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Salmon season has lots of folks talking about fish in local rivers. Our last check showed us there are a few fish in the rivers, but the major run is yet to happen. With the end of August approaching the fishing could improve dramatically. We suggest if you do decide to give it a try on the Feather River to fish at first light.

I received a couple calls this past week about how to back troll for salmon. After talking to the second person I decided it might be a good idea to repeat my words in print in this column. Back trolling is best done with the boat positioned upriver above a known hole. The engine, an electric trolling motor or kicker, should be running. The motor is given just enough power so the boat remains almost motionless in the water, then by easing up on the power just a bit which will allow the boat to slowly drift downriver a foot or so at a time. This is why it is called back trolling.

The above procedure can be done with bait, a sardine wrapped flatfish or with roe which is fished off the bottom around 50 feet or so behind the boat. With roe your best bet is to keep the sinker on the bottom while you bounce it along the bottom into the holes. Anglers can also fish with other baits and lures in the same fashion.

Congratulations goes out to Grass Valley Angler Bill Malott on his big catch of a 12 pound catfish while fishing at Scott’s Flat last Wednesday. He was fishing with orange power bait when the big cat hit. Thanks to two ladies...Tara and Lennie for assisting in bringing in the monster. The “Big One” was caught at 10:20 A.M. and was a thrill to all on the scene. See the picture in this issue.

Scott’s Flat Reservoir is located above Nevada City off of State Route 20. To reach the lake turn right at the Five Mile House and follow the road to the campground.

There are still resident striped bass in local rivers. A favorite spot for these fish is below the rapids on the Feather River. Some whoppers have been taken in this area of the river in recent years. Of course, we still have catfishing angler’s hook into a striped bass on occasion throughout the rivers of the valley.

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The fish and wildlife tanker trucks loaded with rainbow trout are back in the northern part of the state with the following waters planted: EL DORADO COUNTY: Fallen Leaf Lake; MODOC COUNTY: Lily Lake and Cave Lake; SHASTA COUNTY: Whiskey town Reservoir, Upper Bailey Creek, Upper, Middle and Lower Burney Creeks; Upper and Middle of Hat Creek; Baum Lake; North Battle Creek Reservoir and the Sacramento River. Medicine Lake in SISKIYOU COUNTY received a plant along with Kangaroo Lake, McCloud River-Fowlers-Lower Falls and the Sacramento River.

The bite is finally on at Lake Almanor. Up until recently anglers were having some success fishing the underwater springs. Now with the cool nights they have had up there lately the trout bite should improve all over the lake. We are told slowly trolling night crawlers is the best bet in waters down to 50 plus feet.

Closing thought: “The distance between dreams and reality is action.”

Please don't forget Stone Soup. Every Thursday soup, salad and dessert are served at the community center on Ponderosa Way. Serving starts promptly at noon and ends by12:45. This program is run by volunteers who are always looking for more help with preparing and cleaning up the lunch. It is a great way to visit with friends and neighbors. Come by, eat and visit. There are puzzles, games and more to enjoy, too.

Our poor over-loaded Paper Hut! People have loaded it with so much heavy cardboard that we can't lift it into the transfer bin. We are hoping that people will deposit their paper and cardboard directly into the bin. We have ordered two smaller bins so they would be easier to open. We know it is a real chore to lift the lid on the present ones and throw items in. Thanks for doing what you can to help.

Check out the sale of linens at Brownsville Thrift Store this week. They are on for Half their regular price. You might even be thinking of sheets and Halloween.

Look Back in Time – In 1910 traction engines were hauling lumber up from the hardwood mill in Woodleaf to Oroville. They would haul a million feet before it snowed (there are some awesome photographs of lumber/log hauling at the museum).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

Landowner settles wetlands case

A landowner who had been accused of federal wetlands violations after plowing a Northern California wheat field settled with the government Tuesday, just before the penalty phase of his trial was to begin. The landowner, John Duarte, admitted no liability and agreed to pay a fine and to purchase environmental mitigation credits. Duarte's attorneys said the charges against him illustrated a "significant ongoing threat" to farmers across the country.


Farmers gather state's almond crop

Almond harvest has shifted into high gear in the Central Valley. Crop forecasters expect farmers to harvest more than 2 billion pounds of almonds during the next few weeks. Some farmers say their harvests have been running a week to 10 days behind schedule--likely related to weather earlier this year. Farmers use machines to shake the almonds off the trees, then sweep them up before the nuts are hulled and shelled.


Researchers propose new way to dry walnuts

Before walnuts reach market, they're dried in processing plants around California. Researchers for the U.S. Department of Agriculture say they've found a way to dry walnuts more quickly and efficiently. The new process uses infrared light rather than hot air. USDA researchers say the technique could reduce energy costs for drying walnuts by 25 percent, and shorten drying time by 35 percent.


Estimate shows increased olive production

Improved conditions from favorable weather have led to an expected increase in California production of table olives. Government estimators say they expect the crop to increase 9 percent, compared to last year. Table olives are those sold for eating out of hand, rather than being made into oil. Most California-grown olives come from production areas in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys.


Junk IOU's

The saga continues for many huge pension plans and state budgets as Illinois, a state budget we have covered before in Money Matters continues to bleed out in its hemorrhaging of cash versus debt. In plain English, Illinois is so underwater the concept of it surfacing and be able to financially breathe on its own is far from being anywhere near resolved. Years of making promises it can’t keep it finds itself in the dubious position of possibly having its debt downgraded to junk by Moody’s, one of the three credit rating companies that evaluate the viability of financial institutions and their products. S and P, another large rating company already made this threat to Illinois some time ago. Fitch Ratings has issued similar warnings.

If its debt does get downgraded, it would be the first such state to get the not-so-coveted term of junk applied to its IOU’s.

How bad is it?

Illinois has 15 billion in unpaid bills for the last two years with an estimated quarter of a trillion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities.

Years of overspending politicians which include Barrack Obama who was elected Senator of the beleaguered state in 1997 made a mess of all things financial. There is simply no nice way to put it. An interesting side note on Obama’s propensity to over promise the public purses under his control, Business Insider nails the former President to adding 86% to the deficit during his 8 year term. Obviously balancing a budget or even coming close eluded him as Senator and continued to baffle him during his Presidency.

Not to put the entire Illinois mess on Barrack of course, he had many overspending compadres to help him move the state into near bankruptcy where it is today. Its apparently extremely difficult for some elected officials to spend within their means.

So today the great state of Illinois wrestles with unpalatable recipes to solve the mess and many doubt without massive defaults it can be solved at all, it’s that bad.

New budget proposals including the most recent being offered slash spending across many lines including education and other coveted programs and many social spending advocates are putting up the usual resistance. Ralph Martire, director at the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability said "It's like taking a meat cleaver to spending rather than a surgeon scalpel”. This analyst thinks Illinois will eventually throw out both cutting tools in lieu of a chain saw because the amount owed is so staggering.

Illinois lawmakers decided that part of the solution is to pay old debt with new debt, a seemingly common theme for elected officials finding themselves in the financial red. A recent bill was passed authorizing borrowing six billion more to pay some of the 15 billion that is past due. Those doing the advanced math will arrive at the solution that the remaining obligations will stand at around 244 billion. Ouch.

If the either S and P, Fitch or Moody downgrades Illinois to junk, the interest on any new debt the state wants to issue will likely skyrocket, not mention the possibility such a downgrade would cause extreme digestion to the state’s other debt instruments as well as its ability to fund itself in the long and short term.

The credit agencies are warning Illinois to take the latest budget proposal, the implied threat being the unthinkable and first of its kind downgrade below today s current

BBB-minus rating. Regardless of what happens, much like Puerto Rico’s recent belly up financial condition, it means a whole lot of people are not going to get paid a whole lot of money.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and our opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at MKB Financial Services 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823-2792. MKB Financial Services and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is California Insurance License # OL34249

By Don Rae

The usual suspects are going ballistic over the fact that Yuba County is renting out unused jail space to the Feds and detaining illegal aliens in the County jail. Amazing how these so-called adults don’t agree with taking criminals off the streets under the laws passed by Congress.There’s a lot of concern over North Korea. Rush Limbaugh says the country that is led by a funny-hair cut guy is “a zit on the butt of a pig.”Even so, California pajama boys are on a tear. There is not a bomb shelter to be bought in the State. All sold out.Obamacare rates in California are going up at least 12 ½% and increase in deductibles and fees haven’t yet been calculated. Whatever happened to a family of four saving $2500 annually on their insurance? Why is Congress falling all over itself in its abortive efforts to kill this cancer on the public domain? Garamendi, why aren’t you joining the fight to eliminate this attack on the average local family? The Democrats are now nothing more than a parcel of unruly cats. Remember in the debates when Hillary castigated Trump for not saying he would unconditionally accept the election results? Look at the Democrats today. What a bunch of lying hypocrites.Even the Post Office is caught up in illegal activity related to Hillary. An investigation by the Postmaster General revealed that some 97 letter carriers were given leave without pay to work on Hillary’s campaign. This may be a violation of the Hatch Act. The behavior of the postal workers union is indicative of what we can see in California with public employee unions feeling their oats.Did you see anything in the mainstream media about the FBI dumping some 400 or so pages of emails on a Friday afternoon regarding the Trump-Lynch tarmac meeting? Remember when the Deep Staters in the Justice Department assured us there were no records of this clandestine get together? Obama’s liars and leakers are still in place. Drain the Swamp.

· First it was cows’ flatulence that causes global warming. Now a taxpayer-funded UCLA study, has found the real culprits causing “global warming” are your dog and cat. Why? Because they eat meat and deposit millions of tons of stuff which contributes mightily to the requirement for more cows. This is a real study. Of course, Al Gore believes that humans cause global warming. Which goes to show that according to the environmentalists and their loony followers, everything causes global warming, so let’s get rid of every living thing on the earth.

· San Francisco’s worst public housing eye sores are being transferred from government control to private investors. Even the socialist public servants of that City can’t maintain it. The public housing era started with the federal government sticking its nose into housing after the Depression, with “Hoovervilles” for the homeless and destitute families throughout the country. Since then public housing has been a blight on every community it is found. Local politicians ought to keep that history in mind as they look to solve the current homeless issues.

· And if we wonder what the lack of a sound government solution to homelessness looks like, take a pilgrimage to Oakland around the intersection of Brush and 5th. Keep in mind this can happen to Marysville in a very short time. It happened in Oakland almost overnight.

· Trump goes to New Jersey while the White House is being decorated. The press goes ballistic. Of course Trump and his family could not stay in the White House while work was in progress. Did you ever see a disparaging article on Obama’s Hawaii vacations?

· Jaime Escalante was a math teacher in one of the worst schools in Los Angeles in one of the worst school districts in the nation. He successfully taught math to students that the district had given up on. The iconic movie “Stand and Deliver” was his story. However, the teachers union didn’t cotton well to his success and managed to collect enough votes to force him out of his department chairmanship. Escalante then quit teaching. A good example of why unions in the public arena aren’t doing any good for the taxpayer or school children.

· Our leftwing managers in the State College system have decided to stop requiring California high school graduates to take remedial English and/or math classes before taking college level classes. Today, some 80% of California graduates were required to take the classes because of deficient K-12 achievement. Again we have evidence of the dumbing down of education in the state.

· Southern Methodist University is moving its 9/11 memorial so they do not “trigger” the students. Trigger what? A need for a cuddle, safe space, and security blanket?

· Soon there will be no classes in colleges except Creative Rioting and Finding Your Safe Space. These will be helpful in a job resume.

· California’s community colleges used to be free of tuition and an excellent place for students to receive the first two years of general collegiate credits before going on to an expensive state college or university. Why then is San Francisco gleefully praising its “new” tuition-free campuses? “The free City College campaign has captured the imagination of San Francisco,” the new chancellor said. “This is not just an enrollment strategy, this is an expression of our core value, the core value of social justice by providing a quality education to anyone who comes and asks for it.” Another snowflake who does not know history?

San Diego is considering blacklisting firms from doing business with the City should they bid on the border fence or other border-protecting solutions. And Mayor Kevin Faulconer, a Republican, doesn’t speak up against the proposal? NO WONDER Republicans are in trouble.

· California based Molina Healthcare announced it will bail out of Obamacare exchanges in Utah and Wisconsin after a $230 million loss in the second quarter of 2017. In those exchanges it will continue Molina will increase premiums 55% percent. In other Obamacare news, Anthem has similarly bailed. In North Carolina 95 of 100 counties have only one or no health care provider. In Nevada 13 of 16 counties have no provider at all. And Congress sits around flapping its lips and the Democrats think Obamacare is the cats’ meow. Why do we have elected officials to look out for our interests? Most are useless.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what the “independent” counsel is up to in DC, That enclave of Deep Staters who voted 97% for Hillary. Mueller’s entire staff are Democrats of one stripe or another. His objective, and the objective of the Deep State, is to overturn the 2016 election. Will we let this happen?Russia. The left cannot drink from that mirage. But it can drown in it.

Starring: Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, and Tom Taylor

Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 95 min

This movie is set in an alternate dimension of an alternate dimension of Stephan King’s book series of the same name. Much like most alternate dimensions this one has echoes of the dimension where it only exists in book form.

The acting in this movie is very well performed, despite the fact that not much of it reflects the attributes of the literary characters. The production value is great. The costume design and make-up artists did a superb job. The pacing of the film is off. Almost as if they were trying to cram the main elements of several books into a not very long feature film.

The Dark Tower, earns two out of five, Ka-Tet Monkeys. If you are a fan of the books then you will be disappointed or amazed by how dissimilar the two mediums are. If you haven’t read the books then rest assured there are no spoilers in this movie.


By Boots Johnson

Our latest report on salmon in local rivers shows that the run has not gotten here yet. Granted, there are a few fish in the rivers, but the main run is yet to be seen. Old Timers, who have chased after the salmon over the years, tell us to expect a bumper year in all rivers which will start the last part of August and continue through September and probably into part of October.

Our weather source advises there will be a cooling off period for the Sacramento Valley on August 14th or 15th but do not expect it to be around very long. He advised this is not the end of the heat, but a break in the action and to expect the hot weather to return as we continue into August and into September.

Apparently most of the planted trout ended up in lakes, streams, rivers and reservoirs in Inyo County last week with around 50 plants throughout the county. Northern California received some fish, but it was just a drop in the bucket compared to what took place further south.

Reports from Stampede Reservoir advised anglers are catching lots of kokanee salmon. Bullard’s Bar Reservoir has also had good results with these landlocked salmon.

Collins Lake has been good for pan fish and catfish with trout being taken down deep. When the action (boats, wave runner, skiers and etc.) hit the water anglers might as well leave fishing alone until the early morning hours.

Local anglers Kyle Caldwell and Ted Johnson, along with several friends headed down to Bodega Bay last week. They caught halibut and sharks. In fact apparently they got into a school of sharks and could not hold on to some of them.Ted said it was a different fishing trip but they had a ball. Lots of fish were caught with fish in the fridge and freezer at home.

Little Grass Valley Reservoir, located above La Porte, finally got a good sized trout plant. The fish were the usual size, between 10 and 12 inches and were reported to be all rainbow trout. We imagine anyone camping there who fish hit the water pretty hard when the planter trucks dumped their loads at several boat ramps on the lake and left the scene.

Boots fishing tip for the week: “When fishing reservoirs drop down deep this time of year and also fish the shoreline with top line lures before or at first light.”



‘ slaps the term “Ratepig” on investors who only look at yield when evaluating a potential investment. One of my family members does this and has been burned multiple times when the underlying investment offering the yield got into trouble. Basically a Ratepig’s most important criteria is how much they will get in dividends or interest no matter how economically healthy the entity offering the investment is. A Ratepig might be attracted to the junk bonds of poorly rated companies, municipalities or even third world countries. The high yield of certain investments may reflect the underlying financial strength or lack thereof of the borrower. The high interest may be offered due to its poor credit rating or ability to pay back the debt. For the most extreme example, think a deadbeat brother in law or shady investment deal that entices investors by ultra-high returns. The old adage “if its too good to be true it usually is” comes to mind.

In the case of my family member, they received high interest payments (which they loved) until they didn’t. Payments may have stopped or been reduced or the underlying stock or bond price may have plummeted, resulting in loss despite the high payments.

Borrowers pay high rates not because they want to, but because they have to, and that usually spells risk.

High returns do attract investors but what good is a 10% annual yield if the stock drops 20% in value? Or cuts the payment shortly after you sign on, or worse, defaults altogether.

Cash strapped Argentina has recently offered up a Ratepig’s appetizer in a new flavor, a bond whose term hits the century mark. What that means in laymen terms is the bond has a maturity date 100 years from now.


On the surface it is easily understood by most of you that anyone who buys this bond has to live a long time to get paid back, like a REAL long time, like 100 years from when you buy it, but what the heck, whose counting.

The bond’s 8 % yield is not too shabby for the near zero rate environment we find ourselves in today but waiting 100 years? If that’s not enough to make you turn a blind eye to such an investment, consider this: The longer term the bond, the more sensitive its price is to interest rate moves. This means if interest rates move in one direction or another, the longer a bonds term, the more violent the move up or down in the price of the bond.

If you hold a bond to its maturity, the daily price won’t affect what you get paid in interest and when getting all your money back when it comes due, but should you have to sell early (because you can’t wait the 100 years) the chances are you might get your head handed to you when you try and sell the thing.

Seeing Ratepigs salivate at a 100 year sovereign bond paying 8% might make a good story over a strong martini by Wall Street stock brokers is one thing, but the fact that these bonds are real and up for sale is quite another. In fact Wall Street big boy Citigroup Inc along with HSBC took the deal as lead book runners while Nomura Securities and Banco Santander opted to be co-managers.


Now wait just a minute you say, who would buy such a bond? Apparently enough investors (if that’s the right word) saw it as a good enough deal to pony up 2.75 billion for these things. (CNBC) Apparently a lot of people expect to live a long time (pun intended).

Of course the reality of the situation is its likely none of the buyers intend to keep these bonds until maturity in the year 2117 and plan to off them to someone else at some point but seeing as worldwide interest rates are near historic lows and some say could only rise from here, if rates do rise, the bonds with the longest terms get hit the hardest because of the math involved.

No doubt some Ratepigs were among those that wrote checks to Argentina for the “privilege” of loaning them money, but seeing as this country has defaulted about 12 times since 1816 ( you have to wonder who else bought these things.

Of course it may all work out in the end, Argentina will gets its act together and do something it has been unable to do for about 300 years, which is to stay solvent for any reasonable length of time. And those folks that ambled up to the trough for the “juicy” yield of these century bonds will get all their money back. But it likely you and I will never know as we will be food for another kind of animal when these things come due

Certainly at least some investors believe the country is good for the money when it comes due in 2117 and all the interest payments in between and they may well be. But then again, a lot can happen in a 100 years, especially in a country like Argentina. Keep in mind this is not a recommendation for or against any security or the debt instrument mentioned or in any way be construed as an investment recommendation to buy or sell any security or investment.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at MKB Financial Services 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823-2792. MKB Financial Services and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is California Insurance License # OL34249

By Don Rae

· Some sanctuary cities, and “potential wanna-be” sanctuary cities like Stockton, are apoplectic about Session’s warning that federal funding will be cut if the jurisdiction doesn’t support ICE. According to the Police Chief, Stockton isn’t a sanctuary city. But Stockton has applied for federal funds and is simply being put on notice that if they decide to become one, then money will dry up. Why can’t high-level public employees understand that simple logic?

· Another example of the Associated Press bias came through in a recent article about Trump’s wealth. The article calls it extraordinary. How about the $100 million collected by Al Gore? Or the massive riches somehow accruing in Maxine Waters’ bank accounts and other assets? How about the wealth of the Clinton Foundation? None of the Democrats get tagged with the “extraordinary” tag.

· There is lots of angst over public salaries and pensions in California. And there should be. Since public agency collective bargaining rights were granted in 1968, there has been a continuing increase in employee costs to public agencies. The unions have shown their muscle in terms of money and boots on the ground to fund politician campaigns at every level throughout the state. Until that stops, we can only see more jurisdictions cutting services and raising taxes. Why can’t democrats figure that out?

· The Democrats in Sacramento now want to lower the passing grade for the State BAR exam. Of course. Then we can have less qualified lawyers. And we can be assured of more illegal aliens getting their legal license so they can attack our country’s laws.

· CalPERS is demanding some 20% more contributions from its member agencies this year. Unfortunately this demand means cutbacks in services or local tax increases. Thanks to local politicians who take union money, funds for street repairs, police and fire are fast disappearing.

· Moonbeam hailed the extension of “Cap and Trade” as a major accomplishment to combat climate change. In the reality of the folks, it means a probable 63cent increase in gas taxes, an increase in the cost of doing business in the state and a major job killer. Thanks Moonbeam and cronies.

State Senate Leader Kevin de León (a Democrat) has introduced a bill mandating California to get all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045. Current law passed last year required only 50% by 2030. Since there is already an impossible law on the books, it makes no sense to add another impossibility on top of it. Of course, the press has been silent about this and some of the other requirements buried in the fine print. All new homes and all existing homes sold must have solar panels as their source of energy; apartment buildings with more than four units; and all commercial and office buildings must install solar panels by 2025. As for farms, 25% of their acreage must go to windmills A good example of why we need a part time legislature. If there were less time to think up these idiotic laws, California would be much better off. The Albuquerque Tea party recently received it's 501(c)4 status after eight years of battling the IRS. Recall that the IRS refused to process tax-exempt status requests to conservative groups during the Obama Administration? The win for Albuquerque is a beginning for the rule of law and justice. Now we need to see Trump prosecute everyone who engaged in this criminal activity. Lois Lerner needs to be prosecuted

· Democrats in DC are simply playing hypocrite in their continuing press to find evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump administration while ignoring the Russian ties of the Clintons. Remember that Bill Clinton gave a $500,000 speech to a Moscow-based financial firm, while Hillary began opposing Russian sanctions, according to emails published recently by Wikileaks.

· Some organization called Opposing Views has posted a video on Facebook claiming that the border wall will destroy huge numbers of animals, birds and fish, most of which are not even found along any of the territory covered by the wall. However, an apt response was made on Facebook by Brian Pierson: “The wall will disrupt migration patterns of the blue whale and common dolphin. It will throw the Earth's orbit out causing it to go careening towards the sun at an ever accelerating pace. Just the blueprints for this wall are keeping the Atlantic cod from mating. A thorough scientific study conducted before lunchtime yesterday has concluded that the elephant cemetery will no longer be a mystery if this wall is built. This wall will cause flooding of biblical (epic, if you're a Godless heathen) proportion as it causes millions of snowflakes to melt in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, and New York. Yes my friends...the end of days is upon us.”

· Ferrari is considering adding an SUV to its model line-up. So much for the demand for small electric cars. Folks don’t want small and limited range. They also understand that the electricity used to power electric cars comes from coal-fired power plants. They also understand that the environmental damage done by the production of electric batteries is highly significant, not to mention the disposal problems of old batteries. The do-gooders unfortunately keep doing bad things.

After Forbestown Daze there are always three ice cream socials yet to be held at Yuba Feather Museum: the third Sunday, the last Saturday, and closing day. This year those dates are August 20 and 26 as well as closing day, Sept. 2. If you haven’t made it to the museum yet this year, now is the time.

Just a reminder that the Heifer Bells concert is this weekend, August 19th, at the Chestnut Grove in Brownsville. If you haven’t purchased your tickets you can do so by contacting Kathy Fletcher at 530-743-7979 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Should be a beautiful night to sit under the stars and enjoy good music, friends and food.

The Loma Rica Lioness Club will host their monthly Community Breakfast on Sunday, August 20, from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM at the Lions Community Center. The regular menu includes a choice of sausage, ham or chicken fried steak (extra charge), eggs, and choice of pancakes or waffle, biscuit and gravy, or hash browns. Also included is orange juice, sliced peaches and coffee. Prices start at $3.50 for children 12 and under, $4.50 for those 55 and older, and $5.50 for all others. These prices could be higher if additional items are ordered. The Loma Rica Lions Community Center is located at 5667 Fruitland Rd. in Loma Rica. The breakfast is open to the public so bring your family and friends for a Sunday morning breakfast social.

Look Back in Time – In 1909 Dennis La Plant made a rich strike of quartz gold on his claim on Rabbit Creek (some excitement in La Porte on that day).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

Researchers work to slow citrus disease

Hundreds of scientists are looking at every possible way to prevent a deadly plant disease from reaching California groves. A University of California researcher says one focus is to be able to detect the HLB disease earlier, which would help to slow its spread. HLB has hit citrus production in Florida but has been kept out of commercial California citrus, so far. It's carried by an insect called the Asian citrus psyllid.


California-grown apples reach market

The nation's first fresh apples to reach market come from California, and farmers in the Central Valley say their crop has returned to a typical harvest schedule after two years in which it started unusually early. Gala-variety apples are the first to arrive, and farmers in the southern San Joaquin Valley started harvesting them last month. The other main commercial apple varieties grown in California include Granny Smith, Fuji and Pink Lady.


Grants support fruit and vegetable consumption

With the goal of encouraging fruit and vegetable consumption among recipients of food assistance, five California projects will share in federal grant money announced this week. The state Department of Food and Agriculture earned a grant for a statewide program to expand incentives for aid recipients to buy fresh produce at farmers markets. Other grants support similar incentive programs based in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and Woodland.


Food-price trends diverge

The cost of eating out has been rising faster than the cost of eating at home, according to a federal study. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the average cost for eating at home actually dropped slightly last year, due to lower crop prices and energy costs. But the average cost of eating away from home continued to rise, mainly due to increased wages and benefits earned by food-service employees.

Starring: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, and John Goodman

Rated: R Runtime: 115 min

Set in the late nineteen eighties just before the fall of the Berlin wall. A top MI6 agent is sent into East Berlin to retrieve a list of all of the allied spies. Once there she relies on whit and sheer brutality to survive her mission.

The story runs along the line of typical Cold War movies. The acting is pretty darned good and the choreography of the fight scenes is simply amazing. There is a lot of nudity and impolite language and more than a little bit of violence.

Atomic Blonde, earns two out of five, Satchel Monkeys. This is a good movie for its genre, however it really isn’t worth the money to see in the movies. Better to wait for Netflix unless these types of movies are your thing. Then go for it.


By Boots Johnson

A check with all the activity down in the bay area, specifically around the Golden Gate, in regards to salmon fishing is true. Our source advised it appeared like every boat and angler from the western United States had appeared for the outstanding salmon bite. He further stated the wait time to launch his boat was over two hours and taking it out was not much faster.

Meanwhile, outside the Golden Gate still has salmon everywhere with all anglers putting fish in their boats. Limits of fish were the ticket last week from San Francisco, Sausalito, Berkeley and Emeryville. In fact, as our report stated, boats were limiting out and returning early. Average size was 12 to 25 pounds.

We hear from Lake Tahoe. The big Mackinaw lake trout are being caught at this time. Reports tell us some of the fish caught are in the 15 to 18 pound range. Now that is a huge trout by anyone’s standards!

The Auburn Rooster Tail Fishing Club is holding their Table Top Swap Meet Fishing Gear Sale at the Auburn Elks Lodge from 6:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. during their breakfast Business Meeting on August 18th. The optional buffet breakfast is $13.00. This is an opportunity to bring your unwanted fishing equipment, rent a table and keep the sale of any of your fishing items. Table cost is $25.00 per table and can be shared with others to cut down the cost. More info can be had by e-mail (Jim) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are told some of the holdover catfish, released for the last kid’s derby, are still being caught at Ellis Lake in Marysville. It appears the cats are on the bite anytime of the day or night with some in the two to three pound range. Largemouth black bass are also available. We have been advised not to eat any fish which is caught in Ellis Lake. Best bet is catch and release.

Closing thought: “To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid.”

Starring: Andy Serkis,Woody Harrelson, and Steve Zahn

Rated: PG:13 Runtime: 140 min

This is yet another broadcast from the future. Apes are rising from their knuckles and riding horses on quests of vengeance. Adopting humans as pets and orchestrating calamities to wipe humans from their path to supremacy.

I didn’t want to watch this movie. My expectations were quite low and it exceeded them. That being written a brick through my windshield would exceed my expectations. The story was not terrible. The path it took to tell it was disjointed and awkward. The actors did a great job and earned their pay. The effects were great. The emotional expressions on the computer generated apes while mostly brooding and angry were very well done.

War for the Planet of the Apes, earns two out of five, Doll Finding Humans. While not worth the money to see in theaters it is passable to see if you sucker someone else to pay for your ticket and concession stand items. Have a great week and for all you scientists out there. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Farm bill session to be held in Modesto

As part of its work to shape new federal farm legislation, the House Agriculture Committee will hold a listening session in Modesto this week. The Saturday session will gather comments from farmers, ranchers and other interested people. Congress plans to write a new farm bill next year, authorizing programs on conservation, research, nutrition and other aspects of agricultural and food policy.


Proponents write new water bond measures

Drought remains on Californians' minds despite this season's wet winter, and as many as four new bond proposals address continuing efforts to improve the state's water system. Two of the proposals have been created in the state Legislature. The other two would need to qualify via signature drives. Each aims for the 2018 statewide ballot, and could build on the Proposition 1 water bond voters passed in 2014.


Tomato harvest picks up speed

They've faced challenges this season, and farmers who grow processing tomatoes say their harvest has gotten off to a slow but good start. Spring rains delayed tomato planting, then heat waves during the growing season further affected the crop. Farmers say their harvests have been starting later than they did last year. California leads the nation in production of processing tomatoes, which go into salsa, ketchup and other products.


Rice agreement opens new markets

The promise of new markets in China encourages California rice farmers. A trade agreement allows American rice to enter China, and California farmers say they may be uniquely suited to fit the market. For one thing, California is much closer to China than other rice-growing regions of the U.S. In addition, California farms specialize in growing high-quality, medium-grain rice that could fill a market niche in China.

By Don Rae

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” -- Henry Ford North Korea is on a tear with ICBMs. Who is funding this advanced technology? Who is providing the scientific expertise? Where are the strategic materials coming from? They certainly are not produced in the country’s rice fields. And the “bad haircut guy” doesn’t appear to be a rocket scientist. Where are our illustrious intelligence services? Why hasn’t the truth been exposed? Our Democrat Secretary of State Alex Padilla has said he had no idea what happened, when an investigative report showed that hackers accessed voter registration and changed some voters’ party affiliations during the 2016 primary season. Then he said, (even though he had “no idea what happened”), that it was just a technical error.

· GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes is being denounced by local GOP county committees which have passed resolutions asking him to resign his leadership post. Orange, San Diego, Fresno, Merced, Madera, San Luis Obispo County, Mariposa, Tulare, and Ventura County central committees have passed some resolutions. Have the Central committees in Yuba, Sutter, Colusa and Nevada Counties joined in?

· California wants to allow illegal immigrants to be able to become members of the State Bar and practice in California. In fact, this floating of such a law is already occurring. As Steven Franks reports: “One such lawyer is Lizbeth Mateo. Born in Mexico, Mateo and her family illegally crossed the border when she was 14 and have been residing in California ever since. In 2013, Mateo returned to Mexico knowing she had no legal visa to come back and, as part of what became known as the Bring Them Home Campaign, returned to the U.S. border with eight children and demanded unauthorized reentry into the U.S. — which she was granted. Having graduated from Santa Clara University School of Law and working jobs that required the use of a stolen Social Security number, Mateo now spends her time as an immigration lawyer ‘preparing legal strategies to help undocumented immigrants stay in the country’ — all while flaunting her own undocumented status.”

A random thought on the Oroville Dam fiasco (and politics in general). Politicians are at their best when claiming how open and candid they are while concealing as much as possible.Researchers are now claiming that 97% of football players have significant levels of brain damage. Keep in mind that these players, from the Peewee leagues to the NFL have worn helmets to prevent injury. If this research is accurate, then the helmets are almost useless.

· A Bay Area attorney, Thomas Frankovitch, has filed over 2,000 ADA lawsuits costing millions to business, leading to businesses closing or moving to another state. Is this why Marysville is rebuilding curbs and gutters rather than fixing roads which are filled with holes and alligators?

Remember during the Presidential debates when Hillary made a big show of castigating Trump for not saying he would absolutely accept the upcoming election results? Look at the Democrats now. What a bunch of lying hypocrites.Vegans are becoming more and more of a religious cult. They can’t bring themselves to understand nature in which eating meat is normal. For example, even their precious plants are sometimes carnivores. Think of the many varieties of Pitcher Plants which devour meat with delight.Regarding the Transgender Military Decision: Why does the Associated Press and mainstream media insist on huge headlines and long-rambling rants about “Christian conservatives” when the transgender military issue has nothing to do with Christianity? It has to do with military readiness.Why do immigrants get welfare benefits upon setting foot on American soil? In the past, immigrants had to prove they could support themselves or have a sponsor who would agree to keep them off the welfare rolls. To offer welfare upon arrival is inappropriate and demeaning. This part of the Deep State agenda needs a surgical knife.Susan Rice refuses to testify in front of Congress. No loss. All she would spout are lies.The appointment of Robert Mueller has resulted in nothing more than a high-paying government “jobs swamp” for a whole pigpen full of Obama and Hillary minions. Fire Mueller and drain that ugly swamp.

· In California, the percentage of union workers in the private sector has declined from 35% in the 1950s to 6.7%, while the percentage of workers licensed by the State has jumped from 5% in the 1950s to nearly 30%. In other words, rather than the unions deciding who can work in an occupation, the government makes that determination. Occupational licenses are effectively the new unions.

· This is why you elect Democrats, so they can show how dumb they really are. AB 1440, another inane piece of Democratic legislation moving through Sacramento, notes that federal immigration agents are not licensed peace officers. Seriously, when have you asked to see a license when approached by a local police officer? No such document exists. This is just another example of why California is considered the “flake and quake” State.

CalPERS, has a $1.4 trillion unfunded liability; CalSTRS over $200 billion. Both are a 100% increase in mandatory contributions over the next five years. When will the symbiotic relationship between local government and public employee unions be broken? Until it is – removing unionization of public employees – the spiraling increase in government salaries and benefits will continued unabated.Garamendi hired Griego and Nicoletti in staff (Democratic) positions. They were voted out at the ballot box, but now are returning through the “back door”. Professional politicians.Obama spent taxpayer dollars to directly interfere with the recent Israeli election. The mainstream media ignored the story. But when stories started circulating that Russian interference was the reason Trump won, the media went ballistic – and still is stomping its feet and screaming. No evidence, of course. Honest reporting?

Aug 8

There are ex-teachers available at Books & More for some assistance. It might be special tutoring for students needing extra attention for math or reading; or there is a spot for those who might need help with a GED. If interested please stop in or give us a call at 675-3275.

Do you need a new set of dishes, for yourself or maybe as a gift? The Brownsville Thrift Shop is having a special display (and sale) of dish sets this week. We’re sure there is a bargain or two that you just can’t pass up. They are open Wed. through Sat. from 10 until 4. Then next week they will be displaying several large birdcages. These might be a home for a bird or the start of a craft item.

It won’t be long now and we’ll all be getting ready for Halloween, and in our beautiful foothills, that means Trunks with Treats. The planning is underway and if you are interested in helping out, stop by Gold Eagle Market in Brownsville and sign up. Last year it was a great success. Haunted house, games, food, and more!! Books and More will be dressed up inside for the occasion and transformed into a haunted bookstore. Let’s all make it a spooktacular and safe Halloween.

Has it been hot or what! Hopefully it has cooled down some by the time you are reading this. Come on autumn!

Look Back in Time – In 1890 the Golden Queen Mine in Forbestown crushed 27 to 30 tons of ore per day at $2.50 per ton and employs 100 men (wonder what that ore would bring today).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

Aug. 1

Look Back in Time – In 1925 boys swimming in Dry Creek near Oregon House found a bucket with gold nuggets in the bottom under some sand. The date, 1868, was on the side of the bucket (you never know what you may find in a creek).

Don’t forget to take the family to Forbestown Daze this Saturday. It is held at the Forbestown Park and Gold Trader Flat, the replica gold mining town on New York Flat Rd., in Forbestown. There will be lots of activities, food, vendors, music, raffle and more. The gates will be open from 9:00am to 4:00pm and the parade starts at noon. It is great fun for the whole family!

School starts again on August 14th, so you still have a couple of weeks to get those new school clothes, binders, paper, pencils, backpacks, etc. It sure seems like the little darlin’s just got out of school for the summer. Time does fly! We wish all the kids a successful and fun school year.

The Heifer Bells will be in concert at the Chestnut Grove in Brownsville on Saturday, August 19th from 6 – 8 pm. Pre-paid reservations are required and tickets can be purchased through Kathy Fletcher. You can contact Kathy at 530-675-7979 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Food and beverage are sold separately by Circa 53 Catering and Foothill Lions Club Bar. Come sit under the stars and enjoy good music, good friends and yummy food and drink. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne


By Boots Johnson

The eagle lake trout are a strain all their own and have thrived in the alkaline water of Eagle Lake for years. This body of water is a natural lake and has a hatchery included. Over the years eagle lake trout were placed in other lakes and reservoirs throughout the west.

One reservoir that now has these feisty fighters is located in the foothills of the Coast Range. I am referring to Lake Berryessa, which is located near Winters. At this writing these rainbows are exciting lots of anglers with limits of fish running up to three pounds. Apparently the trout are holding down to 35 or 40 feet. The fish have been hitting on spoons and lures. There is a problem for anglers on this lake which is lots of boat and wave runner traffic.

The salmon fishing has been slow on both the Feather and Sacramento Rivers. Things should pick up into August and September.

Congratulations go out to Craig Smith on his big catch at Collins Lake. Craig was trolling near the dam dragging a spinner when a nice seven and a half pound trout grabbed the spinner. Craig lives in Olivehurst. Also a big kudos to Kevin Muff, who lives in Chico, on his nice eight pound ten ounce trout caught while fishing at Bridgeport Reservoir.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife have been busy this past week planting trout all over the golden state. Those counties and water in the Northern area are as follows: BUTTE CREEK: DeSabla Reservoir and Big Butte Creek; LASSEN COUNTY: Lower Goodrich Creek and Clear Creek; PLUMAS COUNTY: North Fork of the Feather River at Beldon and at Lake Almanor; SHASTA COUNTY: Sacramento River, Grace Lake and Keswich Canal; SIERRA COUNTY: North Fork of the Yuba River; SISKIYOU COUNTY: McCloud River and the Sacramento River; TEHEMA COUNTY: Gurnsey Creek, South Fork of Battle Creek and Deer Creek.

Closing Thought: “Some of the best times fishing is sitting around the campfire exchanging fish stories and adventures in the outdoors.”

Farmers offer aid to fire victims

As fire crews work to contain the Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County, farmers and ranchers in nearby counties offer aid to people in burned-out areas. County Farm Bureaus in Madera, Merced, Stanislaus and Tuolumne counties have issued calls to action to their members to help haul or house livestock displaced by the fire. The county Farm Bureaus are also accepting donations of feed for livestock and household items for people.


Citrus disease-fighting program to continue

A cooperative effort to fight a fatal disease of citrus trees has earned extension. California agricultural authorities decided to continue the program after hearing from citrus growers and packers. The program coordinates response to the plant disease HLB, which can be carried by an insect called the Asian citrus psyllid. HLB has ravaged Florida citrus trees but has so far been confined to backyard trees in California.


Research points to natural pest control

In research they say could lead to new natural management of crop and garden pests, scientists at the University of California, Riverside, have learned more about how microscopic worms called nematodes attack insects. Some nematodes feed on insects, and the UC research showed how they find new insect hosts. The scientists say the findings could eventually lead to biological insecticides to protect plants including oranges, tomatoes and peaches.


Drone helps specialist create 'virtual orchards'

"Virtual orchards" created through use of a drone are helping researchers learn how best to care for trees--and could ultimately help farmers improve their management efforts. A University of California Cooperative Extension expert uses the drone to take specialized photos of orchards that show information invisible to the human eye. Analyzing the photos can help farm advisors judge an orchard's health, and better manage water and fertilizer use.