Judge Invalidates Measure K

 by John Mistler

Marysville, Ca.


The Yuba County Superior Court issued its ruling yesterday in the Yuba County Measure K matter .  Full win on both causes of action. 

 Quoting from the attached ruling:

“Accordingly, for all of the forgoing reasons, the Court grants judgment in favor of Plaintiffs on their first and second causes of action seeking to invalidate Measure K because it failed to garner the required two-thirds vote required for enactment of a special tax.”

Attorney, Brian Hildreth said it best in a brief filed August 7, 2019.


"The true travesty of this case is that after months of promising voters that Measure K revenues would be dedicated specifically to “ public safety ” and “ essential services, ” and expressly incorporating these specific purpose s into the measure itself, the County now claims it
can spend Measure K funds on whatever it pleases. One can understand why Yuba County voters are angry and feel deceived by the County’ s apparent bait - and - switch tactics."


Court Decision on Yuba Co. Measure K