Critics Corner - Angel Has Fallen

Starring: Gerard Butler, Frederick Schmidt, and Danny Huston

Rated: R 

Runtime: 2 Hour 1 minute



            After the fall of Olympus and London it was only natural that the target should shift from the President of the United States to his lead security officer. Well, Mike Banning isn’t going to stand for that. He might get shot for it or blown up for it stabbed a few times, but he will certainly not stand for it.


            Angel has Fallen, earns three out of five, Dad Finding Monkeys. The story is the standard bureaucracy failing in the face of a shadow attacker with the lone hero seeing the truth of things and fighting for justice while proving his own innocence. The acting is about as good as can be expected and the production value is very well done. The intent of this film is to give you eight dollars worth of entertainment. You get a solid eight seventy-five with this movie. There is a good chance another Fallen movie will be made, all depending on the box office totals of this episode. One thing Hollywood can do is recycle a story until the sun swallows the earth. Heaven forbid an original story see the flickering light of a dark movie house.