FISHING TALK - February 19, 2020

By Boots Johnson


All this nice weather we have been having lately sure makes a person want to get out on the water and catch a fish or two. Speaking of water, we advise to stay away from the Feather River with your boat at this time. The River is low, very low and muddy due to the ditch construction north of Yuba City. I am willing to bet even a jet boat would be in trouble.


The spring like weather at Lake Almanor has got the bite going at this time. The bite is not hot yet but bank anglers and trollers are catching fish.


Englebright Reservoir is still the place to go for rainbow trout. Runoff from the Yuba River has been minimal so far this February which has no muddy water entering the lake. In fact, the water is clear as a bell at this time. Best bet is to troll with flashers and a night crawler.


We are told a monster carp was pulled out of Ellis Lake recently. An attempt to get more info has not been successful.


A report from Lake Almanor at Chester tells us the warmer weather has gotten the fish active here.  The scenery is outstanding with this beautiful lake sitting in a valley surrounded by mountains covered in snow and the tall active volcano called Mount Lassen in the background. Wow! What a picture it is.


Thinking back there is nothing which will turn off the bite this time of year like the north wind and full moon nights. When this happens you might as well stay in the sack and catch a few more sleep because nine out of ten times that is what the fish will do.


Collin’s Lake either already has or is about to start their planting of trout for the upcoming season. Some of the fish placed in the reservoir will be trophy fish. If it was I and I caught one of the big ones I would take a quick picture and turn it loose. Planted fish which get that size are not on my table fare due to soft, fat mushy flesh.

Scott’s Flat Reservoir, above Nevada City is still on the must go list. Rainbow trout are still just waiting for your flashers and worms or lures. Reports tell us limits of 14 to18 inch fish are common.


Closing thought: “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.”