By Don Rae

  • What makes you think that smoking pot and driving is not a big deal?  Los Angeles reports DUI arrests are up 32% all because of marijuana.  Give a thought to the large numbers of people who have been killed or killed others due to using marijuana. Our society is paying a horrendous price for the freedom to smoke pot. 
  • We expect the Congressional passage of The Equality Act in Congress. This sexual and gender identity act empowers the Feds to interfere in how we think, speak, and act at home, at school, work, and play. The Heritage Foundation pointed out ways in which the Equality Act would politicize the education of some 50 million public school students. It would force “school districts to follow curricula that introduce students to the concept of sexual preferences and transgender theory, starting as early as pre-K,” according to the Heritage report. The Equality Act would mean schools would have to include discussions about the sexual preferences of various historical figures, most of which is speculation.
  • In 2016, California passed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. The law is being phased in with incremental increases. But there are definite signs indicating that the policy isn’t working. Despite huge growth in the State’s restaurant industry, some businesses—largely in the full-service category of restaurants—have been adversely hit hard. Restaurant Business Online reported: “Nearly 1 out of 10 in areas with a recently increased minimum wage have closed operation since the cost hike, and 71 percent have attempted to pass along the rise to customers by raising menu prices.”
  • The increased minimum wage has produced a negative impact on the job market, which has reduced employment for many, especially those looking for their first job, according to a University of California, Riverside study. The suggestion is that there will be 30,000 fewer jobs in the industry from 2017 to 2022 as a result of the higher minimum wage. The study’s authors concluded that this depressing effect on job growth will accelerate as the minimum wage is increased to $15.
  • Get real—the wind does not always blow.  And, as the Left will tell you, wind turbines kill birds—and that is not allowed.  You are told to go solar—which the solar farms, we are told fry birds, and since they cannot store the energy created—use it or lose it—not good during winter or in many places in the U.S.
  • “Over the past five years alone, the Energiewende has cost Germany €32 billion ($36 billion) annually, and opposition to renewables is growing in the German countryside. Look to Germany to see what happens when you go the AB 32/Arnold-Jerry Brown route for energy.  High costs, unreliable energy sources and not enough to keep the economy going.  Lose-lose.  That is what the Democrats have planned for us in the name of saving the planet. It will kill our economy and do nothing to save anything.
  • Our genius of a governor wants the state to provide health coverage to illegal invaders – free. When you go to the hospital and it is overcrowded with huge waiting times thank Newsom and the illegal invaders.
  • Now the same folks who told us that by the year 2000 famine would end the world, the same brainless idiots who told us to get rid of DDT in Africa—which caused millions of African deaths, now are continuing their stupidity by using junk science to tell us that hundreds of species are at risk in California. “More than a million species are at risk of extinction globally, including hundreds in California.” This is what the United Nations spouted lately. Like Paul Ehrlich, Rachel Carson and Al Gore, the United Nations is looking at how to make a bundle of money from junk science.  Ignore them.
  • We thought cow farts were the cause of the planet’s demise. Nope. It is cow burps. Agricultural and marine scientists at the University of California have recently come together to fight one of the greatest sources of methane emissions in California: cow burps. But why should we bother? AOC says we’re only got 12 years left anyway. Let’s party.
  • In its “How Does Your Love of Wine Contribute to Climate Change?” The Times says the wine industry is “a microcosm of larger society” when it comes to climate change, so wine lovers must do their part to save the planet: “Just as politicians have little incentive to address climate change unless voters require it, many wine producers are less inclined to reduce their own carbon footprints unless consumers demonstrate that such steps are important to them.” Yes—they believe that along with cow farts, trees and humans, wine vineyards are the chief cause of their canard—climate change.  Wait till the Hollywood crowd admits this is a problem and swear to give up their Merlot.  See Bernie Sanders and Hillary denounce the evil Satan—wine grapes.  These hypocrites will continue their wine drinking.” (California News and Views.)
  • We’ll forward this crazy idea, as written in a recent California News and Views article, because it is so insane it needs the greatest transparency possible. Democrat Senator Nancy Skinner wants to make sure that a whole new category of criminals never sees the inside of a jail. “Sen. Skinner’s Senate Bill 394 would allow criminals to be “diverted” – no guilty plea, no conviction, no deportation, no gun confiscation, etc. – if that person is a parent and attests they provide a “significant portion” of the care and housing of a minor. Commit a crime against children or be a human sex traffickers—no big deal—you go to “parenting classes” instead of jail.  Any wonder the streets of California are so unsafe—and the cops do not report many crimes since they know the DA’s won’t prosecute.
  • Drag queens in New York are being allowed to read stories during story time to students as early as kindergarten, (in full makeup and dress). Hopefully that idiotic plan will stay on the east coast.
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