Fishin' Talk

Rising water in the Feather River had lots of anxious anglers dropping boats in the water at Mosquito Beach and the Yuba City Boat Dock. Last Saturday the area from Riverfront Park down to where the Yuba River enters the Feather had boats everywhere, including bank fishermen. The water level has been going up and down so much that the fish have not been cooperating.

The opener of trout for the Sierra Mountain streams, rivers and creeks is just around the corner. The best time to score on trout is in the last hour of light. Evening fishing has always been a favorite with veteran trout anglers. This is the chance to catch a big fish and is usually not crowded due to most all anglers being back in camp sipping suds or cooking dinner. This special hour will have the wind slow down, the heat of the day disappears and as stated above, the area is not crowded.

Thousands of trout will be planted throughout the spring, summer and fall. Trout plants are done for anglers to catch the fish, but there is always some that do not get caught. These holdover trout will learn very quickly about hiding, feeding and everything else a wild trout does. These fish will also firm up and be much more difficult to catch. This is why it is a good idea to target these trout after all the anglers go home. Some people feel the streams, rivers and lakes are fished out, but there is still fish there for taking and they make it a challenge because they are no longer stupid planted fish but experienced, wary trout that have learned how to stay away from the angler’s creel.

Closing thought: “Vegetarian is an old Indian name for bad hunting.”

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