News From the Brownsville Bailiwick & Beyond

        We have been looking into plans for a Cohousing Village in our area. That just means people buy into the project with small cabins, a central lodge and a cooperative plan. There are several similar villages in Grass Valley and Nevada City. An architect there published books on the concept and we could visit him. No definite design can be made concerning the whole project until a director is found.  Perhaps a couple would volunteer to head this venture. Come by Books & More for more information.

            Don't forget about Stone Soup. Every Thursday at noon a good lunch is served: soup, salad, home baked bread and a dessert. Our four-year anniversary is coming up next month and a special potluck lunch is being planned. A donation is asked to cover some of the expenses. The best part of the day, though, is hobnobbing with friends and neighbors. After lunch there is time to try out a puzzle or game. Hope to see you there.

            Finally, the rain and snow decided to make an appearance. The planned Peddler’s Fair that had been scheduled for March 14 was a rain out and the day turned out to be a great day for ducks. We still need more so don’t put those galoshes away just yet.

            The Gold Eagle work is moving right along. There are lights in the parking lot! The building is beautiful with the stone pillars in front. As soon as the gas pumps start going in, opening can’t be too far off. So exciting!

            Look Back in Time – In 1929 gas prices went up to 24 cents a gallon. Wages were #30 a month. (this is at the beginning of the depression; one was lucky to have a job and a car).

            Hope to see you in Brown soon.           Christine and Yvonne