FISHING TALK March 25, 2020

By Boots Johnson

Sturgeon are being caught from the Delta all the way to Colusa on the Sacramento River. Most of the fish are oversized and must be released. In fact, according to reports, some of the sturgeon is so big they are breaking lines and straightening hooks.

The striped bass run is finally here and will be in full swing anytime soon. We feel the run will be at its best after the predicted storms yet to come this week are over. The secret at this time is to find the schools of fish and not anchor up in one spot. In addition, covering a large amount of water trolling or drifting minnows is the best way to go. We suggest keeping your distance from other boats and other anglers around launch ramps due to the current flu virus epidemic.

Our weather source advises more rain on Monday through Wednesday this week with snow falling again in the mountains. He does not feel the storm will be as heavy as the one we just experienced which means a lighter snowfall. He feels this upcoming storm will not be the last but will be followed by more participation into April.

Reports tell us there is not much action in reservoirs in the foothills at this time. Collins Lake is the best place to score on rainbow trout up to six or seven pounds. However, with the current conditions in regard to the virus epidemic it would not be a good idea to get to close to groups of people while purchasing bait or fishing to close to others.

Closing thought: “One Positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”