Critic's Corner Rocketman


Starring: Taron Egerton,

 Jamie Bell, and Richard Madden

Rated: R Runtime: 2 Hours and 1Minute


            A young boy finds he has a talent for the piano. He uses it as an outlet for his insecurities and it leads him down the road to fame, fortune, excess, and a deeper look at his own reality.

            Rocketman, earns three out of five, Sequined Monkeys. This is an intimate story told in a very personal manner. It holds little pride and less concern for societal opinions. The acting is pretty good and done without fear. The cinematography is unconventional and best thought of as being the inner view of, Sir Elton Hercules John.

            I found the movie interesting in its style and subject matter. It will certainly not appeal to some viewers but the intimate insight it gives to the life of Elton John and his experiences and unique point of view are compelling. It brings to light that everyone has problems and if we can look past our own long enough, we can see the pin in others. Unfortunately, I did not get a song stuck in my head as I left the theater. Should I ever meet Sir Elton John I shall endeavor to give him a hug. There are naked men in this film, so for those offended by such things, You Have Been Warned.