By Don Rae

  • Ocasio-Cortez needs to return to school and start taking classes in critical thinking.
  • It does appear clear that the Green New Deal is the product of a warped mind. How in the world did any New Yorker get conned into this mess? The folks who marked their ballot for this immature child must be illiterate, unemployed, high on drugs and otherwise out of their minds. Unfortunately the disease is spreading across the country like an Ebola epidemic. Too much free stuff combined with an education system which is crazed.
  • Supporters of the Green New Deal are shifting faster than a bullet train. When pressed on what the language means, Democrats who raced to sign up, began throwing their brains in reverse. The whole idea is similar to Obamacare “we won’t know what is in the bill until it passes (Pelosi). Can you believe these folks are swirling down that sewer again?
  • Congressman Schiff is a charlatan who has lied about Russian collusion from the beginning. No apology. Not a chance. Schiff’s a moron and must be recalled. Swalwell also. Both are liars who deserve shunning. How about it, Garamendi? Why don’t you introduce an appropriate bill to remove them from Congress?
  • Another brilliant Democrat, Senator Hernandez, says that illegal invaders receiving DUI citations does not make them criminals. Try that excuse in front of a local judge.
  • Trump should have taken a great opportunity to shut down Newsom. Instead of trying to protect San Diego and the remainder of the California border, he should drop the whole idea and remove all fencing and enforcement agents and give out Newsom’s address to every illegal invader. Let Newsom chew on that pill for a while.
  • Why are Democrats pushing for more abortions and embracing infanticide? Can you explain this phenomenon Garamendi?
  • In today’s political and scientific atmosphere “beliefs” and “feelings” are far more powerful and influential than facts.
  • President Woodrow Wilson was a progressive. He said “We made the world safe for democracy.” Another whopper from the left.
  • Maxine Waters has it in for banks. She blames them for some 2 million loans to low-income borrowers that went belly up a decade ago. She goes on to blame them for foreclosures and the financial meltdown. What she seems to conveniently have forgotten was that Congress and the Democrats went ballistic over “red-lining” demanding that banks make iffy loans to those who were in no position to pay them back. Waters is on a roll to repeat that failed policy. Same demand, loan to those who can’t pay or we will tear your bank to pieces.
  • The political dog fight in Virginia is a howler. Prominent progressive leaders want the governor’s scalp and are targeting the Lt. Governor and Attorney General and whoever else they can get their teeth into. Isn’t it amazing that the Democrats can see evil and racism anywhere, except in their own top ranks. Remember Senator Robert Byrd, the Icon of the Democrats, who was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. They sure weren’t after his scalp. How about Senator Teddy Kennedy? He left a woman to die in his submerged car. And the Democrats loved him.
  • Government policies are so insane a 20-year-old can’t buy a gun, but, according to legislation passed in 2018 (to take effect in 2020), a 12-year-old can receive taxpayer-funded—and most likely irreversible—gender-transitioning treatment without parental consent.
  • The Texas Department of Public Safety concluded a year-long investigation into the State’s electoral system and found that there are nearly 100,000 non-eligible people are registered to vote and 58,000 actually illegally voted. But, of course, there is no voter fraud according to the progressives. Check the news buried in most newspapers and you’ll find a plethora of other jurisdictions finding the same thing. Illegal voters are a fact and there are huge numbers.
  • The taxpayers are getting ripped off again. The National Institutes of Health (which is fraught with idiotic projects, is spending some $250,000 of our money to train kids to meditate so they do not engage in “emotional eating.” The project is designed to combat obesity in poor teens through “mindfulness”. Those who evaluate projects paid for by the taxpayers are the ones who need to employ some “mindfulness.”
  • Military spouses arriving at a new duty station, such as Beale, find huge roadblocks to their working at their profession. “About 40 percent of applicants seeking to become teachers in California give up trying to work in their occupation because they are required to pass test after test even though they are credentialed in other parts of the country according to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. For prospective math or science teachers, that number climbs to 50 percent. Not only does California lose the services of competent professionals, the spouses can’t use and enhance their hard-earned skills. And this problem is not only restricted to teaching. Other spouses in fields requiring some sort of licensure are likewise affected. The losers are California students and the public at large.
  • Isn’t it interesting that Bernie Sanders has become wealthy using the system he claims to hate.
  • Maybe it doesn’t matter since Ocasio-Cortez has decreed that the planet has only a dozen or less years to live. But among the most popular current hate phrases is “climate change deniers.” Consider this – if you have the capacity to think for yourself - have you ever seen, heard or read of anyone who denied that climates change? Even a marginally-educated person could not deny that climates change, when there are fossils of marine creatures in the Sahara Desert. Obviously there was a fairly dramatic climate change there. The next time someone blabs on about “climate change deniers,” ask them to name one. You can bet your paycheck that they cannot come up with even one name.

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