Critic's Corner - The Foreigner

Starring: Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, and Micheal McHelhatton

Rated: R Runtime: 114 min

A Chinese immigrant in England goes on a single minded quest for vengeance against the people responsible for the bombing death of his last living daughter. As great machinations of state ponderously move pieces in place to exact justice. A small grieving man moves with determined purpose and principle to find satisfaction with the cause of his grief.

The story was well written and bringing back the Irish Republican Army as a group using terrorist tactics seemed a bit far fetched, but I suppose old grief dies hard. The acting was great. Jackie Chan moved out of his happy hero role and made his sorrow palpable on the big screen. The cinematography was very well done.

The Foreigner, earns four out of five, Sleeping Dog Monkeys. There is some great acting going in this movie and also some real brutality. One thing to take away from this film, may be that torture works. This is a film that will get better with every viewing.

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