By Boots Johnson

The storm, which is underway at this writing, is expected to muddy up local rivers which will slow down the steelhead fishing and improve the sturgeon migration up stream. Anglers, who fish local reservoirs, will no doubt run into murky water as muddy streams, creeks, runoff and rivers enter these bodies of water.

Up in the high country at Lake Tahoe the Mackinaw lake trout are being taken on a regular basis. However, the weather up there is downright cold with snow on the ground which keeps many of us away from the action. Lake Davis, at this time is all ice. The reservoir froze over a while back. Stampede Reservoir is closed due to snow on the roads which has not been plowed. The access gate to Webber Lake has been closed and locked for the winter season.

Back in the valley Bullard’s Bar Reservoir is up around 15 feet and rising. Englebright Reservoir, also known to us old folks as The Narrows, received a plant of rainbow trout last week. Lake Oroville continues to rise and the water has been cold and dirty. Collins Lake is still slow fishing at this time.

We decided to contact our weather source. He advised to expect on and off rain in the valley and snow in the mountains for the next month. He says to expect colder weather to hang around a spell.

Closing thought: “Now is a good time to get the fishing gear checked out and replace what is necessary.”

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