FISHING TALK - December 25, 2019

By Boots Johnson


Fishing folks, guides and just about anyone who loves to fish for striped bass showed up in Sacramento to protest, once again, the regulations pertaining to Striped Bass at last week’s meeting. Once again the attempt by the Department of Fish and Wildlife to seriously curtail striped bass fishing in California was shot down.


Once again the experts and concerned sportsmen invaded the December 5th meeting and disagreed with the Fish and Game in regard to the striped bass being responsible for the decline in Salmon.


Recent and ongoing foul weather has raised the rivers and muddied them up a bit which has started the sturgeon to move upstream. This time of year, when the water turns brown is the best time to fish for these huge monsters. Catfish are also on the bite.


Our weather source tells us to expect wet conditions on and off through the end of December. In fact he has advised us to possibly expect a white Christmas down as low as Grass Valley. Those of us who live in the valley might just be able to throw a snowball or two in the Sutter Buttes.


A report tells us that Eagle Lake, above Susanville is starting to freeze over. This popular natural lake closed to all fishing on December 31st.


We wish all a Merry Christmas. May your dreams be answered and your wishes come true.


Closing thought: “If you have a person on your Christmas list you missed or had not gotten to yet a present which involves fishing is a great idea.”