Legislature Passes Bipartisan Emergency Funding for COVID-19



Today, Assemblyman James Gallagher, R-Yuba City, voted in support of two funding bills that provide $500 million and authority for up to $1 billion to address various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Today’s state budget action will provide critical funding to our healthcare system and local governments to make California better prepared for the impacts of this virus,” said Gallagher. “The structure of the funding provides flexibility so that we can quickly respond to whatever circumstances we are faced with in the next few weeks.”


Tonight, the Legislature also approved a Resolution (ACR 189) to adjourn California's legislative session until April 13, 2020.


“I want the residents of District 3 to be assured that my staff and I will continue to be available to the public throughout this crisis. My District Offices and Capitol Office are available to answer questions and serve the people I was elected to represent,” said Gallagher.


Gallagher concluded by stating, “I believe we need to respond to this crisis as a free society should. Remaining vigilant, while protecting fundamental freedoms. It is important that we remain calm. We will get through this together.”


Summaries of the funding bills can be found below; the bill numbers and language are identical in both the Assembly and the Senate.


AB/SB 89: Provides $500 million and authority for total expenditures up to $1 billion to the State to address various aspects of the COVID-19 crisis. States intent of the Legislature to direct the Administration work with the Legislature, legislative staff, and stakeholders when determining expenditures for the 20-21 Budget regarding economic hardship mitigations for COVID-19. Includes $84.1 million to address clean-up costs already incurred from the Camp Fire disaster. Authorizes the Governor to address the COVID-19 emergency and provides funding therefore.


AB/SB 117: Appropriates General Fund resources, authorizes continued apportionment and grant funding based on alternate attendance calculations for local educational agencies (LEAs) and after school programs, and makes various changes to existing law to alleviate specified instructional, assessment, and reporting responsibilities for Pre-K-12 Education and Child Care. Provides funding for schools related to the COVID-19 outbreak and declared state of emergency pursuant to Executive Order N-26-20.