By Don Rae

  • Pocahontas wants to tax all household wealth of the wealthy. Every year she expects IRS goons to knock on every door and decide how much your furniture and wall hangings are worth? Every year? Well, she is a Democrat. That makes the idea entirely feasible.
  • Gavin Newsom clearly explained that California can be a home to every illegal invader in the United States and those who wish to break our laws from the other countries. He promises the state will be a “sanctuary to all who seek it” in a direct affront to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.
  • Whoops. The state legislature now wants to cut cannabis taxes because the black market is getting too much of the largess. State regulated pot is too expensive. Users want a cheaper thrill. Isn’t “too expensive” a regular feature of government?
  • Newsom wants to use taxpayer money to pay for services for illegal invaders. Absolutely not.
  • Bloomberg has given some $200 million to the Sierra Club to destroy our lands.
  • Ocasio-Cortez wants to eliminate all fossil fuel by 2032. How does she expect air travel to continue? She hasn’t figured that one out yet.
  • When will an adult Democrat declare for the 2020 presidential race? That assumes, of course, that there are adult Democrats.
  • The global warming advocates now claim the weather has little to do with the actual warming of the planet. Fine. But when will we have an ocean beach in Marysville?
  • Swalwell keeps on insisting that there is a mountain of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. So far, he has produced nothing but hot air. He should be indicted for lying to the American people. Garamendi, start the process to kick him off the floor.
  • California is considering legislation which would allow parolees to vote. The Democrats are looking under every rock to find voters.
  • Sacramento wants to pay the homeless to clean up their trash. Trash your “neighborhood” and the government then pays you to pick up your own trash. What a great idea.
  • The White House press corps is embarrassing itself and journalism in general by its childish and rude behavior. They scream, stomp their feet and spit out their unhappiness when their questions are answered, but they don’t like the response. Press passes should be offered only on promise of decent behavior.
  • A lawsuit has been filed against Santa Monica schools election procedure. The plaintiffs want a discriminatory system of district elections so that minorities can win. In other words, if you are not a minority you can’t represent minorities. Another example of the discrimination practiced by minorities.
  • Another example of discriminatory practices tolerated by Civil Rights Organizations and prosecutors. The organizers of the Women’s March in Eureka cancelled their event because the leadership was “too White.”
  • The Democrats welcome illegal invaders in droves so they can perform illegal acts on behalf of the Democrats. Take Orange County as one small example. The Democrats harvested 250,000 absentee ballots—enough to remove four members of Congress, a State Senator and Assemblyman.  Who were the harvesters, a solid percentage of illegal invaders. And the Democrats claim there has been no evidence of ballot tampering, etc
  • Fortunately for future elections, the Election Integrity Project CA won a settlement against the Registrar of Voters of Los Angeles County and the Secretary of State of California which requires Los Angeles to remove 1.5 million voters from the “inactive” rolls. 
  • The National Institutes of Health have a multi-million dollar long-term contract with the University of California San Francisco to take organs from aborted babies and insert them into mice. Should baby organs, sliced out during abortions be put into mice?  Do you believe tax dollars should be spent on this Frankenstein experiment?
  • During the recent State of the Union a cohort of new Democrat representatives came to the event wearing all white dresses and cloaks. Mostly they stayed silent and scowled. All that was missing was white pointy hats.
  • The American Psychological Association is warning of “traditional masculinity” apparently in concert with the “toxic masculinity” spit out by feminists and crazy leftists. Perhaps the APA ought to read and contemplate Dr. James Dobson’s “Bringing Up Boys.” In case you haven’t been around long, boys are different from girls.
  • It goes without saying that politics is the art of being totally transparent while concealing as much as possible.
  • Watching the antics of politicians reminds one of an essay written by Michael Crichton in his 2006 book “Next.” He quotes a British evolutionary psychiatrist, Dr. Bruce Charlton, who says that humans take longer to reach mental maturity, and some never do so at all. If you think adults are acting like children, you are most likely correct. Technically this phenomena is called “psychological neoteny.” He notes that formal education lasting into the late twenties requires a child-like stance of receptivity which counteracts the attainment of psychological maturity that used to occur in the late teens or early twenties. Now the “bar hopping single life” goes on into the early thirties.
  • Nancy Pelosi claims the border wall would be “immoral.” Then wouldn’t all walls, including prison walls, gated communities, freeway sound- deadeners, etc. would also be immoral. Pelosi, words mean something. You are in a position to set the tone of discourse. Be more careful of your choice of words. Oh, excuse me. You did carefully choose the word “immoral”.
  • Frank Herbert, in “Chapterhouse: Dune” put it succinctly. “First, a Civil Service law “masked” in the lie that it was the only way to correct demagogic excesses and spoils systems. Then the accumulation of power in places voters could not touch. And finally, aristocracy.” Does that statement sound like what has occurred in the FBI and other governmental agencies today?
  • In the most recent week, the mainstream media showed its true colors when it went after a purported “blackface” photograph rather than a far more important story of “Infanticide.” Good judgment on the part of the press?

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