Fishin' Talk

By Boots Johnson

We were in the high desert the middle of October looking for the elusive mule deer. We had been drawn for the X Zone for the first time in nine years. While searching for deer we found several small reservoirs, streams and lakes which were full or running strong. To our surprise Horse lake, which has been dry for years, was full of water. Some of the streams up high in the canyons were flowing full. A couple of the lakes were also full with water running out of them. We found water holes which had dried up long ago and now were half full of water. Now this was the middle of October so with that much water up high one begins to wonder about runoff and high water in the foothills and valley this winter. We shall see what 2018 will bring for fishing.

The fishing at Lake Almanor has improved but you must work to get results. We are told the water this year is warmer. However we have not verified this at this time.

Tahoe is full and the water was on the rough side last week. The amazing thing about this lake is that it never freezes over. In fact, there is no ice along the shore. We are told this is due to the temperature of the water never reaching freezing stage.

Anglers are reminded of the closure of Eagle Lake on December 31st. Reports tell us the fishing is not all that great at this time, but those who are successful are catching some nice Eagle Lake Trout.

We are told the steelhead fishing on the American River has improved with the colder weather. We have a report of a nice steelhead being taken in the Feather River just below the Yuba River. This brings back one year when my sons and I were salmon fishing just below the Yuba. They both had flatfish with a sardine wrap for salmon and I got the idea to lay out a spinner. I was rewarded with a beautiful five pound steelhead that broke water three times and made a strong run before he was netted.

Closing thought: “Don’t let the past control you......learn from your mistakes and move on.”

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