Food and Farm News - November 6, 2019

 Kincade Fire sweeps through farming region


Assessing agricultural damage from the Kincade Fire will take some time, once the fire has been contained. Flames have destroyed or damaged wineries, barns and other structures in Sonoma County. A 107-year-old cattle ranch lost nearly all of its buildings. Reports indicate between 10 and 20% of the region's winegrapes remain on the vines. The county Farm Bureau has helped relocate evacuated farm animals and organized a hay drive. (on-air reading time :23)


California almond, walnut crops to be smaller


Rainy spring weather that reduced California almond and walnut crops will lead to ripple effects on world markets. A government report says world almond production will be down 3% this year, mainly due to a smaller California crop though production will also be down in Europe. However, world walnut production will rise 6%, despite a reduced California harvest, because better weather in China allowed its production to rise sharply. (reading time :24)


Drought-tolerant plants could result from research


In work that could help plants resist drought, a research team at the University of California, Riverside, says it has developed a chemical to help plants retain water. Known as O.P., the chemical mimics a natural hormone plants produce in reaction to drought. Researchers say the O.P. chemical could ultimately allow farmers to treat plants that would otherwise wilt from lack of water. The treatment slows a plant's growth, so it won't consume more water than available. (reading time :24)


Pumpkin crop looks healthy


It may be obvious from looking at jack-o'-lanterns on front porches around the state, but California has produced a "healthy" pumpkin crop this year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. California ranks third in the nation in tonnage of pumpkin production, behind Illinois and Texas, but ranks No. 1 in crop value, because nearly all the state's crop is sold in the ornamental market. San Joaquin County leads the state in pumpkin production. (reading time :23)