FISHING TALK - November 20, 2019

By Boots Johnson


Several Striped Bass reports surprised many anglers in the Sacramento Area. Last week larger

Stripers were being caught in the deep channel area of the Sacramento River as well as in the vicinity of Lupe’s Bend. In addition, fish were reported moving up in the Feather River from the Verona Area. The reports were spread out over large areas. 


Steelheads are in local rivers and are responding to lures, spinners, bait and roe. The Yuba River in under strict regulations and it would be a good idea to check on this if you decide to go on the Yuba.


Some anglers are putting the boat away for the winter. We suggest you also disconnect the battery, check fluid levels and clean up if necessary. It would be good also to pull the plug to allow any water in the bilge to run off. If your boat is to be stored outside in the elements a cover is mandatory. It would also be a good idea to wash down the hull and clean out the inside prior to storage. While you are at it clean and check your tackle boxes and service the outboard or kicker motor. If you have an electric trolling motor do the same.  A trickle charger will also benefit your batteries by prolonging the service of same.


The bass at Clear Lake are still getting angles excited at this time. With the cooler weather here the bigger bass are available. Live bait is the ticket for big bass with lures coming in second. Catfish are also being taken on live jumbo minnows with some cats being weighed in at ten pounds. The Crappie bite is on and the fish can be found under docks or in deep water. We are told there is lots of boat traffic here.


Congratulations go out to Yuba City Angler Brad Bryan. Brad landed a 9½ pound rainbow trout while fishing Collins Lake recently. He was fishing near the bridge when the “big one” hit his lure.


Closing thought: “A flat tire is like a bad attitude… will never get anywhere until you change it. “