FISHING TALK - February 26, 2020

By Boots Johnson


The sturgeon are beginning to show in the upper Sacramento River. We need rain to muddy up the water in order to increase the run. With no rain in sight it appears sturgeon will not be as plentiful as we had hoped for. As far as the striper run goes some fish are showing up, but it is a little early  according to the calendar but maybe not according to the fish. Expect tough conditions if the rives remain low, especially the Feather River. We do not anticipate any large releases from local dams due to the low water level of same. However, if one puts on his thinking cap there were many years when the water level was up and down as it was released on the Sacramento River when the striped bass were here.


Fishing is about the same as last week with some trout being taken in local reservoirs. Collins Lake is planting trout and will continue the program into spring. Bullard’s Bar is still on the hook for small kokanee. Lake Oroville is still slow but some are picking up a few salmon trolling the middle of the lake down deep. A few trout are still being cooperative at Englebright Reservoir. Best bet it to troll around the houseboats.


Look for things to bust wide open due to the warm weather ahead. Expect schools of striped bass to be available in the Sacramento River anytime soon.

Closing thought: “Sharp hooks are the name of the game for successful fishing.”