Press Release Update Subject: Sikh Parade Disturbance – 11/4/2018 Dissuading Witness Arrests

  • Original Release
    On 11/4/18 at about 1500 hours during the annual Sikh Parade, Yuba City Police Officers responded to a
    physical altercation between several East Indian males on Butte House Road just north of the Belair
    parking lot. Upon arriving on scene, officers located the victim with several lacerations to the face.
    Officers also located several weapons on scene, including swords and brass knuckles. Through the
    investigation, it was determined that Manpreet Singh (36 years old) of Sacramento, Parmvir Singh Gosal
    (39 years old) of Tracy and Hirdehpal Singh (29 years old) of Seatac Washington assaulted the victim
    with swords and brass knuckles. The victim sustained serious injuries and was transported to Rideout
    Hospital. Manpreet Singh and Parmvir Singh Gosal were charged with and arraigned in Sutter County
    Superior Court on charges of attempted murder, mayhem and special allegations of great bodily injury.
    Hirdehpal Singh was arrested and booked into Sutter County jail on 2/14/19 for two counts for assault
    with a deadly weapon.
    On 06/08/19, at 9:30 p.m. Lathrop PD Officers and San Joaquin Sheriff Deputies responded to a Target
    store located at 16858 Golden Valley Parkway in Lathrop reference a large fight between 11 East Indian
    males. Lathrop Police Officers responded and learned 9 subjects assaulted a witness in the Sikh Parade
    attempted homicide incident that took place in November 2018, in Yuba City.
    The assailants told the victim he was not to testify in the Yuba City attempt homicide investigation and
    then assaulted him. The victim in the Lathrop assault received significant but non-life threatening
    injuries in the attack.
    The Yuba City Police Department took over the investigation and identified 7 of the 9 suspects through
    further investigation. The suspects were identified as Parmvir Singh Gosal (39) of Tracy, Karanjeet Singh
    (32) of Lathrop, Narinder Singh (28) of Stockton, Surinder Singh Kailey (30) of Tracy, Pritpal Singh Gill
    (33), of Tracy, Jaskaran Singh (24) of Lathrop and Malkit Singh Gosal (50) of Tracy.
    Yuba City Police Investigators obtained warrants for the arrest of the identified suspects and search
    warrants for the residences.
    On 07/07/19, the Yuba City Police Department with the assistance of the Yuba-Sutter Gang Task Force,
    California Highway Patrol Investigative Services Unit, San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department, Lathrop Police
    Department, Manteca Police Department, Stockton Police Department, Yuba County Sheriff’s
    Department, Marysville Police Department and the Tracy Police Department served search warrants in
  • Stockton, Tracy and Lathrop. Officers took Parmvir Singh Gosal, Pritpal Singh Gill, Jaskaran Singh and
    Narinder Singh into custody of charges ranging from Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Robbery, Dissuading
    a Witness to Conspiracy. The subjects were booked into San Joaquin County Jail.
    The investigation is still ongoing and additional information will follow as developments occur.
    The followings is a list of the subjects taken into custody, the related charges and bail.
    Parmvir Singh Gosal of Tracy (9/16/79): Robbery, Dissuading a Witness, Conspiracy. Ramey warrant
    was issued and bail is set at $750,000
    Narinder Singh of Stockton (12/12/90): Dissuading a Witness, Conspiracy. Ramey warrant was issued
    and bail is set at $300,000
    Pritpal Singh Gill of Tracy (1/22/86): Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assault with Serious Bodily Injury,
    Dissuading a Witness, Conspiracy. Ramey warrant was issued and bail is set at $900,000.
    Jaskaran Singh of Lathrop (12.19/94): Dissuading a Witness, Conspiracy. Ramey warrant was issued and
    bail is set at $300,000.
    The following subjects were not located in the operation and being sought for arrest.
    Karanjeet Singh of Lathrop (8/26/86),
    Surinder Singh Kailey of Tracy (8/26/88),
    Malkit Singh Gosal of Tracy(5/20/69).
    If you have any information please contact Detective Singh with the Yuba City Police Department at
    (530) 822-2028.