FISHING TALK - January 15, 2020

By Boots Johnson

Foul Weather off and on so far this winter has increased the migration up rivers for sturgeon. These fish are now very active in the bay area and are being caught consistently in rivers throughout the North State.


This time of year also brings anticipation for the fishing season lying ahead of us along with many memories of last year and years ago. The other day we pulled out a package of frozen Lake Tahoe Mackinaw trout for dinner. The table fare was excellent and just preparing and eating that meal brought back the memories. I find it amazing what the human mind can remember when this happens. It was a beautiful day at Tahoe. The wind was calm and the waves small. As we pulled out from the marina the sun was peeking over the sierras and there was a chill in the air. It was a wonderful experience in the middle of June and the fishing was outstanding all though the fish were running small that day. The biggest fish caught on our boar was a four pounder. All of us limited out and we returned to the marina shortly after noon.


Yes, the memories always come floating back into our brains, like when my family lived in the Yuba County foothills on a combination ranch farm. We raised cattle for the war effort and grew and raised our own food. The nearest neighbor was two miles away and in the winter time during severe storms we had to park the old car and walk the road to the house due to thick mud making it impossible to drive on.


We lived by the Yuba River and the Dredger Ponds and it was always a special day when Dad and I walked over to our favorite pond to fish for black bass, catfish and sun perch. The “fish fry” that evening was always delicious with homemade biscuits, hand churned butter and fresh vegetables from the garden.


I wish my kids and my grandchildren could have seen and lived that time. It certainly was the way to learn about the outdoors and the food you could grow and the fish you could catch instead of a weekly trip to the local supermarket.


Closing thought: “No matter how cool, rich or educated you are how you treat people tells it all.”