Fishin' Talk

By Boots Johnson

June is just around the corner which means the beginning of summer and the camping season, which includes the world of fishing. I have always enjoyed the first part of June because it is not hot yet and the big push for camping doesn’t get underway until school is out. Now July is an entirely different situation as far as lake and reservoir fishing goes. By the time July gets here it is usually hot in the Sacramento Valley and foothills and very warm up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I have a boat and just about everyone I associate with has some kind of vessel to fish lakes and reservoirs. I have noticed one problem with people who fish from boats. Almost all anglers who fish from a boat will troll. Now I have nothing against trolling but sometimes a person can troll all day and come back to camp skunked. Fish are like us humans.....some days they are just not in the mood to chase a lure or go out of their way feeding unless something is placed right in front of their noses. These times are the time to anchor up and fish with live bait or jig. One of my favorite baits is night crawlers, either the full sizes variety or mini-crawlers. Of course, salmon eggs, power bait and other baits will work also. So remember when you troll all morning long with negative results park the boat and fish with bait.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife are busy planting fish all over California. The following waters, located in Northern California received plants last week. BUTTE COUNTY: Paradise Reservoir; EL DORADO COUNTY: Loon lake and Ice House Reservoir; LAKE COUNTY: Pillsbury Reservoir; LASSEN COUNTY: Lower Susan River and Lower Goodrich Creek; NEVADA COUNTY: Rollins Reservoir and Blair Lake; Halsey Forebay; SHASTA COUNTY: Clear Creek, Whiskeytown Lake, Grace Lake, Upper Bailey Creek, Nora Lake, North Battle Creek Reser voir and Keswick Canal. TEHAMA COUNTY: South Fork of Battle Creek, Deer Creek and Gurnsey Creek. YUBA COUNTY: Collins Lake.

Closing thought: “Your attitude belongs to you. It is your choice if you want to have a good one.”

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