Critic's Corner - Suburbicon

Starring: Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, and Noah Jupe

Rated: R Runtime: 104min too long

Welcome to, Suburbicon. A movie where a father plots to kill his wife and collect the insurance money and run off with his sister in law. When his young son becomes a liability he threatens his life. While Gardner Lodge is trying to get away with having his wife killed. A family moves in next door that the whole town turns on and tries to drive out. With a gratuitous display of the Confederate flag. The two story lines have nearly zero effect on each other and seem to be more a display of the writers feelings of guilt for being white than actually telling a story that brings hope to such volatile subject matter.

The writing was shallow and displayed no redeeming values. The acting was as well as could be expected with such poor writing. The production value was crisp, clean, and perfectly wasted on such dribble.

Suburbicon, earns zero out of five, Oh God How Do I Get One Hundred and Four Minutes of My Life Back Monkeys. I wanted to leave twenty minutes into this film. Few films have evoked such feelings and this by far was the strongest. I should have asked for my money back. I had low expectations going in and this film proved to be, perhaps the worst I have ever seen. So much effort and talent wasted to make this. The money spent on this film would have been better spent on a mosquito breeding program. Absolute rubbish.

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