By Boots Johnson

When the high water recedes in both the Sacramento and Feather River we should see a better than average striper run this year. Expect the Feather River to be fishable before the Sacramento due to runoff from Shasta. We anticipate good striper fishing in the Feather above Boyd’s Pump and in the Yuba City area. At this time we recommend staying off the Sacramento due to the high water, but some anglers are trying striper fishing on the Feather. The striper run usually gets underway well by mid-March.

The buzz we heard about the fishing licenses being on a calendar year basis is about to be voted on by the California Sportsfishing League. The proposal, if approved will make it the law that the fishing license will be good for a full year from the date of purchase. As we all know currently it does not matter when you purchase your license during the year because it is null and void on December 31st. It is hoped this new law will increase the purchase of fishing licensed in California, which have dropped considerably since 1980.

Many reservoirs in the northern state are full and some are spilling over.  Lake Berryessa is overflowing along with Collins Lake.  Shasta Dam is almost at capacity and we have word that Clear Lake in the flood stage.

Paradise Lake still remains closed to fishing. This closure has been in effect since the horrible fire which leveled the town of Paradise above Chico. Reports tell us the lake will remain closed for the time being and there is no word on when it will reopen.

Reports tell us that Lake Almanor, which is located near the town of Chester, has had record snow this winter with most of the lake frozen over except for the Hamilton Branch area and the Peninsula. We are told, with more storms predicted, to expect this body of water as unfishable at this time.

Closing thought: “Nine out of ten living things live in the oceans.”

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