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Farm Bureau releases ballot recommendations

With the general election approaching, the California Farm Bureau Federation has released its recommendations on statewide ballot measures. CFBF directors encourage voters to approve a water-bond measure on the November ballot but to reject an initiative that would impose new restrictions on how farm animals are raised. The organization also took positions on five other measures that will be before voters next month.


Impact of trade disputes echoes through farm economy

Even farmers who sell all their crops domestically feel the impacts when trade disputes affect agricultural exports, according to California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson. Speaking to the State Board of Food and Agriculture Tuesday, Johansson said when crops can't be exported as usual, they're sold in the domestic market, affecting prices there. He said Farm Bureau is encouraged by the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement finalized this week.


California apple crop to be larger

More apples but fewer pears will come from California farms this season. The U.S. Agriculture Department estimates California apple production will increase 16 percent compared to a year ago. Production will be down in the nation's top-producing state, Washington, leaving the overall apple crop stable. The USDA projects California pear production to be down about 18 percent, due in part to what it called "inconsistent weather" in the growing season.


Study shows adoption of lower-fat foods

When compared with patterns of 35 years ago, Americans are choosing lower-fat foods more often, according to a new study. The U.S. Agriculture Department says both the fat content of food consumed at home and away from home has dropped, with the fat content of at-home foods declining more than that of away-from-home foods. The study says fat content can drop due to choices made by shoppers, changes in food products, or both.

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