By Boots Johnson

If you are looking for some fun try the striped bass fishing in the Feather River. Cut bait is the name of the game and you can catch fish under 18 inches all day long with a keeper or two. Be gentle when you remove the hook so as to not injure the small stripers. These hard fighting fish are the ones we will enjoy next year.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife hit Nevada County last week. Catchable trout were planted in both Fuller Lake and Scotts Flat Reservoir. Fuller is one of my favorite places to fly fish. This small lake, which is located off of State Route 20 on the road to Bowman Reservoir. The lake is accessible by small boat, a float tube or kayak.

We will be at Lake Tahoe next week and will be fishing for Mackinaw Lake trout. These fish run large in Lake Tahoe but the average fish caught is in the 3 to 6 pound range and can be found down to over three hundred feet deep.

We have reports of shad swimming in just about all rivers in the Sacramento Valley. These cousins of the tarpon are cooperation, as usual, with anglers anxious to try their luck at catching these fish who put up one heck of a fight for their size.

Kokanee Salmon, which are found in many reservoirs throughout the state,  are on the bite with Stampede Reservoir and Bullard’s Bar Reservoir producing fish on a regular basis.

We are told the Thermal to After bay at Oroville recreational area is not producing any fish due to the cold water being pumped from the bottom of Oroville Reservoir on its way down the Feather River.

Access to Gold Lake and the region around it should be open by the time the Dispatch hits the streets. Gold Lake is still almost covered with snow. This is a real surprise to many since it is mid-June.

Access roads to Jackson Meadows Lake above Truckee is still closed at this time and there is an abundance of snow here which means it is not known when the lake will be accessible.

Many anglers who went to Hat Creek recently have been disappointed at the size of the trout they are catching. Bait fishermen are not doing much as far as size of fish goes with most pan size, but the fly anglers are scoring with bigger fish at this time.

Here it is the middle of June and the It is amazing what a wet year can do for fishing. Who knows……we just might see an early salmon run.

Closing thought:  “There are friends in life and there are friends for life…….”