Critic's Corner - The Happytime Murders

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, and Maya Rudolph

Rated: R Runtime: 1h 31min

What did I just watch? What fresh madness is this that has spawned from the depths of the pit of depravity that is Hollywood? What kind of person am I that I laughed so much at the flamingly wild inappropriate antics of this movie? How is it that a movie with puppets as cast members evokes so much personal introspection? How have you, the reader, managed to endure this article to the fifth question?

A program to allow puppets to become police officers fails and former partners go their separate ways until they are thrust back together to solve the murders of the cast of a popular television show. Through their investigation we are subjected to humorous and disturbing antics and old wounds are healed.

The Happytime Murders, earns three out of five, Silly Stringed Monkeys. The story warps around the plot to fit in raunchy jokes and the acting is good and the puppeteers did a good job and the vibe of the film is that everyone had fun making this wacky production.

This is not a movie for people that have any standards of decency. If you think fart jokes are not funny then avoid this film. If your sense of humor is callused and twisted then you will get more than a few chuckles for your money.

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