Starring: Tom Cruise,

Sofia Boutella, and Annabelle Wallis

Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 110 min

An Egyptian princess is raised to be not only a queen, but a living god. When her ascension to the throne is threatened by the birth of her little brother she resorts to killing her family and trying to raise the god of death to accomplish her aspirations. She is thwarted by the priests of Egypt and their mystic ways, if only for several thousand years. Once re-emerged she is a bit grumpy and hungry. Grungry.

This is more of a re-boot of the Mummy movies from the first years of this millennium than it is a stand alone. It also sets the stage for more monsters and movies to follow. However judging by box office sales that seems unlikely. Tom Cruise gives his standard high intensity performance with his thoughtful head tilt look that implies action is about to ensue.

The Mummy, earns two out of five, Eye Splitting Monkeys. This not a horrible movie. There are some funny elements that entertain and the action is pretty darned good as is the performance of the actors. It falls short with the dreaded shaky camera work. Why spend a hundred and twenty five million dollars to make visual art and then shake the camera to obscure the subject?


By Boots Johnson

The business of fishing has gone out of sight. We have lures that talk, swim and shudder when a real fish approaches. We have baits that smell any odor you wish to extend to the end of your line. In fact, the next generation of lures....or should I call them “something to catch a fish on”...will probably be a way to entice the fish population we have, as of this time, because some have never been seen in the water.

Now, let us go back a ways...................way back to the good old days..........when lures were first invented. Take the hula popper (which by the way was a killer for small and large mouth bass). Then let us discuss the famous jitterbug. Wow, what a lure. It was invented by a guy who made his name famous. Of course that was Fred Arbogast. His prototype was placed on the market in the 1930’s. This lure was deadly late in the evening and after dark. In fact the inventor of this lure suggested an angler use it after night fall. With the right retrieve and the right jerk it was deadly and of course it made its own noise and gurgle as it was pulled through the water. The jitterbug was a surface lure just like the hula popper. Then we have the lure which changed the way we fish and made us realize the value of sound in the water. I am referring to the famous Rat-L-Trap introduced by Bill Lewis back in the 1960’s. This lure was a huge success and is still available today. Try one and see what you will put in your live well or on your stringer.

I could go on and on about some of the famous lures, some of which have disappeared and those which are still available. Keep in mind however that same lure today will be different, not only in what it is made of, but also what it will cost. One more thing to discuss before we go to the next subject. I am referring to the Mirror-Lure which was a fantastic lure in its own right. This lure, when used the way the manufacturer suggested, was so great at enticing fish to strike, that some higher-ups in the world of fishing almost decided to outlaw the lure.

This is old news for some folks, but we decided to report on the release of almost a half million small steelhead into the American River. The little guys came from the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Nimbus fish hatchery which survived the drought and the high water problem the past two years.

Closing Thought: “Life is short so live it to its fullest”

June 27

The sweet treats from Bangor Bake Shoppe are selling well at Books & More. There is a very limited supply, but lemon bars are a favorite. There are also cookies and fudge. If you have a need to have us pick up something, we always make a run on Wednesday morning, so just call the week before (675-3275) and we’ll bring it in. We tried an apple pie last week, but did not sell it all (buy by the slice) so it went home with Yvonne.

Look Back in Time – In 1925 residents of Dobbins voted to double the road tax from 50 cents to one dollar a year to fix the roads (there are some potholes that could be fixed now, too).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

Farmers monitor effects of heat wave

Record high temperatures will have implications for California farms, but the full impact won't be known until after the heat wave breaks. Farmers implement heat-safety protocols to protect themselves and their employees on hot days. Growers of grapes, walnuts, tomatoes and other crops say they're monitoring their crops carefully for signs of sunburn or stress. Farmers provide crops with additional irrigation to help them withstand the heat.

Livestock, poultry owners protect their animals

To keep livestock and poultry as comfortable as possible during heat waves, farmers and ranchers provide shade, cooling mist, well-ventilated barns and plenty of fresh water. Dairy farmers say cows tend to produce less milk during hot days, even when under shade and misters. Poultry producers say they adjust their birds' diet during the summer but the birds still eat less, meaning they take longer to reach market weight.

Walnuts, other foods may help in appetite control

Eating foods such as walnuts, salmon and canola oil may help people control their appetites, according to new research. Walnuts, salmon, tuna and other foods feature polyunsaturated fats. The study indicated that eating foods rich in polyunsaturated fats may change appetite hormones, so people feel fuller for longer. The California Walnut Commission helped pay for the study.

Program certifies farms that help pollinators

A new nationwide program will certify farmers whose growing methods benefit bees. Known as "Bee Better Certified," the program judges the amount and quality of bee habitat farms create, and their use of pollinator-friendly pest-management strategies. The U.S. Department of Agriculture provided a grant for a pilot program in Oregon, and used the occasion of National Pollinator Week to announce the program's nationwide availability.

By Don Rae

· The so-called special counsel hired by the FBI to investigate collusion etc. has hired another Clinton partisan who clerked for Ginsberg and Kagan. As far as can be determined no Republican or Trump supporters are on the team. The establishment cannot abide the thought that an outsider is in the Presidency. Trump threatens their sinecures in Washington. All Democrats, many bureaucrats and too many Republicans are involved. These facts lead to the logical conclusion that a witch hunt is underway. A pox on all their houses.

· Why are Republicans so scared of doing what should be done regarding Lynch and Hillary? Most likely because they have skeletons in their own closets.

· Dennis Rodman gave a gift to the North Korean dictator. Was it Obama’s book? Hillary’s book? Bill’s book? No. It was the “Art of the Deal”.

· Why can’t we find any statement from Congressman Garamendi (D) regarding the assassination attempt on Republican legislators? How about Kathy Griffin or Shakespeare in the Park? Doesn’t our Congressman have any opinions on these issues and events? Or is he secretly in favor of this behavior?

· Why are Chinese nationals getting into the country to grow pot illegally in Plumas Lake?

· Moonbeam cozies up to the Chinese and signs a climate accord with the Communists. We weren’t aware that Moonbeam was a noted Climatologist.

· So the special counsel is investigating Trump for obstructing justice over a proven hoax. Fire the leftist counsel and the leftist crew he has hired. The Deep State is a cancer on both parties and a clear and present danger to the American people.

· Trump has been President for over 120 days, however the left refuses to allow any semblance of respect for the position. A single example? “The 2017 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors unanimously decided as a team not to meet Donald Trump in the White House, although it is custom for winning teams.”

· Hopefully the UK will do something meaningful as a result of the on-going terrorist attacks in that beleaguered country. Kumbiyah is not an answer. Drain the terrorist swamp.

· The New York Times cares not a whit about the lives of our diplomats. The so-called “newspaper of record: told the world, and our enemies, that Michael D’Andrea, who led the hunt for Osama bin Laden, will now be in charge of the CIAs operations in Iran.

· Would you believe that anyone in today’s state Democratic Party would honestly try to teach students how to determine fake news? “Crafting a comprehensive curriculum for media literacy education is essential to combating fake news” is the name of legislation to introduce media literacy education into school curriculums approved by the Senate (Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa).

· Guess who caused the problem in the first place some 75 years ago? Government. But now the taxpayers are on the hook for more than $1 billion to reverse government policy regarding water to restore the San Joaquin River system. The Natural Resources Defense Council filed suit to achieve this result some 18 years ago. Speedy justice? Of course the project won’t be concluded until around 2030. By that time the fish will be too old to swim upstream. Maybe a high-speed rail system for the finny fellows?

· Mike Bloomberg is an idiot. He is worth $8 billion and wants to donate $15 million to the United Nations make up for the billions Trump has cut from the corrupt organization. Frankly, why doesn’t he really show how he feels and give the UN all his money. If he wants to combat climate change $15 million will only fund a month or so of bureaucrats’ salaries. He should also stop using private planes and fly coach– if he has to fly at all. Perhaps use a mule.

· Remember the clown who wore an Obama mask in his shtick? He was fired. The lefties had a prominent role in making that life-changing event occur. Today the lefties applaud the Shakespeare in the Park, a tax-payer-funded troop which put on a play where Julius Caesar – dressed as Trump - is stabbed to death on stage. Hypocrisy.

· Did anyone even know Kathy Griffin before she started cutting off heads? Her crocodile-tear press conference seemed to have more reporters and photographers than her usual audience.

· These are the “cuts” the Democrats are claiming will result in dead children. The Department of Agriculture's Child Nutrition Programs spent $23 billion in 2017, and Trump’s budget proposes to increase spending to $34 billion in 2027, a 47% increase. The Department of Health and Human Services' Child Support and Family Support Programs, which Trump suggests an increase from $4 billion in 2017 to $5 billion in 2027, a 25% increase. America has over 90 anti-poverty programs, 17 food-aid programs and 22 housing-assistance programs. The federal debt has tripled from less than $6 trillion in 1997 to almost $20 trillion today.

· Did you note the Associated Press paean to the Summer of Love? Another interpretation would be that this San Francisco event was the start of the nation’s downfall to the snowflakes and violence we see today.

· The Southern Baptists claim the “alt-right” is responsible for all the turmoil we see today. Do you recall any violence by the Tea-Party movement, which is the progenitor of today’s conservative movement?

· The Associated Press claims that there is no evidence linking the baseball field shooter to any radical group. More fake news. Maybe these so-called reporters did not look at the shooter’s Facebook page or the list of potential targets in his pocket.

· Congress can kneel in prayer on a baseball field, but if a similar expression is done on a school field, heads roll?

Another interesting “fact.” An advertised car lease as “ultra low mileage” means you can leave your new car in the driveway until the lease expires.Did you see the security camera footage of a customer attacking a clerk with avocados? California growers of this classic fruit need to be wary as the left may decide that avocados need to be regulated and perhaps have the trees uprooted in the name of “Avocado Control.”


Why do you own the stocks you own

Investors usually tell me they hold a variety of assets which might include stocks, bonds

and mutual fund in order to be diversified yet few can give me a specific reason for why they hold each investment. Somehow they believe holding a wide variety of assets is diversified, and while this is a partially true statement, the actual reason why this is true can be elusive.

Having clarity and focus in ones investing is tantamount to reaching financial goals. This means you have to be clear on why you own everything you own and how we reach that awareness is actually quite simple.

For instance, I own my shotgun not as an investment but for protection. I am investing in my safety and the safety of my family in case some bad guys arrive at my house late at night. I own my garden to give me food and own my car for mobility. I own my house for my family and I to inhabit yet many investors think of a house as place to accumulate retirement savings or invest for growth. While this might be true to some extent, during 2008/09 we discovered that perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea. Part of the reason for the housing bust was confusion on the part of investors on why we own our homes. Decades ago most people thought of home ownership as just that, a place to live. In the last decade however, the reason for owning a home morphed into an “investment” instead of a “necessity” and that’s where the trouble may have started.

The reason for holding money in a bank has also changed over the decades. When I was growing up, the banks paid me six percent interest on my savings. My Dad told me to save my money in the bank for the interest payments much like he did. Since banks now pay little interest, the reason for putting money in a savings account has changed. Now we put our money in a bank for safety, not for the interest. When investors complain to me they cannot make money in a savings account, I tell them that is not why we are there, at least it isn’t at this particular point in time. We have savings accounts and similar bank products for safety, not to make money. If we want to make money, we obviously must look elsewhere.

Many people hold stocks for growth. I do not. I hold stocks for their potential income as I usually don’t buy any stocks that don’t pay me money (dividends) to hold them. With the income they pay me, I may get the growth regardless of whether the market goes up or down. If the market does go up, I might do even better. If the market goes down, any payments I might receive takes some of the sting out. Keep in mind, dividends are not guaranteed and. having stocks that pay dividends does not ensure profit or protect against loss

Some investors might hold gold and silver coins in a bank safe deposit box for peace of mind against a possible currency collapse while others might hold gold stocks for speculation on the gold price.

Commodity funds may help guard against rising grocery bills while holding some Cd’s, Treasury bills or cash would tend to help preserve funds in a broad market sell off.

I could pay off my home mortgage, I don’t. I consider my mortgage as a way to help protect against inflation. (Inflation could allow me to pay off my mortgage with cheaper dollars) Others consider debt the devil’s own and avoid it all costs.

By detailing the reason you hold each asset, it may help clarify your portfolio goals and even cause you to perhaps alter its contents. Once you detail and carefully consider why you hold what you do, or at least ask the question, your investing plan might become that much clearer. The thought process of truly knowing why you place money where you do will go a long way in helping you reach your goals and allow you to better allocate your money where it may offer the maximum possible return, the possibility for growth and protection while providing clarity to your reasoning.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and our opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at MKB Financial Services 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823-2792. MKB Financial Services and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is California Insurance License # OL34249


By Boots Johnson

We decided to head up to Little Grass Valley above La Porte for some camping, fishing and riding of the quads. We learned about the new management, or should I say the management which took over the old ways, and discovered the rules. For one, you cannot ride your motorcycle or quad, in other words anything that is a motorized vehicle and not registered for highway use anywhere in the camping areas. All camping areas are designated as “restricted areas” and this covers just about everything except camping. No firearms area allowed which includes non-firing weapons such as bows and arrows. If you want to ride your off road vehicles they insist you load them up and go outside the camping areas. But wait a still cannot ride them on any paved road or other dirt or gravel roads unless they are designated as such on an official forest service map. Good luck.

The fishing on the lake at Little Grass Valley was a waste of time. We trolled for four hours last Tuesday morning with all kinds of lures, spinners, spoons and even broken back rapalas. We had four poles out, two on down riggers and two with lead line. We tried depth levels of 15 feet down to 50 feet and never got a strike. A run of the lakes boundaries failed to produce any excitement on the graph. The new state of the arts electronics just recently installed in the red boat failed to produce any fish, except for an occasional single show on the screen.

I stopped at the store in La Porte to make a purchase on my way down to the valley and was told the lake has been very slow, but there have been some fish caught in the river, both above and below the reservoir.

Our report on Fuller Lake last week once again prove to be wrong. Apparently the Department of Fish and Wildlife decided to plant the small lake last week. We assume they wanted to drop fish in the lake after the roads were repaired.

We are headed up to Lake Tahoe tomorrow (Monday) and will make a decision whether to charter a boat and fish Tahoe or drop down a bit to hit Donner Lake for the elusive Mackinaw Lake Trout. If we decide to hit either lake we will report our findings next week.

Boots fishing tip for the week: “Troll at different speeds to find out what the fish will strike on.”

Alien: Covenant

Starring: Michael Fassbender,

Katherine Waterston, and Billy Crudup

Rated: R Runtime:122 min

The crew of a colony spaceship are brought out of hypersleep after a neutrino eruption damages the energy collectors of the ship. While effecting repairs they receive and investigate a rogue signal that comes from a nearby planet. With an amazing sequence of poor judgment and the consequences thereof people are eaten and hunted in usual Alien franchise fashion.

The acting is good and the set design and costumes are well done. The drunk cameraman must be the brother in law of the director. The gentle sway of his drunken stance gave the feeling sitting in a rowboat on a windy day.

Alien: Covenant, earns two out of five. Surprisingly Well Armed Colonizing Monkeys. The madness of this film is laughable. The only saving grace is how the movie adds to the over all story of the Alien Universe and the tie in with the Blade Runner movies. It really is not worth a trip to see in theaters. I would save it for a Sci-Fi marathon after all of the movies are released and you can pick them up in a box set at the five dollar bin at Wal-Mart.

Spring weather affects blueberry harvest

The cool, rainy spring complicated the California blueberry harvest. Farmers say spring weather delayed harvest by up to 10 days, causing California blueberries to be short on the market at a time of high demand. But reduced crops in other states helped California farmers win markets. Blueberry production in the state has grown the past decade, and marketers say demand for the California-grown crop continues to expand.

Cherry harvest increases

Volumes of California-grown cherries on the market have shown a sharp increase this year, according to a government estimate. The report says California cherry farmers expected "the best crop in recent years" after several seasons of drought and low yields. The estimate pegged the California crop at 99,000 tons, up 65 percent from last year. Washington leads the nation in cherry production, and also expects a larger crop.

Grants benefit farm-to-school programs

Ten California-based farm-to-school programs will benefit from grants awarded this week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Oakland Unified School District says it will use its grant to "dramatically increase" the amount of local food served in school meals. Other districts will start "farm to school action plans." A Fresno-based project will hold fruit-and-vegetable taste-testing events for schoolchildren.

Report notes 'supply gap' in organic produce

Demand for organic produce has been expanding faster than production, leading to a "supply gap" analysts believe could continue for several years. A report from the agricultural lender CoBank says it takes three to five years for farmers to transition crops to organic status. That can lead to a lag in fulfilling new demand for organic crops. The report says food companies and retailers have increased imports of organic produce to meet demand.

The recycle project has run into another problem. People who leave large, unbroken down boxes in the green Paper Hut make it very difficult to get them into the transfer bin. If at all possible, please put your recycle items (paper and cardboard) into the transfer bin. If there are younger, more flexible, stronger than we two More Mature ladies who try to keep the Paper Hut empty, please feel free to help out. Any volunteers are welcome to do their part to add to the recycle transfer bin.

If you missed the Ice Cream Social on Father’s Day at Yuba Feather Museum there are a few more chances to enjoy this treat. On Saturday, June 24, there is another one at the museum from 1 – 3 in the afternoon. Then in July and August there will be others: July 16 and 29 and August 20 and 26. Don’t forget to reserve Aug. 5 for Forbestown Daze with the parade held at noon and all sorts of activities in the museum as well as in the park.

Look Back in Time – In 1916 the chrome ore from the Bear Canyon Manganese Mine at Clipper Mills assays at 50% to 80% pure chrome (didn’t even know we mined chrome here).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

By Don Rae

· Rush shared an email on the day of the DC shooting. It said that looking at the shooter’s Facebook page was like looking at CNN’s roundtable discussions.

· The Democratic leadership bears some considerable responsibility for creating the atmosphere of intolerance and hatred which most likely was a major contributor to the DC shootings. They have already contributed mightily to Kathy Griffin’s belief that she can cut off heads and get away with it and Shakespeare in the Park can stage a Trump assassination and draw wild applause. Keep it up, Democrats and the Civil War you seem to want will occur.

· It should be clear by now that James Comey is a fraud.

Why a special counsel, especially one who is a close friend of Comey? Why was one never suggested on the various Hillary “matters?”The current administration has been plagued by one investigation after another. The swamp people have decided that they know better than the voters who should occupy the presidency and what policies should be followed. It is clear that a coup d’état is in progress. California’ government is out of control probably because it is run by career politicians. Although one plan has now been introduced by Assemblyman Gallagher to better balance the Senate, a more drastic solution would appear to better serve the interests of all segments of the state. The Senate should be patterned from the US Senate – 2 Senators from each County. Such an amendment to the State Constitution would offset the insanity of the current Assembly. There is even another idea floating around which could be considered. A unicameral legislature – such as is found in Nebraska - by appointing one member of each county board of Supervisors to a single chamber legislature. These ideas make more sense than the State of Jefferson and achieve much the same result as a 51st state.The left has lost its collective mind. A prime example - and only one from among thousands of daily possibilities – is Kathy Griffin’s vile photograph and those who stood behind the camera on that shoot. If you are finished with these creeps, then pick up your phone or drop a letter to the advertisers of these villains and ask whether they actually support the evil they are paying for with their advertising dollars. Hit them in their pocketbook. Hit them hard. The left does what it does because they have no morality and no limits. Government entities and bureaucracies do little more than protect themselves and to the devil with the public which pays for the salaries and pensions. The Territorial Dispatch asked the State OES for inundation maps for all dams on rivers draining into the Sacramento Valley. After several prods, a disc was received which had a heading for the San Joaquin Valley, but the information whatever it was, could not be opened by several different computers. So the PIO of Yuba County was contacted to discover how the County came up with an evacuation plan. The response was that the county had the maps. When asked to review them, the response was “No. They are for official use only.” Isn’t that wonderful? The press is told to buzz-off. Someone needs to be reminded who pays their salaries. Ridiculous.A certain Judge William Orrick has barred the video exposing some of the seamier parts of the abortion industry. He also opined against Trump’s attack on sanctuary jurisdictions. Surprise. He is a big-time Democratic Party donor.The lefties say the “science” of climate change must be believed. But the science of biology (2 sexes) should be ignored. Hypocrisy.The state legislature hates everyone. They want to allow liquor to be sold until 4 am. Why not just eliminate the requirement to close at all. Then the drunks can drive off to kill folks 24 hours a day.The “golden shower” piece was apparently done by the Russkies. It was certainly designed to hurt Trump before the election and therefore pro-Hillary. So why are the Democrats so obsessed with investigating something which was designed to help their candidate?Many colleges held graduation ceremonies based on race this year. Recall the lefties were in the forefront of integration and the fight against segregation. They won. Now they have no “cause.” So they came up with “Celebrate Diversity.” Thus ending all their success with integration. Same thing with climate change, which was “a new ice age” in the 1970s. Lefties will die if they never have a “cause.”Another leftie cover-up? It seems there may be a tape of the Clinton/Lynch clandestine airplane meeting. A Freedom of Information Request was denied by the NSA because of “National Security.” Keep in mind that the usual suspects claim only grandkids and golf were discussed by the two suspects. How can those discussions rise to the level of National Security? Release the tapes.At the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris a man attacked a police officer with a hammer. Where are the lefties demanding a ban on hammers?Have you noticed that after every terrorist attack the police swarm the scene and stand around wondering what to do? Perhaps it would be smarter for the authorities to prevent the carnage in the first place?The London Mayor says Trump is not welcome in his jurisdiction because Trump calls out Islamic radicalism. Politicians such as the London Mayor are counting on the votes of Islamics for their election. They care more for their job than the lives of citizens.Hillary is getting close to having 31 flavors. She has now come up with 25 reasons why she lost the election. She has forgotten a couple very important reasons. She is an unprincipled liar; she has absolutely no accomplishments in her life. The Dems would have been better off with Maxine Waters. At least she’s an honest idiot. The hate America crowd (a small one at that) claims that the USA is an illegitimate country. Check your history. After WWI all of Eastern Europe and the Middle East were divided up by Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau. Talk about illegitimate! The USA wasn’t divided up by three so-called statesmen.The proposed federal budget doesn’t cut much of anything. What it does is reduce the amount of the built-in automatic increases. But the Democrats cry that old people will die, children will go hungry and Obamaphones will no longer be available. The usual lies.


By Boots Johnson

All the places we checked into this week had reports of good to great fishing. For instance, the stripers are still active in the Sacramento River as well as in the Feather. Shad are still in all rivers with the best bet being the American River. The spotted bass bite is still outstanding at Lake Oroville as well as Clear Lake, Shasta Lake (Shasta Dam) and other bodies of water.

If you decide to get out of the valley to avoid the upcoming heat wave we recommend Lake Almanor. Slow trolling here will get you fish for dinner. Also, it you go just about anywhere in Northern California in the foothills or high mountains you can expect creeks, streams and rivers running a bit high. Personally I am looking forward to some trout stream fishing around the end of June and after the big Fourth of July Holiday. Streams by then should be ideal.

The Squawfish Derby, which will be held this Saturday (June 17th), will offer lots of prizes amounting to $2500.00 worth to be exact. The cost per entry is $40.00 which will include a barbeque lunch and membership in the Guides and Sportsman’s Association. The derby will cover the Sacramento River from the Shasta Dam to Verona and on the Feather River from Verona to the Oroville Dam.

The object of this derby is to reduce the number of squawfish population due to their feeding on baby salmon and steelhead.

More can be obtained by calling Guide James Stone at (530) 923-9440. Other Guides in the Sacramento area are also available for information as well as Johnson’ Bait and Tackle in Yuba City.

Closing thought: “Worry never robs tomorrow of its only saps today of its joy.”

Researchers hone drone use on farms

As they learn more about how unmanned aircraft can be used on farms, researchers also work to make drones more practical for gathering and analyzing agricultural data. A University of California farm advisor says, for example, drones can help farmers tell if trees suffer from water stress, but software needs to be perfected to make data easier to interpret. Several California universities are working on agricultural drone projects.

Flood damage in California orchards still being tallied

The extent of flood damage to Northern California orchards may not be known for months--perhaps years. Farm advisors are still finding signs of waterlogging in orchards affected by levee seepage and a collapsed riverbank. One orchard near Elk Grove, flooded in February, didn't drain until early May; the farmer lost a third of his walnut trees.

Wet winter contributes to larger bean crop

More garbanzos, limas and other beans should be coming from California fields this year. Farmers have increased their bean acreage by 10 percent, compared to a year ago. The state's wet winter receives part of the credit. Beans can be planted later in the spring than other crops, so farmers whose ground was too muddy to plant corn or other crops have substituted beans instead.

Prune crop rallies after lackluster year

Fans of prunes--also known as dried plums--can anticipate plentiful supplies. California farmers grow nearly all the nation's crop, and a government forecast of 105,000 tons for this year's harvest is more than double the 51,000 tons produced last year. Farmers report favorable growing conditions, resulting in more, and bigger, fruit.

Don’t forget Hill Top Breakfast at Ponderosa Community Center and the Ice Cream Social at Yuba Feather museum on Father’s Day. Breakfast is served from 8 until 11 and ice cream is served from 12:30 until 3:00.

The Brownsville Farmers Market is up and in full swing. Meet family, friends and neighbors in the Foothill Fire Station parking lot every Saturday through September 2 from 9am till noon. You’ll find fresh fruits and vege, herbs, cut flowers, country fresh eggs, specialty breads, local honey and olive oil, crafts and so much more. Don’t miss it!

School’s out for summer! The little darlings will now be roaming and wandering during the day. Be watchful as you drive along our winding roads, as they are notorious for popping out into the road. We wish all of the kids a safe and spectacular summer!

Flag Day is Wednesday, June 14th. It commemorates the adoption of ourflag which happened on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Flag Day was officially established by Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson on May 30th, 1916, but it was not until August 3rd, 1949, that President Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14th as National Flag Day.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th honoring all of our Dad’s, Daddy’s, Father’s, Papa’s, etc. Dad gave us those piggy back rides, “pull my finger” jokes, fishing/hunting adventures, and all that love only Daddy can provide. We love you Dad!

If you were wondering what to do for your dad on Father’s Day, take him to Annie’s at Lake Francis, in Dobbins, for their Father’s Day Specials. On Sunday, from 3 to 8, you have your choice of Prime Rib with appetizer and dessert and all the rest of the in between fixins’ for $25.99 or St. Louis style ribs (1/2 rack) with appetizer and dessert and all the in between fixins’ for $21.99 or the Combo Platter (Prime Rib and Ribs) with appetizer and dessert and all the rest of the in between fixins’ for $29.99. All regular menu items will still be available. Treat Dad to a relaxing meal and a walk along the lake.

Look Back in Time –In 1915 Frank Silva brought in a nice string of trout for the guests at Woodleaf Hotel (fresh trout is still so good).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

By Don Rae

Of course all the countries in the world have their shorts in a knot over America’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords. Those folks were slobbering over the expectation of receiving billions of dollars from US taxpayers. Keep in mind that Obama didn’t bring that treaty to the Senate as is required by the Constitution because he knew it was a disaster for America. A side note: It takes four years to bail out of this non-binding treaty, according to its terms.Climate change occurs regularly and has since the planet was formed. Keep in mind some history. In Science News (1975) a spokesperson for the World Meteorological Organization predicted that “the cooling since 1940 has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be reversed.” We were supposed to be having another Ice Age according to the experts. On the other side of the spectrum, only a few years ago, the “experts” were telling us that we had to be prepared for “global warming.” When the real facts were shown, the “experts” quickly changed the theme to “climate change” so no matter what happened, they could say they were right. Virtually every prediction of catastrophe has been shown to be wrong. Examples include Sen. Moynihan in 1960 saying New York would be under water by 2000. And many South Pacific Islands claimed they would be underwater too. Moonbeam trotted out his ideology saying that Trump will be “sending us back to the stone age” with the Paris withdrawal. As far as we can determine there wasn’t much fossil fuel used by stone-agers. What’s Moonbeam’s point? Doesn’t Moonbeam want us to use less fossil fuel?

· You might want to think twice about patronizing Ben & Jerrys. The Daily Mail announced, “Ben & Jerry’s intend to ban customers from ordering two scoops of the same flavor ice cream until Australia legalizes gay marriage.” B&J thinks forcing you to buy a different flavor for your second scoop will make you support gay marriage. Can you see some struggling part time student behind the counter telling a 7 year-old he can’t have two scoops of chocolate?

· The Associate Press can easily drive you to distraction. Now they write “news” dispatches psycho-analyzing Trump’s body language. What qualifications does a snowflake reporter have to psycho-analyze anyone?

· According to the usual suspects, food stamp “cuts” in the proposed federal budget will pinch families. They are not cuts. They are decreases in the amount of the yearly“automatic” increases.

· The UK is rounding up terror suspects like the scampering cockroaches they are. Good for the UK. But they should have done so before people got killed.

· Another AP snowflake “news” bulletin. Latinos are dipping into retirement savings to survive. Only Latinos?

· Do you want Moonbeam and his lemmings determining the amount and quality of your health care? They will, if the Legislature passes “Single Payer” legislation. Does Moonbeam have a medical license to practice in California?

· The State Senate’s appropriations committee recently reported that the proposed Democratic thumb on health care would cost $400 billion a year — more than twice the state’s total $182 billion budget.

Medicare is insolvent and unsustainable. Taxes and premiums cover only about 30% of actual costs. The rest comes from borrowed money (Chinese?) and is pushed off to our children, grandchildren, great-grand children and beyond. A Ponzi scheme allowed by law.CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said “President Trump must speak out personally against the rising tide of Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry and racism in our nation that he has provoked through his numerous statements, policies and appointments that have negatively impacted minority communities,” Why doesn’t this “spokesperson” say something about those who blow up children and kill Christians and Jews?

· Unfortunately some otherwise intelligent commentators are blaming CalPERS for the dramatic increases in contribution levels. The blame should be placed on City Councils and Boards of Supervisors for voting for the increased pension formulas which caused the underfunding of CalPERS. Of course, these elected officials were only doing the bidding of public employee unions which demanded the new formulas, put in place by the Democrat Gray Davis. There is no way to sustain a 50% increase in pensions without paying for them. But Davis didn’t care; he got the endorsements from unions that he was seeking. If elected officials stop agreeing to huge formulas for all new employees and those who are not vested costs would go down. Fat chance.

The lame-brains in the mainstream media and Democratic “strategists” are comparing the European’s love of Obama to Trump’s “pay your obligated share of NATO.” They were certain that Obama would do nothing about their failure to pay and continuing to dip into our taxpayer coffers to subsidize their socialistic policies and scofflaw tendencies. Recall the Euro’s anointed Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize for doing exactly nothing. Trump is right in demanding that the Euros live up to their contractual obligations.Floating through the filthy fingers of the state legislature are two bills aimed at local businesses. These bills would require landlords to keep their mouths shut when ICE comes around. If they don’t obey this illegal law, the state could fine and/or jail the owner. Another wonderful leftist idea is found in another bill which would prohibit public and private employers from letting ICE into their worksites. Never mind that Federal Law preempts these stupid laws. More idiocy flows like sewage through the capital. AB 1576 would regulate how and where you shop by keeping track of purchases and how much the retailer charges. If you believe the items are substantially similar, yet priced differently, a suit could be filed demanding the business settle with you for a minimum of $4,000 or face costly litigation. What? Another reason for businesses to leave California. The body of Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. was found on a beach. Police have not determined cause of death. Whisenant had been handling the DNC voter fraud case in which ‘volunteers’ were caught shredding Republican absentee ballots. Will this case be covered by the mainstream media?

· In three special elections since Trump’s victory, the Democrats have been falling all over themselves claiming the results would be a repudiation of Trump. The snowflakes lost each one. And when they did, they changed the narrative to – “oh, it was only local and really doesn’t matter much.”

· Why does a simple fact have to be repeated constantly? Every time socialism has been tried, it has failed. Remember - trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a sure sign of insanity.


Puerto Rico four feet up

Puerto Rico has gone four feet up in mouse terms, which means it filed for a bankruptcy of sorts. A territory of the United States, one could argue it ran its finances like much of our country, which is to say very poorly. Although a corporation would go through what is called Chapter 11 and a municipality the proverbial Chapter 9, Puerto Rico being listed as an unincorporated territory of the United States. (Wikipedia)

3.7 million U.S. citizens live there and with countless numbers of attempted but failed conversations and proposals behind it to restructure its debt, the time arrived where the Government there decided enough was enough. What comes next is likely to be a multitude of judicial rulings and countless back and forth negotiations between creditors, arbitrating authorities and Puerto Rican government officials.

$70 billion in debt is on the chopping block and with so much as stake and many hands wanting to dip into the available pie, expect the negotiations to be a long and arduous task.

The usual solution for such a problem is some sort of debt relief being granted in exchange for the indebted country (Puerto Rico) to go on some sort of fiscal diet. In other words, spending cuts and other forms of economic reform. With many historic examples of countries not being able to stomach such remedies however, debt restructuring is usually the entrée of day.

Why so many public entities get the fiscal affliction of unpayable debt is arguably one of life’s secrets but many theories abound. Overspending governments wishing to appease their constituents with a variety of social spending is certainly a factor. Over building is another.

Public improves in infrastructure and things such as education and welfare spending certainly contributes as any dollar spent adds to the mountain of debt. No doubt the popularity of such spending by the public also makes cutbacks in these areas unpalatable by politicians who wish to get reelected, which is basically the wish of politicians everywhere.

The rotating door of politics also plays a role, as each subsequent official will bear no responsibility for the spending of the administration that came before. With each new elected officials come their own ideas on what the next dollar should be spent on. With little regard or responsibility taken for the previous indebtedness, another program or plan is sure to be hatched with each new official in power. Little by little, each program and its spending adds to the mounting pile until such a time the pile of IOU’s become unmanageable.

No doubt, economic booms and bust, when they occur can also fool officials to overspend. During the boom times, government revenues roll in, and seeing mountains of cash in the coffers, officials succumb to visions of massive public parks with their names on plaques, immortalization of their persona as the one who “got things done” and other undertakings of grandeur or cause. Pet projects are instigated and improvement whether necessary or not or eagerly scheduled. When the boom inevitably turns into a bust, what was once an abundant stream of cash turns into an anemic trickle. At that time, the debt amassed during the boom loom larger and larger in the fiscal windshield. With huge entitlements and spending ongoing and in motion, the debt that was undertaken implodes under the weight of insolvency.

Regardless of the exact cause of unpayable debt, one truism becomes clear. With the funds spent , when it comes to paying it back, somebody is not going to get all their money back.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and our opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at MKB Financial Services 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823-2792. MKB Financial Services and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is California Insurance License # OL34249


Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and David Thewlis

Rated: Pg-13 Runtime: 141 min

An American spy is shot down while escaping Germans in World War one. He is rescued by an Amazon Princess, that action sets them on a path to change the course of the War to End All Wars. Their association leads to sacrifice and a supernatural battle of the gods.

The flow of the film is stuttered and forced as it moves from point to point. Once the new act is set the actors are able to pick up in the new environment and make it work. The effects and stunt work are amazing even wondrous you might say.

Wonder Woman, earns three out of five, Swaying Monkeys. There are some truly great elements in this film, moments that raise goose bumps and hopes for the DC movie universe. However, the overall finished product and the few oddly placed and poorly joined sequences keep this from being the truly exceptional movie it should be. It is by no means a waste of money to see in the theater.


By Boots Johnson

We have reports from the after bay at Oroville. Water levels continue to go up and down a couple of feet on a regular basis which continually changes the water temperature which fluxuates 10 degrees at a time. This really messes up the bite and there is no indication, with the ongoing work at the spillway, when fishing will get any better. On the other hand the bass bite in the reservoir itself has been out of this world. Anglers are catching easy limits and some days are catching and releasing hundreds of bass.

The striped bass run is still among us even though many have spawned and are returning to ocean waters via the Delta. Water being released from the Oroville Dam, which is coming out of the bottom of the structure, is cold and will slow down the remaining spawn for late arrivals in the Feather River.

We hear from the Verona Area. This is where the Feather River joins the Sacramento River and is known as the mud line to many anglers. Striped bass were in this area last week and it appeared the best part of the Sacramento River to catch stripers.

Shad are in all local rivers at this time, but the hot spots seem to be along the American River in the Sacramento area. These feisty cousins of the tarpon have been taken on jigs, darts, spinners and spoons.

The road to Bowman Lake is now open and we have access to Fuller Lake on the way. However, our information a couple weeks ago was not true in regard to Fuller being planted with trout. This will not be done, according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, until mid-July.

Now that we have the Memorial Weekend behind us the waters of lakes and reservoirs will once again be fishable. All the boat and recreational vessels last week really put the stop on fishing.

Donner Lake is outdoing Tahoe at this time. Mackinaw lake trout are being taken consistently up to six pounds in depths between 80 and 140 feet. In addition, the kokanee are also on the bite, but most fish are small, around 11 to 12 inches.

We hear from Folsom Lake. The reservoir is almost full at this time. Fishing has been slow. Expect better fishing from now into the summer months.

Boots fishing tip of the week: “reading the surface of the water is a good way to understand what lies beneath.”

"Risk-on" and "Risk-Off"

In the world of investing, there are two types of environments often referred to in media outlets which describe the general investing mood of the public. The terms often used are called “risk-on” and “risk-off”.

Risk-on refers to a positive outlook from investors as it pertains to the stock markets and the economies that drive them. Risk-off is the opposite of risk-on whereas when the term risk-off is used, it means there is a higher level of trepidation about economic conditions and therefore the financial markets.

During risk-on, investors are said to be more inclined to purchase higher risk assets which may have a higher potential for gains. Assets of this type might be such things as stocks and stock funds. Simply put, if investors are confident in the business and stock market climates, they are willing to take on more risk in exchange for the chance of higher gains. Influencing factors causing a risk-on environment might include favorable interest rates, little or no political upheaval (both domestic and foreign), healthy consumer spending and encouraging economic statistics from the reporting authorities.

Should one or more of these factors turn negative or appear to be deteriorating however, the investing public may begin to suspect things may worsen in any number of areas. With the specter of possible economic malaise on the horizon, a risk-off mentality may take hold.

The change from a risk-on to risk-off mentality can be sudden caused by an event like the 9/11 attack, an economic event or serious political strife, or it can be a gradual shift to a more pessimistic nature brought on by deteriorating economic statistics, bad employment numbers, or contagion from an overseas market or markets.

The possible catalysts for economic surges both positive and negative are many and one just has to think back to any number of events in our recent or not so recent past that has roiled markets or caused them to reach dizzying new heights.

The importance of understanding risk-on/risk-off environments is not to be underestimated.

Certain asset classes may have a tendency to sell off, rise or remain stable during these two opposite investing environments, and knowing the historical patterns of such asset classes may help the investor navigate such conditions.

A better informed navigation may result in lower losses or even gains during risk-off cycles while enhancing the possibility of greater gains during risk-on cycles. While historical performance is no guarantee of future results and no one can say for certain what will rise or fall and when, seeing what things have done in the past could yield some clues as to the mindset of investors and what they buy and sell during such swings.

Risk-on assets may be thought to include stocks and other traditional investments while risk off assets may be as simple as holding more cash or U.S. debt instruments. There are no hard and fast rules I can flat out list in the context of this article, but a knowledgeable financial professional should be able to enlighten you as to what exactly what assets one might hold in either a risk-on or risk-off environment.

As in all things, knowledge is the cornerstone of progress and the more you know, the better off you will be. An investor that understands market dynamics such as the risk-on/risk-off environment may be better equipped to make more informed and therefore better financial decisions when it comes to managing their investments.

As always, be sure to consult with a financial professional before making any investment decisions and do your own research before investing.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and our opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at MKB Financial Services 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823-2792. MKB Financial Services and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is California Insurance License # OL34249

Although the Hilltop Gang usually serves its great breakfast on the second Sunday of each month (except Dec.), in June it is held on Father’s Day. So take Dad to breakfast, or anyone else you would like to, and enjoy eating with friends and neighbors. Breakfast is served from 8 until 11 and costs $6.00 for all you can eat. A great bargain!

The Yuba Feather Museum is open now and beginning to plan the first two Ice Cream Socials of the year. They are held on the third Sunday and the fourth Saturday of each summer month. Great ice cream, donated by Collins Lake Resort, is served with toppings or root beer in a float. The cost is minimal, proceeds help support the museum, and you have a chance to visit with friends and neighbors as well as enjoying the displays at the museum in Forbestown. The museum opens at noon each summer weekend, but ice cream takes a bit to get ready, so allow about ½ hour to get the social set up.

Look Back in Time – In 1913 there were 327 autos in Butte County. One person in every 100 owns a Joy Carriage (now most families have two or more cars).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne