By Boots Johnson

All the places we checked into this week had reports of good to great fishing. For instance, the stripers are still active in the Sacramento River as well as in the Feather. Shad are still in all rivers with the best bet being the American River. The spotted bass bite is still outstanding at Lake Oroville as well as Clear Lake, Shasta Lake (Shasta Dam) and other bodies of water.

If you decide to get out of the valley to avoid the upcoming heat wave we recommend Lake Almanor. Slow trolling here will get you fish for dinner. Also, it you go just about anywhere in Northern California in the foothills or high mountains you can expect creeks, streams and rivers running a bit high. Personally I am looking forward to some trout stream fishing around the end of June and after the big Fourth of July Holiday. Streams by then should be ideal.

The Squawfish Derby, which will be held this Saturday (June 17th), will offer lots of prizes amounting to $2500.00 worth to be exact. The cost per entry is $40.00 which will include a barbeque lunch and membership in the Guides and Sportsman’s Association. The derby will cover the Sacramento River from the Shasta Dam to Verona and on the Feather River from Verona to the Oroville Dam.

The object of this derby is to reduce the number of squawfish population due to their feeding on baby salmon and steelhead.

More can be obtained by calling Guide James Stone at (530) 923-9440. Other Guides in the Sacramento area are also available for information as well as Johnson’ Bait and Tackle in Yuba City.

Closing thought: “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow......it only saps today of its joy.”

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