Fishin' Talk

By Boots Johnson

We have lost another great outdoorsman. I fished and hunted with Dan Derks a lot of times, probably, now that he has passed, not enough. Danny was excellent at whatever he did, including his ability to just about make or create anything from steel or metal. His shop was always coming up with a great idea or he was putting together someone’s dream or creation. Danny Dirks, you would have been proud to see the gathering at your service last Friday. The church was full. So, my friend and buddy, along with memories of hunts and fishing trips in peace and God bless you.

If it is rainbow trout, the bigger variety you are after, now is the time to head up to Lake Tahoe and fish the shallow parts of the Lake. Big rainbows have been taken at South Lake Tahoe on the western shoreline. A good mix is the kokanee salmon, which are cooperating for anglers.

The restricted boating under the 5th Street Bridge at Yuba City and Marysville is finally over with the construction completed over the water for the new bridge.

We hear the eagle lake trout are on a frenzy bite at this time hitting trolled lures and flies. Best part of this report is we are told the bite is on all day long. Best bet is to troll down to 10 feet in waters at Eagle Lake in the areas which are 30 to 40 feet deep.

The hot spot this week for catfish is Collins Lake above Marysville. The cats are being caught up to 14 pounds at this time. Bass are on the bite also with fish being weighed in at over five pounds. All this action, according to our report, has the trout coming out of hiding and some are being caught.

A call to our weather source tells us the current weather will be with us into the middle of September. He also advises everything is in order for an early fall. Wouldn’t that be nice?

This is the time of year when the water in lakes and reservoirs begins to drop in temperature which usually brings back the trout bite. Expect water temperatures to continue to drop a bit as we head into September and then into October.

The kokanee bite at Stampede Reservoir has finally slowed down at this time. The fish are currently mixed as far as color goes with some bright and others turning dark due to the upcoming spawn in October.

Hat Creek, the portion near the Caves, off of State Highway 89 is a good bet for brook trout casting flies or fishing in the shadows or under the banks with red worms. We are told at this time to use a gob of worms compared to a single. Fish are ranging from 8 to 14 inches.

Closing thought: “Sometimes music is the only medicine that the heart and soul need.”

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