FISHING TALK - December 18, 2019

By Boots Johnson


Bullard’s Bar Reservoir is slow at this time, very slow due to the kokanee done for the season. A few bass are being caught, but nothing spectacular.


The trout bite at Collins Lake has slowed some but fish can still be taken either on the bank or from a boat.

A few nice rainbow trout have been taken at Englebright Reservoir. Best bet is to troll in the top 15 feet of water around the houseboats or near the dam.


Folsom Lake has begun to fill up but even with a couple trout plants the last couple of weeks it is still slow going here.

Salmon fishing has closed on the Feather River above the Live Oak Diversion Dam and the salmon fishing below Live Oak is closed December 16th. As usual, a few striped bass have been caught below Yuba City.


Lake Davis is basically free of ice at this time but colder weather can change this on a daily basis. Not much action here.


We advise all to stay away from Black Butte Reservoir due to low water levels and the wind at this time. Not only are the fish not cooperation but it is downright miserable weather wise and dangerous on the water.


Closing thought: “The best place this time of year for us old folks is right next to the fireplace.”