FISHING TALK - October 30, 2019

By Boots Johnson


Reports tell us the poor salmon fishing on the Sacramento River and Feather River is also the situation on the Smith and American Rivers as well. We are told the only place to score on salmon is the Barge Hole and Woodson Bridge areas on the Sacramento River if you don’t mind crowds and tangled lines.


It is that time of year when the wind blows, the leaves fall, the sunny days are replaced with cooler temperatures and some fishing areas are closed for the winter. In addition, this time of year is the best bet to score on a large trout in lakes and reservoirs or steel-head in local rivers.


Englebright Reservoir, above Marysville is putting out some nice rainbows at this time. The fish are hitting night crawlers behind flashers in the middle of the lake.


Spotted bass are holding at between 20 and 40 feet of water at Lake Oroville. Best bet is to troll lures at this depth or try jigs.


Reservoirs are dropping and many have or are turning over which will put the fish more to the surface than down deep. Water temperatures have dropped some but expect this to be more intense with the coming cooler weather.


We checked with our weather source. He has predicted cooler days and night through October and into the first week of November. He also told us to expect early snow this year along with lots of rain this winter.

Shore anglers at Lake Davis, which is located near Portola, have had success using power bait or inflated night crawlers. Mallard seems to be the best area. Flies such as Woolly buggers are doing well on or near the surface. Surface temperature has been running around 53 degrees. All docks here have been removed for the winter.


As we reported last week Eagle Lake near Susanville has turned over. Anglers on the know have been scoring trolling flies on the surface of the water. All hazardous markers and buoys have been removed for the winter ahead. Boaters are advised to be cautious at this time.


Closing thought: “I love it when someone’s laugh is funnier than the joke.”