The Critic - Onward

Featuring the voices of: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt,

Rated: PG 

Runtime: 1Hour 45 Minutes


         A young elf grows up without his father in a land where technology has taken over the use of magic. When the opportunity arises to bring his father back for one day, he and his brother embark on an epic quest to master the magic and finish the spell.


          Onward, earns four out of five, Invisible Bridge Monkeys. The story is refreshingly original and well written. The voice acting is fun to hear and the animation is  fun to watch. The steady stream of laughs and touching moments make this a fun and endearing film. It is worth a trip to see on the big screen and children of all ages should enjoy it. Be sure to bring your, +3 Face Mask of Filtering, to avoid  being out of fashion in todays virus riddled society.