FISHING TALK - January 1, 2020

We talked about the attempt by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to knock the sails out of striped bass fishing and now we have reports of these fish hanging out in the Sacramento River the end of December. The fish are large and can be found from Colusa to Chico and usually show up the end of February or into March. Some people call them resident fish which means they are in the waters all year long. While on the Sacramento River we must mention the Knights Landing area for sturgeon This area is always a good spot when the sturgeon come up the river.


Sturgeon Fishing has hit a high in San San Pablo Bay. One spot on fire is the China Camp area with other areas producing nice fish including McNier Pier. Striped bass were also in the mix with fish ranging from 10 to 30 pounds.


If it is crappie fishing you are after head over to Clear Lake. These fish are hitting just about anything thrown in the water. In fact there are so many fish it is difficult to get your offerings down to where the bigger fish are schooled. The little fish attack before you can get your lure or bait to the right level.


We have reports of big rainbow trout are being taken at Collins Lake above Marysville at this time. The biggest fish reported so far is a 12 pound rainbow trout which was caught by Sacramento angler Paul Palacios.


Closing thought:  “Tell me and I will forget………teach me and I will remember….involve me and I will learn.”  Ben Franklin.