Yuba Water: Improvements for Museum of the Forgotten Warriors and Grant for water education at Lindhurst

Marysville, Ca.

Significant water supply improvements are in the works for the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors with the help of Yuba Water Agency.

The agency today approved a grant, worth up to $3,100, for two new water pressure tanks that will help deliver water from the groundwater well at the facility. 

The museum’s current water system includes a single pressure tank, which is aged and showing signs of deterioration. The new tanks will improve the reliability and efficiency when delivering water to the facility.

“This museum is a treasure in our community,” said Andy Vasquez, Yuba Water Agency director and county supervisor for District 1. Vasquez also served seven years in the Marine Corps and is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. “We hope to prevent a failure of the water system with this grant, so that this incredible museum can continue to be a place of history, honor and reflection for the guests who come from all over to visit.”    

The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors is a non-profit corporation that was built to honor veterans who served. The museum, which is located in Marysville, houses military memorabilia, tanks, cannons and helicopters, in addition to an exhibit space and library.  

Water education for Lindhurst

Also at today’s meeting, the board approved an education grant for up to $2,500 to Lindhurst High School. The funds will enable a unique project in the Applied Science class for juniors and seniors, in which students will develop a greenhouse water collection and conservation system, providing students with an authentic experiential learning opportunity. 

Both of these grants are in accord with Yuba Water’s mission of ensuring a sustainable water supply.