By Boots Johnson

We are told to expect more rain by the end of the week. Foul weather this time of year raises the rivers and brings the sturgeon upstream into the Sacramento Valley. Old timers will tell you when the rivers turn color and get muddy it is time to get the sturgeon gear ready.

The holidays are upon us and all of us should be thankful for what we have, including some of the best fishing anywhere else. Let us not forget the fisherman or the fishing lady in your family. Nothing makes the holiday more memorable than a fishing gift under the tree. I recall my surprise as a young man when I received a new fly rod from my Dad on Christmas morning. At the time I was 10 years old and I still have that rod and will cherish it for all time.

The weather has turned cold and the fish are cooperating is some areas. Many lakes and reservoirs, both at the foothill level and the high sierras, have turned over for the winter. One natural lake would be
Eagle Lake near Susanville. Serious anglers are still catching limits of trout there and more than likely will continue until it closes the end of this month. If you decide to take a break from the holidays and go fishing at Eagle Lake be sure to take your tire chains, warm clothes, hot coffee and whatever else you would need in the frigid weather up there.

Another thought, if you want to have trout for dinner, is to hit the local rivers for steelhead. These ocean going trout are currently in the rivers and are cooperating with anglers. Check with your favorite sporting goods store to find out what to offer and where the best areas are located.

Our weather source it the nail on the head for the storms last week. We asked him for a forecast and he advised to expect cold nights, cool days and rain by the end of the first week in November. In addition, he says we should be prepared for a cold winter, a very cold one and to expect freezing here and there in the coming weeks and into December.

Closing thought: “You were born to be a real person, not one to be perfect.”

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