By Boots Johnson

We have reports from the after bay at Oroville. Water levels continue to go up and down a couple of feet on a regular basis which continually changes the water temperature which fluxuates 10 degrees at a time. This really messes up the bite and there is no indication, with the ongoing work at the spillway, when fishing will get any better. On the other hand the bass bite in the reservoir itself has been out of this world. Anglers are catching easy limits and some days are catching and releasing hundreds of bass.

The striped bass run is still among us even though many have spawned and are returning to ocean waters via the Delta. Water being released from the Oroville Dam, which is coming out of the bottom of the structure, is cold and will slow down the remaining spawn for late arrivals in the Feather River.

We hear from the Verona Area. This is where the Feather River joins the Sacramento River and is known as the mud line to many anglers. Striped bass were in this area last week and it appeared the best part of the Sacramento River to catch stripers.

Shad are in all local rivers at this time, but the hot spots seem to be along the American River in the Sacramento area. These feisty cousins of the tarpon have been taken on jigs, darts, spinners and spoons.

The road to Bowman Lake is now open and we have access to Fuller Lake on the way. However, our information a couple weeks ago was not true in regard to Fuller being planted with trout. This will not be done, according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, until mid-July.

Now that we have the Memorial Weekend behind us the waters of lakes and reservoirs will once again be fishable. All the boat and recreational vessels last week really put the stop on fishing.

Donner Lake is outdoing Tahoe at this time. Mackinaw lake trout are being taken consistently up to six pounds in depths between 80 and 140 feet. In addition, the kokanee are also on the bite, but most fish are small, around 11 to 12 inches.

We hear from Folsom Lake. The reservoir is almost full at this time. Fishing has been slow. Expect better fishing from now into the summer months.

Boots fishing tip of the week: “reading the surface of the water is a good way to understand what lies beneath.”

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