Easter comes at Spring every year.

Springtime is God’s gradual global warming season, that brings new life, and bright color, to the world, after the darkness of the cold winter. For us older folks, who are in the wintertime of our life. God alone can promise you a bright Spring of life as you stand on the edge of eternity. Please read your Bible, John 21 v. 18-19. Listen to Jesus in verse 19, as he tells apostle Peter to: follow me (Jesus).

So how to follow Jesus? Come to him only by faith. Only Jesus is your savior, from the penalty of your sin. That penalty is eternal death, a separation from God. Eternal winter.

God loves you and went to a Roman cross to pay, for your sin, against a holy God. Please read John 3 v. 15018 and verse 36.

Have a joyful Easter in 2020, with the hope of heaven, only God brings you, eternal Spring.

Thanks for your time,

Larry Matulich

Stockton, Ca.