Mayor Ricky may have inadvertently come up with a solution for Marysville’s debt problem. Since he believes that the city council’s job is to follow

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Yes, apparently it is a huge secret. Is there anyone in Olivehurst that knows "Clean up day" is June 24th? At least that's what I heard through "the

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As a local beekeeper, it is my duty to serve these precious creatures responsible for so much of what we eat. One of the outcomes of learning about

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I have been working on the hidden or shadow controllers/government and their 50 year plan to take total control over the people. I was told by a government contractor (Spook) many years ago, that once the masses believe absolutely nothing they hear or see in the media, and nothing the government, or anyone else for that matter, has to say, then those who are really in control, will have total control over the masses. I was puzzled by that statement and asked how that would give them control? He elaborated and explained that if no one believes anything, they can do anything they like and no one will believe it, even if the truth is told. Total information chaos is the perfect curtain to take total control over the masses, because they will become so splintered into different factions, that they will turn on each other. I was skeptical, and yet I could sorta kinda understand that convoluted thinking... Well, needless to say, it would seem that this hidden agenda has come full circle.

How many of you believe what you see on the TV or what you read in the newspapers, or what you hear on the radio? When a supposed terrorist attack or other threat is reported, how many of you think to yourselves; "Hmm, I wonder who was really behind that?" I was also told it is all; "Perception, Perception, Perception!" It isn't what is real, but what the people perceive to be real that counts. Once you are able to achieve that, the masses are putty in your hands. Even our Elected Leaders become controllable and programmable... Freedom is an illusion that is allowed because it is profitable. Slaves that believe they are free are much more profitable than slaves who know they have no freedom. But, once freedom is no longer profitable, those who control will pull back that freedom curtain of illusion, and all you will see is the block wall at the end of your cell. Are any of you starting to see what is really behind the curtain? Do any of you have a foreboding feeling that something isn't right and something bad is about to happen? If so, you are not alone.

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.