The Critic - Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn

Starring: Margot Robbie, Rosie Perez, and Marie Elizebeth Winstead

Rated: R 

Runtime: 1 Hour and 49 Minutes


          A psychiatrist that identified a bit to much with her patient joins him in building a criminal empire. When their love sours she finds herself hunted by former rivals and law enforcement alike. Desperation and a regrowing conscience lead her to join with other female outcasts to save a young girls life and future.


           Birds of Prey: And the FantabulousEmancipation of one Harley Quinn, earns two out of five, Dumb Luck Monkeys. The story is forced and choppy. In an attempt to look cool and force certain ideals into the plot, the flow of the story and film suffers. The acting is actually really good, the director took them into some clunky situations and dumbed down their characters, but the actors did a fantastic job bringing the directors vision to the screen. The visual effects were great. Tapping into a comic book vibe that reminds us that the DC Universe is a dark and heartless place, full of callous desperation. I suggest you spend the money to see something else.