FISHING TALK - November 6, 2019

By Boots Johnson


As we predicted there have been some nice sized trout taken in reservoirs and lakes in the north state. This time of year the big boys as well as the smaller fish go on a feeding frenzy getting ready for winter. It is not uncommon to find brown trout cruising the shallows next to shore as they gorge themselves preparing for the cold months to follow along with snow and ice in some areas.


The Mackinaw lake trout up at Lake Tahoe have gone into the spawning mode. The fish have been holding at between 140 and 200 feet down and are cooperating with anglers fishing minnows.


The Department of Fish and Wildlife have announced they will stop the planting of trout in rivers, streams and reservoirs soon. As of now trout have been planted in Little Grass Valley Reservoir and Jackson Meadows along with other areas. The planted trout program will be back next spring.


A report from Clear Lake tells us if you love bass fishing now is the time to go. Bigger bass are being taken at this time, some in the six and seven pound range.  Best bet is to use jigs with crank baits and deep diving lures coming in second.


It is getting cold, real cold up in the high country with Lake Almanor and Eagle Lake showing a little colder at this time. Eagle Lake temperature has been 65 degrees daytime and 34 degrees nighttime and dropping. Quincy, which is close to Little Grass Valley Reservoir has been holding at around 69 or 70 degrees in the daytime, but dropping down to 27 at night. Expect these reading to continue to drop as we continue into November.


The trout fishing at Collins Lake continues to be good after the recent plant. Catfish are still being taken on a regular basis. Expect this reservoir to be a good bet for trout throughout the winter due to the continued planting program for rainbow trout.


Closing thought: “Work for a cause, not for APPLAUSE and live to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS.”