By Don Rae

  • Taxpayer money is to be used to give free medical care to illegal invaders? Crowded ERs, hospitals and doctors’ offices to the detriment of Americans who paid for the service? Fire those politicians for even suggesting the policy.
  • Mueller came up with nothing – except ragging on some Russians who will never be tried (and Mueller knew they wouldn’t be). This was a gigantic rip-off of taxpayer money.
  • When are the Democrats going to wake up to the fact that numerous infectious diseases are crossing the Mexican border and endangering Americans?
  • The poor, uneducated, brutalized illegal invaders are coming by the thousands. What isn’t said too often is they need $7000 or more to buy food, water and pay smugglers. Who are they fooling? Where did they come up with fistfuls of money?
  • The Middle East is a mess and will remain so until someone with a brain sets borders that make sense. The borders drawn by the League of Nations in 1919 are idiotic, chaotic and were always destined to fail.
  • The former police officer who did not run toward the sound of the guns in a school shooting is being criminally charged with what amounts to cowardice. What do you think about that approach?
  • Manafort is being moved to Riker’s Island prison and put in solitary confinement. Why? It is probably that the prosecutor wants to torture him until he decides to spout lies to end the suffering. Medieval tactics by the US government.
  • Nadler is calling John Dean to appear before his committee to discuss the Mueller report. Why Dean? What does he know? This move isn’t even a good circus tactic.
  • The Governor of Virginia claims the nation will be watching the Commonwealth as it considers “gun control.” True enough. The nation will be watching another useless exercise as nothing is done on the real problem – mental health. But it will make the Governor go home feeling good with his armed security.
  • NASA says the sea level is rising at about 1/8 inch per year. That comes to about 1 ft every 100 years which is not even close to the 10 feet in 5 years the environmentalists were claiming in the mid 90s. Keep foremost in your mind as you listen to the dumb-as-a-fencepost crowd that not one prediction that the environmental crowd has made since the 1950’s has actually happened.
  • Didn’t we agree that segregation was illegal under national law? Didn’t Eisenhower send troops to the Little Rock to enforce the integration of Central High School? Today things have dramatically changed with no outcry at all from the ACLU, NAACP or any other of the so-called racial equality groups. There are black only dorms on UC campuses. 74 colleges segregate blacks for graduation. 46 percent of colleges segregate student orientation programs; and 43 percent offer segregated residential arrangements. This seems to be at the request of minority students but why hasn’t this practice become a national issue? It certainly is a national disgrace.
  • A few days ago the word went out from the usual suspects that "climate change is reducing the number of Tigers in India.” From the Indian villager point of view, fewer Man-eating Tigers might be a good thing.
  • This is what happens when a State becomes a one-party rule entity. California has decided that the American Constitution, which provides the criteria for the qualifications for an American citizen to run for President, doesn’t meet California’s desires. Sacramento Democrats in the Senate recently approved a bill to require candidates in the presidential primary to release five years’ worth of income tax returns.
  • Some 60 environmental activist groups have signed a petition requesting California’s insurance commissioner to require the more than 1,300 insurance companies licensed in California to publicly disclose their investments in fossil fuel-related companies and any fossil fuel projects they underwrite or insure. The petition links insurance companies’ investments to climate change and an increased frequency and severity of wildfires and other extreme weather events. Another fool idea to make things more difficult to do business in California.
  • Pocahontas wants to create a new department responsible for “creating and defending US jobs.” Sounds like a good idea.
  • Teenagers want to ban guns. They ignore the fact that 11 teens a day die from texting and driving. Why doesn’t the legislature do something positive and constructive? Ban cell phones and take away their cars.
  • Close to 30,000 illegal aliens, annually, are graduating from California high schools. About 27 percent of all illegal aliens graduating from American high schools every year are doing so in California.
  • Keep this thought in mind. The mindless idiots running our country have virtually ended the use of cheap and clean coal, safe nuclear power, and inexpensive hydroelectric energy. Instead the government mandates high priced, inefficient and unreliable “alternatives”. And the public suffers.
  • Newsom wants a nationwide background check on ammunition purchases. Such a law is nothing more than another assault on our rights under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.
  • AOC claims the world is going to end in 12 years. She must be giving Gore apoplexy, he’s been saying that for over 30 years.

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