The media’s “ Charleston Story” is a pathetically one-sided (but characteristically typical) aberration by our once-mainstream press! This is the

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I think we were all devastated when we learned of the shootings of two Deputy Sheriffs in Oregon House last week. My deepest and most sincere

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I know this will never reach anyone who will use it on the air but I will feel better. Does anyone see that the Democrats and there fake news friends

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President Trump has indelibly changed the political landscape. He built a new road to the White House, arrived January 20th on time and under budget.

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In D.C., Special Counsel Robert Moeller is hiring attorneys for his “Russia Probe” into last year’s national election. At least seven of his hires are on record as having donated at least $60,000 to Clinton and her cronies. Even as the whole “Russia Probe” story has quietly evaporated as a sick Democratic Party ploy!

So it is abundantly clear that Washington’s “Deep Government” (controlled by D.C. Democrats) is still alive and well, and-with the dedicated help of the once mainstream press------remains up to no good. They are the world’s worst sore and unreconstructed losers!

The need for President Trump to keep on “cleaning out the swamp” in Washington D.C. is clearly far from over. Go, Donald, Go! The patriots who gave us our America are in Heaven, clapping their hands!

Robert Mackenson,

Yuba City, Ca.