarding them rate increases for 3 more years. While Marysville browns-out Cal Water gets greener.

Every three years Cal Water justifies rate increases to the CPUC with the ‘needed improvements’ pitch, but the upgrades amount to window dressing. Cal Water's Marysville District was formed in 1930 with the purchase of Marysville Water Company. It has 55 miles of pipeline.

How many feet of pipeline are replaced each year? Currently CW Manager Robert Thompson is replacing 600 feet of 6 inch pipe that is more than 70 years old. For that, customers will get a ‘small bump’ in rates in 2019-2022 according to Thompson. A request was made to former manager Lee Seidel for a schedule of piping and its age throughout Marysville. There was no response.

With 55 miles or 290,400 feet of pipe in Marysville, to be ‘good stewards’ of the infrastructure replacing 600 feet each year it will take 484 years to upgrade every foot. No wonder all the CW board members and bosses are smiling on their website. Thompson says in a recent Appeal Democrat article that the newest pipe available lasts about 80 years. Seems like we are a bit behind.

At some point Cal Water rates will completely break the residents of Marysville while the infrastructure is maintained by a slumlord.

Regarding the article “Yuba County Pot Chaos” by Lou Binninger. It was sleazy for Mr. Binninger to mention that this pot farm was on land formerly owned by the Middlebrook family, as though to imply they knowingly sold it to pot farmers. I can't imagine any other reason to mention the Middlebrook name in this article. The printed street address was enough information to let people know the location. For many years, former owner John Middlebrook received commendation from state agencies for his reforestation project planting thousands of Ponderosa Pine trees which survived without irrigation. He also made many other improvements to the land. When his widow put the land up for sale, she was told that the Bates family were foresters. She was happy thinking the land would be cared for has it had been by John and that reforestation would continue. Before the sale, a pot grower had wanted to buy the land and she refused to sell it to him. And that’s the REAL story.

Joyce Middlebrook

Brownsville, Ca.

I think we were all devastated when we learned of the shootings of two Deputy Sheriffs in Oregon House last week. My deepest and most sincere sympathies goes out to those officers and their families, but it was only a matter of time before things devolved to this level because Yuba County has failed in its responsibility to pass regulations to protect the community.

I lay this squarely at the feet of the Board of Supervisors who have refused to acknowledge that everything that has been tried to date has failed. Fear of federal raids, huge fines, life imprisonment, loss of family, and asset forfeiture has not stemmed the cultivation of cannabis.

The Yuba Co BoS have gone from a complete outdoor ban to contemplating grows as large as 40,000 plants. There must be a number in there someplace that will work for this county.

It is time for a different approach.

The ONLY thing that stopped alcohol bootleggers was regulation and taxation.

Truly, have you seen the regulations to comply with the new state laws? Trust me, this has the potential to stop grows (legal and illegal) more than anything else.

I can already hear the shouts that this won’t stop them either. Perhaps not at first, but as the program gets established, it will provide the means to target those who choose not to comply. Even if you outlawed every last outdoor leaf, the county does not have the funds to eradicate these farms. Everyone knows this is true so they roll the dice hoping they won’t be detected.

It is unfair to saddle our law enforcement officers with this burden.

The community has spoken loud and clear that they do not want large outdoor grows in Yuba County. The growers have themselves to thank for this because they pushed the envelope when given the opportunity to grow outdoors in the

past. Clearly the “trust me” plan has not worked.

I don’t think most reasonable people will object to a limited number of plants being grown outside for personal medical necessity. Whether you want to allow commercial cultivation is a whole other question. However, if it is allowed it should be a condition for getting a dispensary license in Marysville that they purchase all of their product from local farmers rather than importing it from outside areas.

The only way to keep growers in check is to issue them permits which gives the county the ability to revoke them if they fail to follow all of the requirements - and after buying expensive permits, I believe they will be more inclined to stay within

the limits.

I object to taxing medicine on general principle, but I seem to be in the minority.

The state requires that the program to license and regulate cannabis be selffunded, meaning that the licenses are going to be very expensive especially in the beginning.

This requirement should be adopted by Yuba County as well as surrounding counties. The permits should cost enough to hire as many enforcement officers as needed to eradicate the non-compliant grow sites.

We might be able to lure some federal officers here for a few weeks, but they have their own staffing problems and a lot of territory to cover now that 26 states have legalized cannabis in some form. We cannot count on their help to solve

our local problem. This is an issue that we have to handle ourselves before more blood is shed.

Patricia Smith

Yuba City, Ca.

by Lou Binningermain facitlityThe property at 10874 Marysville Rd. in Dobbins. Owned by BBNR LLC, Lance Bates, Adam Bates, Mary Bates and Scott Bates.

A turkey hunter chasing a wounded bird was confronted by men with long guns and informed that if he crossed onto their property again he would not fare well. The property is at 10874 Marysville Road, Dobbins and owned by BBNR LLC, Lance Bates, Adam Bates, Mary Bates and Scott Bates.

What would cause someone to be so inhospitable to a hunter just trying to retrieve his game? They were protecting a major marijuana growing operation on 429 acres once known as the Middlebrook Ranch. (See Google photo here) Confirmation that the plants were marijuana was made by conversations with those who had access to the property.

Since 1996 and the passage of Proposition 215, The Compassionate Use Act, allowing the use of medical cannabis, counties and cities have wrestled with ordinances to comply with the new law. Yuba County has tried a couple different approaches. The latest forbids any outdoor growing.

However, hundreds and possibly thousands of marijuana entrepreneurs are ignoring the ordinance, permits, fees, and their neighbors in Yuba Co. In fact, Buck Weckman, who founded Yuba County FACT (Families against Cannabis Trafficking) 5 years ago, says the problem of illegal pot growing has increased and become even more dangerous particularly for hill residents.

The shooting of two Yuba County sheriff deputies, Phillip Bronson and Andrew Everhart last week by an armed felon with warrants employed by the Rastafarian Church may have been a tipping point for many hill citizens. ‘Church’ leaders Heidi Grossman and Eddy Lepp have been in an ongoing legal scrap with the county over their illegal pot operation in Oregon House.

In spite of Grossman’s history of crass and profanity laced threats posted on the Internet against the sheriff’s department, on August 1st she called for help protecting her illegal marijuana from an irate employee. Deputies were fired upon after entering a home where the resident denied the presence of the perpetrator.

The irony of law enforcement put in harms way by a hateful lawless citizen to protect her illegal operation and then deputies being deceived and led into a death trap by a second citizen is disgusting in its lack of respect for authority and for fellow human beings.

Yuba County hill residents are angry and fearful at what they perceive as the inability of the government to protect life and property. The founding fathers believed the role of government was to protect from foreign invaders and from those in our midst who would infringe upon our liberty.

Government has taken on many roles like handing out condoms, welfare, cautioning about hot weather, taxing everything and restricting what we eat and drink, none of which are in the constitution. If the county cannot protect the life and property of Yuba Co residents it has lost its mandate to govern.

Yuba County is using 4-code enforcement officers to respond to all kinds of complaints. There currently are 700 open cases 10% of which are marijuana complaints. Kevin Mallen, Director of Community Services, was surprised at how few calls they get for marijuana grow issues, but citizens say that many people now are afraid to complain or don’t see any results.

Mallen said that normally 2 of the 4 code enforcers are assigned to the marijuana complaints but lately all four have been focused mainly on the homeless problem. Even though marijuana farms are protected with armed security people, code enforcement officers go out with only body armor and a pen and paper. Many residents believe the marijuana grows are a law enforcement problem and we need to declare a state of emergency and ask for federal intervention.

Mallen said grows on private property are more cumbersome to address versus grows on public property like the recent Bullard Bar Dam eradication of 3,500 plant and 500 lbs. of refuse. The private property dilemma seems to be whether the illegal grows are going to be considered a matter for criminal versus code enforcement. It is complicated, cumbersome and ineffective.

People violating codes and/or laws are afforded due process. However, the neighbors of these marijuana businesses want law-breakers cleared out and the problem solved. Good people are growing weary and may choose to relocate rather than wait for government to do its job.pot growPart of Rastafarian complex where Yuba Co. Deputies were shot


by Lou Binninger

Though politicians created the pension and health care crisis in California they all fault someone else. It’s like the 40-year smoker who has lung cancer and now blames the tobacco company and society for not warning him.

There is even a term for the evolving condition of cities and counties, service insolvency. That is where the jurisdiction is still paying bills, payroll, pensions and health but that’s it. There is little or nothing left for services.

As a city manager was once said, California cities have become pension providers that offer a few public services on the side. It’s a corrupted system when local governments exist to do little more than pay the people employed there.

Wherever unions have dominate, industries crumble under the weight of health and pension benefits. Before the bail-out General Motors had become a health and welfare business, no longer a competitive car company. Everyone remembers the pastry icon Hostess Twinkies, once a victim of Bakers Union greed. The nonunion private sector bought the brand and heavenly recipe out of bankruptcy and the tasty treat returned to the shelves.

Not surprisingly, the union-dominated Legislature has been of little help to local officials dealing with such fiscal troubles. The state pension systems have run up unfunded liabilities, or debts, ranging from $374 billion to $1 trillion (depending on the financial assumptions one makes). Regardless, legislators have avoided meaningful pension reform. They owe their soul to the unions. This has forced local governments to cut back services or raise taxes to meet their ever-increasing payments to California’s pension funds.

Now, union legislators have introduced Assembly Bill 1250 to gain complete control over local government. AB1250 would essentially stop county governments from outsourcing services (financial, economic, accounting, engineering, legal, etc.), which is a strategic way for counties to survive these days.

The legislation originally also applied to cities, but was dialed back. It now applies to all 58 counties except for San Francisco (which is exempt because it also is a city) and the authors plan to exempt Santa Clara County because of a hospital contract. Cities will be hamstrung next if this move is successful.

The bill is sponsored by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and authored by Assemblyman Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, a Los Angeles Democrat who previously was an SEIU vice president. It’s a brazen blitz to force county governments to spike the size of their full-time, unionized workforce. Ultimately, the bill sees county governments as employment agencies rather than service providers.

The bill removes the autonomy of local citizens and their supervisors to make the appropriate decisions regarding the financial benefits of outsourcing. Counties were not intended to provide cushy employment-to-grave benefits but were created to serve the citizens. Does anyone recall those days?

An analysis for the counties by the Oakland law firm Jarvis Fay Doporto & Gibson concluded that the latest version of the bill “will substantially increase the cost for delivery of county services and substantially decrease delivery of county services – including critical public health and safety services.” Counties will be forced to pare back services “to offset increased pension and benefit costs.” Small and rural communities in particular like Yuba-Sutter will face service reductions.

Although government outsourcing tasks to private companies usually saves huge sums of money while providing a more effective service this bill makes it nearly impossible with all the new rules and paperwork. Also, many companies may choose not to do government work due to the nonsense created to shut private enterprises out.

Just north of Live Oak along Highway 99 I was surprised to see a billboard placed by urging “SUPPORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD – AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL.” In more ways than one, this is a bold face lie. Unfortunately, “all” does not include the unborn, who are torn from their mother’s wombs at Planned Parenthood clinics, which sometimes also sell their body parts for research! Just what healthcare services do they offer? According to their website, primarily reproductive health–another misnomer since most of their services are meant to prevent or interrupt reproduction: abortion; annual exam; birth control; morning after pill; pregnancy testing; sexually transmitted infections and urinary tract infection screening and treatment; counseling and testing for HIV; condoms counseling; and referrals for free or low cost vasectomy. Other than abortion, these healthcare services, and many more not provided by Planned Parenthood clinics, can be obtained elsewhere at federally qualified health care centers (FQHCs) which provide basic needs such as treatment for colds and flu, back pain, bodily injury, and mental health issues, pregnancy care and pediatric care. In the immediate Yuba-Sutter area alone, there are nine such clinics providing no or low-cost care. Throughout the country there are 20 times as many FQHCs as Planned Parenthood clinics. There is no need for taxpayers to send Planned Parenthood one-half BILLION dollars per year!

Note that the White House offered to maintain federal funding to Planned Parenthood if they would stop doing abortions–but they said no thank you. Obviously their abortion agenda is more important than “affordable healthcare for all.”

One final note: There are also around 2000 Pregnancy Resource Centers in the U.S. where women can receive at no cost pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI screening, abortion information, parenting classes, and material assistance that empowers women to choose life, including A Woman's Friend in Yuba City ( These ministry centers offer hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing practical help and emotional support, and there is no charge for any service provided.

Miriam Page

Yuba City, Ca.

I have been doing some research on the Water situation in the City of Marysville. Last Month we received a bill for almost 200 bucks! The previous was under 50... When I complained, Mr. Meyers from Cal Water came to our house and tried to make excuses as to why the bill was so high. "Oh you have a leaky toilet" he told me. I told him we didn't have a leaky toilet or any other leaks that I nor anyone else could detect... So he then tells me our lawn was pretty green... That is when I really lost my temper. I asked him if the Citizens of Marysville are supposed to have DEAD LAWNS because a San Francisco based company is reaming the Taxpaying Citizens of the City of Marysville? He also told me the Wells don't fluctuate much because of the water table being high due to the rivers, even in the drought. So what he was telling me is we are basically FLOATING ON WATER! hmm, can you ever remember having to evacuate because of a possible pending FLOOD? Yea, I know, they just work there and have to give excuses, excuses, and more excuses!

Well, I had to do some investigating and found that 3 other Citizens of the City of Marysville have had a similar shocking bill ranging from 150 to 180 and 200 range... I would like any of you who have also had a high bill to write in so we can get a better idea of how many of us are getting reamed!

I can guarantee the Water Company will be blaming the State and High Cost of Purifying the water due to State Regulations... Don't fall for that lie... I did some investigating about water bills in Linda and Olivehurst and found out of the people I know over there, keep their lawn green and some even have a good size garden, and their bill for using even MORE WATER is only about 50 bucks a month and really cheap in the wintertime. And Yes they are on a Meter too but not under Cal Water's tyranny.

Now since we are getting abused in the City of Marysville for water...maybe to hell with the Water Company and we all drill our own wells? I don't remember signing anything giving up my water you? I know they'll say different but if we all just start rebelling and do it, that would send a very clear message. The other option is to SELL our Homes "AS IS" which will lower the over all housing prices...that would be a good thing since lower home prices would offset the outrageous cost of water so your home has a green lawn and you don't look like you are living in an impoverished neighborhood. Then again, maybe it is time to let Marysville die once and for all... hell maybe let Commie Cal die and move to Free America? Yes, that's the ticket... because it is one hell of a note when your wife is afraid to take a shower or wash clothes because we might get a 300 dollar water bill! Time to Rebel!

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.

In May, I received a notice in my AT&T bill that mandated I would have to allow an AT&T technician to install new network equipment on my premises or, if I didn’t allow them to do so, my phone service “may” be disconnected. Since there are no other landline providers in our area, which is very rural, this gives us no choice but to accept their changes to our residential service agreement and the notice comes across as a definite threat to our security and well-being that such a monopoly can achieve. There was also no explanation as to the purpose of the new network equipment and how it would benefit AT&T customers.

When I read the Territorial’s July 26th article titled “AT&T Is Stealing Our Landlines”, I began to wonder if there was a connection between the notice in my bill and AT&T’s desire to get rid of their landline service in our areas. I called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and registered a complaint. They forwarded my complaint to the California Public Utilities Commission, where Mr. Ryan Yamamoto, in the Division of Safety & Enforcement, responded by calling me. He asked several questions and requested a copy of the AT&T notice, which I sent. I also called AT&T and asked if their proposed updated equipment included improved cell phone service in our area. They said no. However, I do believe that it is AT&T’s long-range intent to abandon its landlines in our areas and turn the telephone poles into cell towers. If so, such cell service must be determined to be 100% reliable in all areas before landlines will be abandoned.

There are thousands of vulnerable residents in the foothills that rely on landline phone service, especially in the case of emergencies. Many cell phones do not function well up here. So what happens in an emergency if the phone doesn’t work? Those with cell phones have to drive all over town or down the hill in order to find a spot where they can get a signal. Who has time to do that if someone is having a heart attack or their house is on fire?

There are laws in this country that are intended to protect the people from such high-handed conglomerates like AT&T that can monopolize our phone service to the peril of its customers. Please encourage the CPUC to thoroughly investigate AT&T’s actions before it is too late! Write or call:

Mr. Ryan Yamamoto, California Public Utilities Commission

Division of Safety & Enforcement

505 Van Ness Ave

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 703-2192

Darlene Kearns

Brownsville, CA

Lou Binninger’s article, Jefferson Meeting Exposes False Accusations, contained several erroneous statements, beginning with “more than 150 leaders from the State of Jefferson movement throughout Northern California came to Yuba City for a meeting at Church of Glad Tidings.” Less than 100 attended; most were supporters, not leaders.

Binninger stated, “They were there at the request of State of Jefferson Chaplain Dave Bryan to address rumors and expose fake news and slander directed toward the Jefferson movement and its founder Mark Baird.” Perhaps Binninger was privy to a hidden agenda, but Pastor Bryan’s invitation to the State of Jefferson (SOJ) and New State Council of County Representatives (CCR) stated the purpose was “to hear each other out, be able to ask pertinent questions, voice our concerns, and see if we can overcome the quagmire of personal self-promotion and ego-centricity in order to agree to WORK TOGETHER....”

Binninger stated Bryan wanted to see reconciliation of any factions resulting from misunderstanding or offenses over the last 3½ years. The two “factions” were united until SOJ’s unofficial leaders nullified the results of the election for SOJ leaders at the July 2016 SOJ Assembly at Glad Tidings. The elected leaders created the New State CCR:

Binninger’s article publicly reported a lot of stone-throwing in God’s house. He stated local radio host Paul Preston “was also noted at the meeting as claiming Mark Baird, the unofficial and unpaid leader of the movement, had misused Jefferson funds and would soon be held criminally accountable for his misdeeds.” Preston was not at the meeting, and Binninger has not spoken to Preston. Baird is well respected and a fantastic spokesperson for SOJ but is not a leader. Binninger wrote, “Mark Baird said he has nothing to do with the 501(c)4, is not on the board and handles no money from the organization. He is a volunteer like all Jefferson advocates.”

Binninger stated, “Preston, a spokesperson for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots is now working with Tea Party members to nurture a ‘Jefferson’ splinter group describing itself as the leading effort to start the 51st state.” Preston is not a spokesperson for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots (SBTP). He is a regular speaker at SBTP meetings, on the Board of the New State CCR, and the leader of the Sutter County New State Council of County Representatives. Like many Tea Party members, he is working toward a new state.

Carla Virga

Secretary, Sutter County CCR

Cofounder, Sutter Buttes Tea Party

by Lou Binninger

On Saturday, July 29th, more than 150 leaders from the State of Jefferson movement throughout Northern California came to Yuba City for a meeting at Church of Glad Tidings.

They were there at the request of State of Jefferson Chaplain Dave Bryan to address rumors and expose fake news and slander directed toward the Jefferson movement and its founder Mark Baird. Bryan also wanted to see a reconciliation of any factions resulting from misunderstanding or offenses over the last 3 ½ years since the movement began.

A Dave Hodges radio broadcast was played claiming that more than $300,000 collected to fund an ongoing legal action by Jefferson against the State of California for lack of representation was being wasted on the endeavor. Hodges said pursuing the lawsuit was intended to deplete funds and destroy the movement.

Further, Hodges explained ‘his un-named inside sources’ revealed that George Soros and had infiltrated the organization to undermine it so the Cal Exit effort could succeed. More details were promised by Hodges to come later.

Hodges also predicted that the Cal Exit advocates would somehow sabotage Oroville Dam causing a breach where the catastrophe would lead to the federal government allowing the state to secede from the union.

Local radio host Paul Preston and friend of Hodges was also noted at the meeting as claiming Mark Baird, the unofficial and unpaid leader of the movement, had misused Jefferson funds and would soon be held criminally accountable for his misdeeds.

Mark Kent, who set-up Jefferson’s 501 (c) 4 and oversees the monies given for the lawsuit, was at the meeting and took offense at the Preston lie. Mark Baird said he has nothing to do with the 501 (c) 4, is not on the board and handles no money from the organization. He is a volunteer like all Jefferson advocates.

Dave Bryan explained this is now the second time Preston has been involved in spreading far-fetched tales causing damage to those he targets. Bryan referred to a recent Liberty Tour conducted by Preston that was held at Glad Tidings where engineer Scott Cahill spoke about Oroville Dam.

The next week, Cahill posted a You Tube video slandering the church as allegedly destroying a video of the event and undermining the truth about the dam’s condition and the State of Jefferson movement. Cahill also attacked the character of the church and Bryan, the pastor.

Bryan indicated the church filmed and edited the event at no charge and provided the finished product to Cahill on time. No apology was ever offered to the church or You Tube retraction provided by Cahill or Preston.

Preston, a spokesperson for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots is now working with Tea Party members to nurture a ‘Jefferson’ splinter group describing itself as the leading effort to start the 51st state.

At the Jefferson meeting participants were encouraged to speak-freely about any concerns. Many did so while others presented questions in writing. General presentations were made by Baird, Bryan and advertising / marketing expert Phil Enright.

Judging from attendees’ comments and next day emails, most everyone left better informed and energized to carry–on the fight for the 51st state. Participant Kayla Brown, who is married to a Shasta County correctional officer, says she is hopeful that her kids and grandkids can grow up in a state where the people are truly free.

California’s corruption, abuse of the citizenry and its tyrannical mission is free advertising for the State of Jefferson where the people would be free and in charge.

by Lou Binninger

Yuba County Clerk-Recorder Terry Hansen announced she will be campaigning for another term in office. Other than the court system the Clerk-Recorder office may have more face to face contact with the public than any other county department.

The office keeps track of the complex and changing laws on elections, conducts elections, and keeps candidates briefed on compliance issues. It handles voter registration and the integrity of the registration list. People wanting marriage and other licenses, passports, or to record any document come through that office. The Clerk keeps the details of births, marriages, deaths, name changes, real estate and more.

A poorly managed county office can create havoc for the citizens. Fortunately, Hansen’s is easy to work with and seems efficient and effective doing the people’s business. Her workers are knowledgeable and Hansen actually returns calls promptly.

Marysville can’t seem to get ahead. The story of $17 million debt on 5 acres worth $1.5 million should be engraved on a monument to remind future generations that government has no business gambling with the people’s future. The debt will outlive those council members who created it at no personal cost to them. Even if the property is sold the city still has to pay the balance on the bonds.

After the council got its 1% sales tax increase and up to $1.5 million in extra cash annually, $288,000 will go to the state for a fine because Marysville employees were too lazy to complete quarterly reports to the Dept. of Water Resources.

After borrowing $700,000 from Yuba County to leverage a multi-million dollar grant to upgrade drains, streets, sidewalk and gutters at 12th and J nothing was ever done though the project was pitched to Yuba County as shovel–ready. The loan, interest and administrative fee were repaid and the residents in the area are still waiting for a resolution to annual flooding.

The city was offered an opportunity to join the Linda Water Agency to upgrade its water treatment facilities years ago where Marysville could send its waste water and sewage. Maryville chose to stick with its antiquated system in the flood zone until the Regional Water Quality Board threatened fines saying the sewage ponds had to go. Now, city residents will be paying more than they had to by piping their fluids to Linda because they procrastinated and missed an opportunity to join Linda Water in the first place to obtain a $10 million grant.

Now, the contractor to build the pipeline to the Linda Treatment Plant is suing Marysville for $1.1 million. RGW Construction Inc. claims the city failed to properly inspect and perform compaction tests. Nor did it inform RGW thereby causing delays in the project. RGW is asking $508,000 in damages. The city cancelled the contract with RGW and the contractor says they have not been paid properly.

The recent shameful violating if its own codes and ordinances to approve two marijuana dispensaries cost the city the little credibility remaining. Buck Weckman, who exposed city leaders’ incompetence and dishonesty via appeal, showed 3 members of the council (Samayoa, Simmons, Pedigo) wanting to save face and sell their souls to deal in bud.

You can’t be this incompetent and dishonest by accident. These miscues are routine and go back for years including numerous council member changes. When your city mascot is a demon called Bok Kai you might wonder whether the spiritual deck is stacked against you.

There was a stabbing at a ‘7-11’ store in Yuba City recently. Will the city now forbid ‘7-11’ to sell 16 oz single beers? The city’s arbitrary and prejudicial banning of Washington Ave Market selling a 16 oz beer was exposed by a Freedom of Information Act request of police activity around similar stores in Yuba City. The data revealed other convenience stores having more problems and still able to freely sell single 16 oz. beers to customers.

City bureaucrats had the gall to tell Washington Ave. Market owner Kumar Kairam that selling 16 oz. single beers was not a big deal anyway, profit-wise. The problem is that we now have a state ruling over us that sticks its nose into everything we do and treats us like children. The beer is not the biggest problem. Rather, it is the lack of freedom. Until citizens are willing to say ‘Hell No’ they deserve what they get.

by Bill Simmons Marysville City CouncilmembersimmonsBW 8 2 17

Community leaders are used to hearing criticisms about something we’ve said or done. That’s fair game if you want to be in the public eye. When the criticisms are warranted, we try to learn from them for the future; when they aren’t, we understand that people have a right to express themselves and say what’s on their minds. After all, these are generally our friends and neighbors, and they know that we’ll pay attention to what they have to say.

Recently, however, several city council members made what we believed to be a simple request of the Yuba County Water Agency. The board of directors of the agency was meeting to consider a request of the County government for a low-interest loan to help the County deal with its large retirement program expenses. The County’s proposal for a loan was a reasonable one; if approved by the Water Agency; County taxpayers would save money on a large County obligation coming due this month. The benefits of that are obvious.

Because the City of Marysville is in exactly the same position as the County in dealing with retirement program costs, several of us council members were at the Water Agency’s board of directors meeting to ask the board for the same consideration they were giving the county government, and make a similar loan to the City to allow taxpayers of Marysville to share those savings. We feel we were making a reasonable request, entirely in line with what the County was asking- and received- of the Water Agency.

The City’s request for a meeting to consider such a loan was denied. That’s the Board’s prerogative, and we have no complaint about that. But some members of the Board, Andy Vasquez in particular, made what were wholly unfounded, hysterical statements that were not only factually inaccurate, but were uncalled for from a public official acting in his official capacity. The fact that the City was asking the Board to consider the very same sort of a loan to cover pension costs that the County was requesting, is not, as Mr. Vasquez asserted, evidence that the City failed to plan ahead or to act responsibly in the handling of its finances. If that were true, the County would be equally guilty of poor financial management in its conduct. After all, we were asking for exactly the same thing as the County was asking.

The Yuba County Water Agency is a public agency owned by the people of Yuba County. If it can see its way clear to making a large loan to the County government to ease County’s pension costs, it is entirely reasonable that an identical request from the City of Marysville should be given the same, courteous consideration, free of emotional outbursts and inflammatory rhetoric based upon a profound ignorance of the facts.

by Mike Leahy Yuba County Supervisor District 2mike leahyBW 8 2 17

At first glance, the letter requesting FERC to delay the Oroville license was based upon the community concerns, and finding out who is to blame for the failure. This reason is why I believe many signed onto this and under those reasons it’s a reasonable request.

We all experienced this disaster and narrowly missed losing everything we have behind this “spillway failure.” Everyone agrees we do not ever want to experience this again. Yet will this letter approach help to fix the issue or not?

My problem with the letter—it’s timing is wrong and may jeopardize everyone’s lives for another event next year. Being experienced with FERC may add to our thinking base, we know exactly what it takes to obtain a FERC license. It takes negotiating infrastructure improvements, public safety and public recreation with so many agencies. It takes years—Oroville is over 12. Yet with approval comes the included projects that will bolster the local economy. The Oroville Mayor made these comments during their city council meeting about this letter. She was correct.

In this case we are all currently hoping that the spillway repairs get accomplished by the time we need it to be working. We all agree on that right?

FERC is a federal regulatory commission of non-elected commissioners. As of this date they do not have a “quorum” as many appointments are being held up behind delayed congressional hearings. (another story)

The deciding factor for me was considering that FERC must approve the final plan for the spillway repair. Yes that is right, they need to be a part and make this happen NOW. FERC has people on the spillway regularly now. Can we afford a risk of misunderstanding?

While I have been assured that this license delay request is separate from the repair approval- there have been ZERO assurances made that this is indeed fact. The timing of this letter is off base for the true safety and well-being of our residents. After the approval of the repair design- that would be the right time.

I could not risk signing onto a request that may directly or indirectly jeopardize the lives of our community without the assurances that this action would not delay the repair design approval process. Immense pressure was exerted to have us sign on, yet again NO assurances that the message would not be misunderstood by FERC. After all the government never has communication problems, right- ohh wait?? I wanted you to know why I said no. Even if it’s not popular keeping the repair the priority needs to be the target today.