By Boots Johnson

Conditions have improved in local rivers for sturgeon. The big fish are being caught in the Feather and Sacramento Rivers. Hot spot in the Feather is at the Bear River, with good results coming in from Knights Landing on the Sacramento. The fish appear to be hungry, taking just about any offering which include sardines, shrimp, pile worms and night crawlers.

Reports tell us striped bass are in the Feather River at this time, brought up by the recent planting of steelhead at Boyd’s Pump below Yuba City. Dry conditions have cleared up the river which is still running low. The Bear River however is running high since Camp Far West Reservoir had water going over the spillway last week.

This is a new year and we advise to be sure your fishing license has been purchased prior to hitting the waters. As we all know from past experience the cost of the license goes up every year. This year it will set you back $49.94 unless you are out of state. Then the license will be $134.74. One day license will cost $16.20.

All the high water makes for good catfishing. Our weather source advises storms this week which will last four to six days. This will again bring in the catfish in flooded waters and muddy up the rivers.

We have a report from Collins Lake above Marysville that the reservoir is full and is spilling over. When this lake clears up a bit we can expect excellent fishing for planted trout. The plants will be made on a regular basis.

Lake Oroville is still murky and muddy and the reservoir continues to rise four or five feet a day. This just about makes fishing impossible or a waste of time. The new storm front coming in will certainly aggravate the situation here.

Our weather source advised a couple weeks ago that we would be seeing winter conditions like we have had in past years.  We are told the snow depth in the high country is the most people have seen in the last 40 or 50 years. Runoff from this deep snow should make for outstanding striper fishing on the Feather River this year.

Closing thought: “Do not hang back with the compliments…..they might just make some ones day.”

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