By Boots Johnson

A short ride in the red boat last Tuesday on the Feather River produced four nice stripers along with about 20 or so shakers which were released to grow for next year. We hit upon a school and quietly dropped anchor and within fifteen minutes I had two fish on. The fish were so hungry they were hitting the bait as we bumped it downstream.

We will be in Tahoe in June for the annual mackinaw fishing trip out of South Shore and will be taking along Val’s daughter Laura from Texas and her son Mathew who will be here from Holland. Looking forward to an exciting day as usual.

Shad are still in the system and area being caught all over the local rivers.  These fish are real fighters for their size and are a thrill to catch and release.

Expect the cooler weather last week and into the weekend to turn again hot and will more than likely stay that way for a while.

Roads in the high country are finally opening up and some of the high lakes and reservoirs are now clear of ice. Look to this year as a bumper crop of successful fishing and a great year for water conservation. We are looking forward to great times for all who fish in the valley, foothills and the high Sierra Nevada Mountains.

To T.J. and Annika we say congratulations on a baby girl to become a part of the Johnson and Petersen families in the near future. God bless.

We are looking forward to the coming fishing season in the high country. It will be wonderful  to wet a line and share in the outdoors and especially for those who chase after the elusive trout, the wary bass and the other fish who swim in the waters of this great state of California.

Closing thought: “Never forget the miracles of Mother Nature……………help to preserve all of the wildlife for our future generations.”