FISHING TALK - December 11, 2019

By Boots Johnson


Those who run the state in regard to hunting and fishing have once again decided to change the regulations on Striped Bass fishing. The overwhelming cries to drop this change was heard loud and clear in 2012 when anglers from all over the state protested in Sacramento. The proposed changes are basically the same they are trying get passed now. The new laws, if passed, would result in smaller and fewer striped bass in California waters. The upcoming meeting will take place in Sacramento at the Natural Resources Building at 1416 Ninth Street starting at 9:30 A.M. If you plan on attending this meeting you must have a valid photo I.D. to be allowing in the building. In a nutshell the DFG wants to remove them from California waters or control their population and reduce their size which would destroy striped bass fishing as we know it.Those who love fishing for stripers must have their objections heard.


Bank fishing at Collins Lake above Marysville has been the ticket for fun at this reservoir. Planted rainbow trout are being caught along every bank using lures, power bait or worms. Get the kids out there for some fun prior to the Holidays.


Foul weather has not slowed down the trout bite. In fact it just gets better and better between storms. Fish are being taken in streams and reservoirs as well as Lake Tahoe. This goes for natural lakes such as Eagle Lake near Susanville. Reports tell us the bite here is in full swing and probably the best fishing since the 80’s. We remind anglers that this body of water closes the end of December and will not be open to fishing until spring of 2020.


Closing thought: “Let us focus on the many things we have in common rather than the things that keep us apart.”