FISHING TALK - February 12, 2020

By Boots Johnson


Well folks, the national weather source sure does disagree with our own weather man. As stated last week he indicated we would see rain and snow by mid- February. The big one on weather says there is no rain in sight for the Sacramento Valley. Sure hope their fancy computers are wrong.


Some might wonder why I occasionally bring up the topic of weather in a fishing column. The reason is it is so important for all fish populations in California. We need water sufficient enough to bring the stripers, shad, steelhead and salmon upstream to spawn. We need runoff from the mountain snow to maintain the rivers, creeks, streams and ditches. The runoff also fills the reservoirs, which by the way are slowly dropping. All this improves the fishing tremendously.


A report from Scott’s Flat Reservoir, located off of State Route 20 above Nevada City tells us the bigger rainbow trout are on the bite. Fish up to 18 inches are being caught on or near the surface of the water. Trolling with rapalas or other lures is a good bet. Most of the anglers who are scoring big here are leaving the downriggers home and trolling with the lure at least a couple hundred feet behind the boat.


Englebright Reservoir, which is about 25 miles out of Marysville on State Route 20, is also putting out some nice trout. Best place here is to troll by the dam or around the house boats.


This is the time of year to consider fishing Camp Far West Reservoir. We have fished this lake along the shoreline trolling plugs, lures or spinners. It used to be common to catch and release 40 or 50 fish a day. The thing to remember is not to waste your time anywhere except next to shore.


Closing thought: “Be teachable, you are not always right.”