By Boots Johnson

As reported previously the salmon run is slowing down but the late fall run of king salmon is underway at this time on the Sacramento River. Fish are being taken from Sacramento to Garcia Bend. The middle of the river by boat seems to be the best bet at this time. The chance for a huge salmon is coming up as the late season progresses.

If anyone has checked the weather report in the high country lately you will find warm conditions still in effect. This has slowed down the bite as well as some reservoirs being very low in water capacity while others, including stampede Reservoir, are almost full. Donner Lake is low at 30 percent capacity with difficulty launching a boat due to the low water being below the concrete boat ramp. The ramp also has hazards in regard to rocks and holes. Shore anglers are doing some good by fishing with bait. The Mackinaw bite should be just around the corner when the area gets its first cold weather.

Speaking of Mackinaw, the fish in Lake Tahoe have spawned but fish are still being caught both at the north and south side of the lake.

We have heard of reports of big brown trout being caught, both in rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs. As you all know, this is the time of year to catch a trophy trout.

We have reports from Eagle Lake near Susanville. The bite is still in full swing and anglers are all smiles.

We contacted our weather source for his report on weather conditions this week. He advised not to expect any rain in the coming weeks, but to expect colder days and nights as we get into the month of November.

Closing thought: “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

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