by Kit Burton


wreath Photo for TD Wreaths Article “Memorial plaque honoring Edward McGanney at Smartsville’s Church of the Immaculate Conception”

In 1918 a great tragedy struck the town of Smartsville when news arrived that Edward (Ned) McGanney had been killed in action in France in the WWI battle of Meuse Argonne.


The McGanney family was, of course, well known in Smartsville and Ned was a popular fellow.  His family members were parishioners of the local Catholic Church and requested that a redwood tree be planted on the church grounds in his memory.  George Rigby describes the somber 1919 planting ceremony in the book “The Sage of Smartsville” and how the school children placed small handfuls of dirt on the redwood seedling.


That Redwood tree today is huge, and is nearly as prominent an icon of the town as the adjacent former Church of the Immaculate Conception currently under restoration.


So, in the centennial anniversary of the town’s tribute to Ned’s ultimate sacrifice for his country we celebrate “Wreaths Across America” an annual event during the Christmas season where we honor fallen military heroes all across our great country. 


Two sisters, Sally Knutson and Charle Lennon, who live in Nevada City and are members of Grass Valley’s Emmanuel Episcopal church, have volunteered to place a wreath on Ned’s monument on Sunday December 15.  Members of SCRFI, the non-profit corporation restoring the Smartsville former Catholic Church are organizing a ceremony on that day with some brief remarks, a couple of Christmas carols, and a lunch featuring home-made tamales. 


Festivities will start at 12:00 noon with lunch to follow.  The adjacent church under restoration will be open to visitors.  Donations are requested to cover the cost of lunch.


Sally and Charle, by the way, are descendants of Thomas Mooney, the man who owned the Empire Ranch in the early days of Smartsville and the namesake of Mooney Flat, the small community in Nevada County just east of Smartsvillle.  History buffs may find it interesting to talk to these two sisters who have many family memories and mementos of pioneer Thomas Mooney.


For more information visit the website of Wreaths Across America and our SCRFI site: and  or call Janet Burton at (530) 701-5090 or Kathy Smith at (916) 838-2757. 



by Lou Binninger


Socialism is not only evil, but deadly. It breaks the financial back of businesses and disrupts the distribution system of goods and services while killing people perceived to be in the way of the utopian mirage. Robert Heinlein said, “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”


            Rather than becoming socialist due to the control of an invading country, the US has been undermined from within, by the Left’s takeover of the schools, media, entertainment, unions and the Deep State’s egregious regulations to control the population.


            Our liberties and freedoms are being removed by a plethora of taxes and regulations. Retired Senator and libertarian Ron Paul wrote, “One thing is clear: The Founding Fathers never intended a nation where citizens would pay nearly half of everything they earn to the government.”


            America has become the “Government of No.” “You can’t do that” has become the Deep State’s mantra while it grows like a cancer to devour finance and freedom. You can’t have a straw, smoke, walk or ride in the wilderness, harvest timber, mine, use water, have or carry a gun without permission, build what you want, operate a business your way, enter an occupation without permission, say and believe what you want. There are a million No’s.


Frédéric Bastiat wrote that “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”


California is socialism central of America. Steps are taken daily to undo the miracle of freedom that the founders established making this nation a Beacon of Light and Hope to the oppressed of the world. Now the Left is pitching a welfare state in exchange for political power.


Ground Zero of the fight for freedom left the US decades ago and currently is in Hong Kong and mainland China’s Guangdong Province. Mainland China is the most intense Communist country in the world and is exporting that oppression to Hong Kong, once one of the freest places on earth. In terms of free enterprise and minimal regulations Hong Kong has often been rated number one in the world.


 However, on the Mainland, everything is controlled and monitored  -- where citizens can travel, what building they enter, if they can attend a government permitted church, can they have a child, where they can work, what is said on social media, essentially everything is being governed by a “social credit score.”


The government has an electronic dossier on each citizen granting or denying how they can live and move about. Facial recognition technology is used to watch people wherever they go.


People at an information headquarters permit or deny every citizen’s wish. The dossier / social credit report describes their life, buying habits, likes and dislikes, who their friends and enemies are including their pro or anti-government beliefs, everything. They are marked and controlled by the social credit score.


Hong Kong Chinese that have tasted true freedom under British rule are willing to sacrifice their living and their lives for what the American Founding Fathers created here. Meanwhile the US Left including most college students want the life China offers.


Some patriots have suggested tongue-in-cheek that President Trump make a deal, granting freedom and America to the Chinese protesters and encourage America-haters here to relocate to obtain what they desire, Chinese communism.


It is ironic that Hong Kong freedom fighters, some of the brightest, law abiding and hard-working people in the world, are waving American flags, singing the US National Anthem, carrying Trump posters and singing Christian songs as symbols and themes of their quest.


The Hong Kong ordeal could rival the Berlin Wall removal, Tiananmen Square massacre and the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Thousands of unarmed students were murdered at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square but tens of thousands could be killed quickly in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong protesters hate communism and everything America’s left hopes for. This is an historic confrontation unfolding. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”


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by Lou Binninger


Liberals have controlled California policies for 50 years. They have an anti-freedom, anti-American agenda. They are line by line implementing a socialist minimalist lifestyle in the state. We can’t use the water, roads and the land. And that’s just the beginning.


All the while, politicians are repeatedly deceiving voters with numerous ballot measures touting more water resources and road improvements. They want neither. They are liars, deceivers, and in another era deserving of a Stalinist purging.


Nearly thirty years ago voters were warned that the transportation infrastructure was crumbling and a new fuel tax was immediately needed because the problem was so acute. A slick political campaign led to voters in 1990 approving Proposition 111, a nine-cents-a-gallon tax increase combined with a 55 percent increase in truck weight fees.


The campaign highlighted many projects to be completed and never even mentioned taxes. After passage the monies were diverted.


In 2017, Senate Bill 1 was passed by the legislature, another massive tax increase – 12 cents per gallon on gasoline, 20 cents per gallon on diesel fuel, and a huge spike in DMV fees. People became angry, attempted a repeal of the tax and recalled freshman Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton). So, skittish politicians insisted they were telling the truth, for real this time.


During the Proposition 6 Repeal of the SB 1 taxes politicians and even local public works leaders begged, pled and threatened that no road work would be done if the repeal was successful. And that would lead to people dying on dangerous roads. The claims were bogus. It was another scam. These people are no different than a pusher slinging bad dope. Did they keep their promise? No.


In September 2019, Governor Gavin “Creepy” Newsom signed an executive order redirecting SB 1 gas funds to railway systems and other green projects rather than upgrading roadways. The need given was to stop ‘climate change.’ These people are suffering a mental deficiency.


Widening Hwy 99 was cancelled. Assembly member Jim Patterson, representing the region affected by congested and dangerous Hwy 99 called it a “theft of funds meant to improve our roadways” and a “glimpse into the future.”


What is wrong with Californians that are repeatedly scorned and suckered by leaders? The majority don’t even vote. Most of those that do are ignorant. Or, maybe they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.


Voters have been duly warned by conservative pundits and even conservative legislators to not vote for new bond or tax measures. However, they pass them in spite of the facts.


The facts are that the people are lied to by politicians and then suffer corruption, incompetence and misuse of public funds. However, voters keep sending the same officials back to the capitol to represent them.


The result is that Californians have the worst roads in the nation, pay the highest transportation taxes, and have the most expensive fuel. Newsom has set a date to force people with fossil fuel cars off the roadways.


At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation a lady asked him, “Well Doctor,  what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin responded, “A republic if you can keep it.”


John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”


It appears that we have both an ignorant and a ‘whatever’ citizenry. And, neither are they a moral, religious people. Our legislature is seasoned with perverts, liars and thieves.


Today, the people could change everything or change nothing at all. The future is in their hands.


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 Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a mandatory one-year moratorium on insurance companies non-renewing policyholders.  The Commissioner’s action is the result of Senate Bill 824—authored in 2018 by Commissioner Lara while serving as a State Senator—in order to give temporary relief from non-renewals to residents living near a declared wildfire disaster.  This is the first time the Department of Insurance has invoked the new law, which took effect in January.  


In June, the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC)  Board of Directors approved a resolution creating a Homeowners Insurance Ad Hoc Committee (Committee).  RCRC member counties have been disproportionally impacted by recent homeowners’ insurance cancellations and non-renewals following years of devastating wildfires in California.  The Committee is tasked with considering potential solutions for the increase in homeowners’ insurance cancellations and non-renewals in high fire risk areas.  In particular, how county governments can develop programs and measures to encourage greater community-wide access and affordability to homeowners insurance. 


The potential solutions include, but are not limited to, introducing additional insurers into rural areas, working with the insurance industry on an insurance risk-reduction model, examining insurance industry risk modeling, re-creating/revising California’s Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan (FAIR Plan), and working directly with policy advocates, the California Legislature, and the Department of Insurance to explore other options.


Local members of the Committee include the following County Supervisors:


 Randy Fletcher (Yuba)


 Dan Miller (Nevada)


The Committee is tasked with issuing a report of findings no later than the August 2020 Board of Directors meeting.

By Kathleen Smith


Smartsville, Ca.



Part of the mission of the Smartsville Church Restoration Fund, in addition to restoring the former church building, is to make it useful as a museum and visitors center. On September 1st, an unexpected original portrait of Thomas Mooney (1823 - 1888), appeared on the doorstep of the church. Fortunately, Janet Burton, SCRFI secretary, just happened to be there.


Two sisters, Sally Knutson and Charle Lennon, who had been caring for this rare artifact for many years delivered it to SCRFI. It was one of the heirlooms their mother had saved as keepsakes from the Mooney home at Empire Ranch, near Smartsville.  Jessie Mooney created this painting of her father, Thomas.


Sally and Charle realized the painting’s historical significance and wanted it to have a proper home where it would be valued and exemplify their family’s past and Mooney’s part in the settling of the Smartsville area. Sally and Charle learned of the plans for the museum when they attended Pioneer Day several years ago and were pleased by the restoration and decided the former church/museum would make the perfect home.


Their great grandmother, Mrs. Ben Taylor of Grass Valley was the sister of Mary Jane Huling, Thomas Mooney’s wife. Thomas and Mary Jane had eight children, two boys and six girls; none of them married.  Jessie, one of the daughters, was a professional artist and was listed as such in the directories of the day. She also did civic work and taught art classes to local children. The painting needs some restoration work and SCRFI is looking for a qualified professional to make the repairs. 


Thomas Mooney played a formative role in Yuba County as the co-founder of the Empire Ranch an important early staging stop on the road from Marysville to the northern mines.  Like most successful people of his time he was an entrepreneur, speculator, diplomat, philanthropist, civic leader and family man. 


He was born in County Kildare, Ireland, January 7, 1821, arrived in California in 1849 and started in the teaming business with a partner, Michael Riley in Sacramento. In 1851 he and Riley purchased the property in Yuba County and named it Empire Ranch.  They established the stage stop to service other teamsters who needed a stopping place on the road, a meal and a place to sleep, and care for their teams.  They also greatly profited by providing entertainment for the miners, hearty food with plenty of champagne, claret and milk punch on Sundays.


The post office was established at Empire Ranch in 1855. In later days Mooney kept race horses and held races at the ranch and hosted dances and other social activities. He was one of the hearty folks who came to seek adventure and built a life in Yuba County.


To learn more about this amazing individual and other pioneers of Yuba County, mark your calendars and plan to come to Smartsville’s Pioneer Day on the last Saturday in April.


Photo caption; “Sally Knutson and Charle Lennon donate the portrait of Thomas Mooney to Smartsville Church.”

by Lou Binninger


The Left hates Thanksgiving – the idea that we should honor God for protection and provisions, and should offer thanks to Him. God, like Bernie’s 2016 campaign got more yes votes at the Democratic Convention but was deleted from the platform language anyway. God and Bernie-the-Jew have something in common – being disrespected and ripped-off.


Israel learned that if you give the finger to God long enough He will eventually get the point and abandon you to your perverse ways and stupidity. It looks like that has occurred for the ‘Dims.’


            The Left hates the massive amounts of groceries and fossil fuels consumed leaving behind an unnecessarily large carbon print at Thanksgiving. However, the Left’s priests, Bloomberg, Gore, Pelosi, Obama and Hollywood actors get an exemption to have an entire jet of their own. No wasted resources to whine about here, right?


And, the Left’s plan for turkey along with chicken, pork and beef is to ban them all due to the ‘massive natural resources utilized to raise them.’ The Left’s food-Nazi slogan is “No meat for you!!” If you stay in America, you must become vegan.


The Left also detests the truth told about the Pilgrims, the Puritans and the ‘Native Americans’ or whatever they or you want to call them. College student Columbus-haters and Mayflower-mockers instead of a real education have been inoculated with sound-bite propaganda by professors. They make a living not by training thinkers but by molesting young naïve minds.


            The Left loves to think of the ‘Indians’ as idyllic, one with nature and also pathetic, another victim demographic group to rescuing. That’s fake history. Native people like the rest of humans then and now could be both honorable and dastardly. They had been butchering one another and dying from epidemics long before the Separatists (later called Pilgrims) arrived.


If anyone ever doubts the disaster of letting government manage your life look at Native Americans and the socialist reservation system. Yep, giving away money will fix that generational poverty and laziness. How about those record levels of substance abuse and suicide? Could blaming heterosexuals for the high suicide rates of homo and transsexuals be the same as saying European immigrants caused the high substance abuse and suicide rates of native folks?


The Millennials (18-34) may be the first generation to be stupider than their parents and less fun to be around. They are dumbed down, have trouble talking and then to be ‘sissies’. They have trouble finding themselves on the earth without Googling it and have the disposition of a Chihuahua. Turkey Day is difficult for millennials. They just need a ‘safe space’ until they come to pass.


Teachers have been ‘punking’ students by telling them Thanksgiving is about fall colors and turkey. Since they cannot acknowledge God, the Christian faith or the nation’s 1600’s newcomers (Pilgrims and Puritans) and their early friendship with the indigenous people, instructors come up with fake curriculum.


It’s understandable, for most people, if their job and family stability depends on it they will go along with a lot of nonsense they know is a lie. That’s why repressing free-speech and creating thought police is so easy.

Lefty intellectuals like to scream about early arrivers bringing infections with them that then became an epidemic among America’s indigenous tribes. So what’s new? All earth dwellers were riddled with diseases and lousy medical care. That was the cost of admission in those days.


Lefties have no problem today with allowing border crashers into the US carrying TB and all sorts of other communicable diseases. No howling now about the spike in sexually transmitted infections, TB and childhood ailments infecting America.


Professors and students need a refresher on ethnocentric thinking. The term is used in social science and anthropology for the act of judging another culture based on thinking the values and standards of one's own culture are superior – especially with regards to language, behavior, customs, and religion. Why not accept our history for what it is, not try to hide it, remove it or discredit it? For the vegan left, just eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds.


The Left overlooks its hypocrisy and weirdness while being quite harsh with previous generations of Americans. The Left is in the moral toilet with its ethnocentric perspective and fake history. “You hypocrite! First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye.” (Matt 7:5)

The truth can only set you free if you know what it is. Being stupid with good motives could get a person killed or at least really lost.


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by Lou Binninger


            Students are a lot like addicts. They don’t do their research. When addicts are asked if they read the label or Googled what was in that stuff they swallowed, shot, or snorted they give a weird look. They bet their lives on, “Yeh, this is good stuff man.” And into the future they go.


            The same is so with students. They cannot even repeat with confidence what they thought the teacher said and then skipped their own research. They never consider that the teacher could be wrong and the curriculum a crock.


God commended the men of the Tribe of Issachar by saying, “All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.” No one is handing out bonuses for being clueless or remaining a fool.

An oft repeated myth about the Pilgrims is that they headed west seeking religious freedom. They had already relocated to Holland a decade earlier which was known for its freedom.


The Pilgrims saw the New World as an opportunity, more like the 700,000 that left Fecefornia or Calizuela last year. They wanted a place where their children could be raised with their culture, not the government’s brainwashing.

The Separatists (‘Separatists’ from the Church of England, they weren’t labeled Pilgrims till 200 yrs. later) set sail on the Mayflower for about $1000 each (today’s dollar) on September 6, 1620. But after a rough 66-day ocean crossing with one boat (Speedwell) turning back, they landed some 200 miles north of their target of Virginia in what became known as Massachusetts. On November 11, 1620, they finally dropped anchor and sent a few to shore.


The crew set-out in a small craft in rugged frigid surf. Participants credit a miracle from God for a safe landing as a large wave rather than capsizing, deposited them on the shore. It was winter and raw terrain.

They settled on an area they called New Plymouth. It had a long sloping hill that made it easy to defend. It was the site of the former Wampanoag village of Patuxet people. Its inhabitants had died of disease three years before. The village even had a stash of dried corn remaining.


The newcomers searched for the inhabitants or someone to pay for the food they discovered. They considered this divine providence. Then another miracle --after half the Separatists had died before spring, a local appeared that spoke English, had lived in England, once resided exactly where they landed and was a follower of Jesus.


In 1608, this young man named Tisquantum, or Squanto, had been abducted with others by an English merchant ship in “America” to trade with the locals. Then, Squanto was purchased by Catholic Friars in Spain who then released him. Making his way to England to work his way home, Squanto learned of Jesus and began speaking English.


A decade later he finally headed home serving on a ship as an interpreter only to find his Patuxet people destroyed by illness. Had Squanto not been taken as a slave a decade earlier he likely would have perished as well.


Squanto, now a man without a family who knew everything about surviving in Patuxet was adopted by the ‘Pilgrims.’ The settlers, beaten by the weather and disease were considering a return to Holland when Squanto surfaced.

Squanto assisted the newcomers to success and sustainability as well as negotiating 50-years of peace with the nearby people groups. Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford declared in his journal that Squanto “became a special instrument sent of God” who didn’t leave them “till he died” in November 1622.


The Separatists were underwritten by European merchants whom they had to repay. The Mayflower Compact spelled out that they would live communally, have all in common to pay back the investors. Their good intention as a socialist community was a disaster until Governor Bradford set people free to pursue their own interests and keep their increase.


The Plymouth Colony was yet another example of the failure of a state-managed society. The miracle was that Bradford was bright enough to see the solution that led to survival, repaying the investors and becoming the most powerful industrial nation in the world within 100 years.


The Lefty vegans hate this part. The colonists’ first Thanksgiving was a three-day feast and shooting competition among colonists and local tribal people. They offered thanks for how God sustained them through a horrific voyage, the deadly winter and joined them to Squanto and other tribal friends.


Yes, they ate wildlife and enjoyed firearms. However, the real story is just no longer fitting for a secular, socialist, anti-God school system. So children ‘celebrate’ Turkey Day propaganda along with “We came from apes and the world’s ending in 12-years.”


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OConnor K

Yuba County’s first female judge – Kathleen O’Connor is the Grand Marshal of  the 69thannual Marysville Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 7th.  Judge O’Connor ran a successful campaign in early 2002, but was appointed by then-Governor Gray Davis to take the bench early, taking the oath of office in May, 2002.


Raised in Wheatland, Judge O’Connor has served in Yuba County Superior Court for seventeen years.  A role model, Judge O’Connor has inspired women and girls in our region to persevere and to never give up on their dreams.


Earlier this year, Judge O’Connor announced that she will not seek a 4thterm and will complete her current judicial term January 2021.  You will be missed, but the whole county wishes you well in your new





Nevada City, Ca.


nevada city christThe Kentucky Flat 4-H is making the Christmas Swags for Nevada City’s gaslights this year.   In keeping with the Victorian theme, Nevada City uses natural greenery for their holiday decorations just as was done in that era.

For over 30 years, Rodger Rollings, created the Swags for the town and this year he retired.   The Kentucky Flat 4-H stepped up to the task and is making the traditional Christmas Swags.   It’s a fundraiser for the 4’H and the Chamber is happy to have a local youth group involved.


“Nevada City is known for preserving the past and the Christmas Decorations in town reflect what would have been used so many years ago.” said Cathy Whittlesey, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce.


“Our Victorian Christmas events draw thousands of visitors every year.   The historic town provides the ambiance of an old fashioned Christmas and people are nostalgic during the holidays. It’s an outstanding celebration for the town.”

Marysville, Ca.


christmasThe day begins with “The Running of the Elves” a 5K Family Fun Run/Walk at 8:00 a.m., organized by the Training Zone in Marysville.  To register, visit:


Bring your children to the Yuba County Library at 3:00 p.m. for a story time featuring “Little Fir Tree” followed by free craft activities and games!

Strolling entertainers will am

use attendees between 4 – 5 p.m. as excited onlookers await the beginning of the parade.  Parade entries will begin crossing the starting line at 6th & D Street at 5:00 p.m.  The theme for this year’s parade is “Nautical or Nice” a beachy boat parade of lights through historic downtown Marysville. 


Applications are available at the City of Marysville’s website:  Entry fees are $25 for a non-profit organization and $50 for commercial businesses and organizations that aren’t non-profits.


The parade will begin at 6th & D Streets heading south to 2nd & D Streets, then turn eastbound on 2nd Street, then turn northbound onto C Street and ending at 5th & C Streets. 


Santa Claus will greet children following the parade at 3rd & D Streets in the park. Christmas carols will be performed by singing groups and vendors will be selling food, drinks and other items in the park. 


For more information, call Sapphire Marketing Group at (530) 763-5402 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Last Wednesday the Marysville FFA Chapter participated in the Sectional Opening and Closing Ceremonies held at River Valley High. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies is a speaking competition against teams of six across the Sierra Buttes FFA Section. The competition is the first step for students to step out of their comfort zone and own in their speaking capabilities. 


Marysville FFA had one of the most successful years attending this competition. They brought seven teams to the competition and six of them went to the second round, a success within itself. All of their teams placed top four in their categories. two of the teams placed first place, another second place, two third place, and one fourth place. Out of these teams there were eight high individuals meaning they were the best in their office compared to everyone who participates totaling over three hundred members; Kayden Walker was Outstanding Novice Secretary, Spencer Slocum was Outstanding Novice Sentinel, Alyssa Baggett was Outstanding Novice Reporter, Hailey Green was Outstanding Novice Treasurer, Jariyah Lott was Outstanding Novice Vice President, Kyler Howell was Outstanding Advanced Sentinel, Madi Dickinson was Outstanding Advanced President, and Crystal Alvarez was Outstanding Officer Treasurer.


The Marysville FFA Chapter has started the competition season strong and will continue to provide students opportunities to compete and build upon their speaking ability and knowledge of the agriculture industry.


Congratulations to Marysville FFA for another remarkable competition and good luck in your future competitions. 

by Lou Binninger

Local citizens may be getting bond and tax fatigue. Their financial blood is being extracted from every direction - elementary and high schools, junior college, cities, and counties all want more money. Then the state has multiple bond requests for water, education and roads.


Don’t forget the levee and sewage bonds. And then there are the new charges to use police and fire plus more than 100 other taxes that dollar and hundred-dollar a taxpayer to death.


For many, the added bond charges, government fees and school debt relief are greater than their property taxes. The question is why all the extra bond requests when property owners already pay county taxes, everyone pays sales taxes and then the myriad of government user fees for services citizens thought they already paid for.


Many homeowners are paying more than a thousand a month on their property tax bills alone. Then they have their mortgage payment, maintenance costs and utilities which are 60% higher than the national average and predicted to go up even more.


Fuel is more than a dollar higher than locations outside of California. The state has lost its financial mind and it’s going for broke.


The No on Measure K people warned that County Administrator Bendorf, County Counsel Abril and all five supervisors drafted, endorsed and promoted a flawed attempt to raise the sales tax rate. They illegally spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars to wrench a 1% sales tax increase.


After losing the Measure K case in Yuba County Superior Court they are now dragging out an appeal that is costing taxpayers $8,000-10,000 a day. As of November 20, $2,480,000 had been lifted from taxpayers and will be spent by supervisors whether they win or lose their appeal.  County jails detain scammers for doing far less damage to the public.


Marysville is already planning to extend its existing 1% addition on top of the state sales tax rate.


Yuba Community College is now asking voters to approve yet another $228.4 million bond. If passed on March 3, 2020 it would add another $25 cost per $100,000 of assessed property value. The amount to repay these bonds (borrowed money) is estimated at $412 million, nearly double what is being borrowed.


By March 2020, taxpayers will still owe $191 million on the 2006 bonds passed by voters according to the Yuba County Auditor/Controller. (Four bonds passed in 2006 will pay off as follows – A on 8/1/2031; B on 8/1/2046; C on 8/1/2050; D on 8/1/2039). If the new bond request is granted in March 2020 citizens will then owe$603 million to repair and expand the various Yuba College sites. We are burying future generations in debt.


The new bond request is coming as state funding for Community Colleges has never been higher and attendance is decreasing. While Community Colleges (junior colleges) nationally are booming California’s have reached a 20-year low in enrollment.


In 1965-66 Community Colleges received 38% of all higher education funding with the State Colleges getting 25% and the University system getting 37%. By 2016, Community Colleges were guaranteed 58% of the higher education pie with State Colleges 20% and Universities 22%.


Community College funding is at an all-time high according to the Public Policy Institute of California approaching $7,000 per student in 2017.


California has been investing more in higher education than the rest of the nation. Between 2010, the beginning of the economic recovery, and 2015–16, California increased per student funding by 15%. Average investment nationwide increased 2% during this period, while some large states—like Pennsylvania and Texas—cut funding by about 20%.


The number of tax, bond and utility rate appeals is mind-boggling. The March and November 2020 elections may be a tipping point as to whether voters have tired of the state’s socialist bent.


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by Lou Binninger


Sounds like an ad slogan. California – “2 percent of the states, 12% of the population, 25% of the homeless, 33% of welfare recipients, 100% of bad ideas in government.” A professional counselor when told there were a lot of homeless in Yuba-Sutter reacted with exasperation, “What can be done with them!?”


            We could also lose sleep over what to do with all the high school graduates this year or all the babies born. What will they do? Who will feed them? Where will they live?


In a free market society governed by laws, people find their way make choices or someone else may make them for them. The good news is that there are many opportunities and resources if desired.


            The counselor’s knee-jerk question reminds me of another nonsensical statement posed by a former local sheriff about lawless addicts allowed to rule the community. He was a good lawman but lacked an understanding of the role of law enforcement in a republic. He concluded, “We can’t arrest ourselves out of this problem.”


            Laws have never eradicated any criminal behavior completely but they have been instituted by God to keep a lid on this human stew until Jesus returns. The founding fathers being familiar with the scriptures did not believe that the republic would succeed in the absence of a virtuous people, a spiritual community that could self-govern.


            Of course, they also understood that humans had a sinful bent and when misbehaving needed to be checked by the community (law enforcement.) That was a role for government and they funded it. Law enforcement was God ordained to preserve the peace and rescue people from self-destructive behavior and hurting their ‘neighbor.’


Furthermore, beyond keeping a safe community by the enforcement of standards or laws the hope was to bring about reform and repentance of the perpetrators.


God shows his love by correcting us when needed. Life is a much bigger paddle than your parents’ employed. In fact, a parent who ignores an unruly child does not love the child and does the youngster a dis-service.


The same principle applies when people violate the norms, values and laws of the community. To allow “citizens” to behave shamefully and live like infirmed beasts, descending into bondage, chaos and confusion shows a lack of love by the leadership of the community and the state.


Furthermore, to make a “cash cow” and political points off those who are broken and downcast is despicable and deserving of punishment. Some leaders just aren’t very intelligent. Others are disingenuous, dishonest and conniving.  Aberrant leaders are a much more serious problem and threat to the nation than addicts running amuck.


Not arresting or often not even citing people for petty crimes, lowering penalties for thefts, and paying people to remain addicted and irresponsible is incentivizing aberrant behavior that leads to more serious crimes.


Society has the rehabs, the treatment skills and medicines to fashion an emergency response strategy to addiction. All inmates with a substance abuse past could be treated before release, prescriptions written and a rehab arranged where necessary. Gaps in the system of care and no exit plan lead to relapse, overdoses, and higher rates of recidivism.


When addicts in the community ask for treatment they should be responded to like we address a medical emergency. Today, for medical problems we have urgent cares and also hospital emergency departments.


Addicts sent out of the emergency department and elsewhere without a treatment plan or with only recommendations is a formula for failure. If the addict is ready and needs a rehab the medical people should do any pre-entry exam, TB tests etc. and arrange for transport to a facility immediately.


Addicts often lack the money, transportation, medical insurance and the patience to jump through bureaucratic hoops while experiencing withdrawals. A coordinated intervention is necessary.


If the therapeutic community is serious about a holistic approach to addiction, there is no reason that an immediate response for addicts wanting treatment and a program cannot be established. The same goes for the mentally ill. In fact, many people thought to be mentally ill, when detoxed and introduced to a healthy routine get their life and mind back.


The treatment community can learn from the food industry. At one time restaurants only offered food at their facilities and during limited hours of operation. Food entrepreneurs then came up with 24-hour service, take-out, drive-through, food trucks, catering and home delivery. They met the consumer where they were.


What’s the matter with the medical and mental health world? We’re much better at delivering a taco or pizza than saving an addict or alcoholic. The medical and treatment community have the goods but maybe lack the will to alter their methodology to deliver services in a way that could change and save lives.


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by Rod Hisken


from the tractor 2Photo by Laurie Pringle


One of the great pleasures of driving a tractor is the opportunity to think, reflect , and plan. While to some it might seem to be a lonely experience , it is a time to let your mind wander and to resolve personal problems to the issues of the world from your personal view.


Having been in the Marysville Veterans Day several times is no exception..


The purple tractor had personal problems this year . It is dedicated to the elimination of Domestic Violence . While this issue seems remote, it happened about three weeks ago next door. The victim is healing and the aggressor is in a court proceeding.


The famous pink tractor is loved by all the little and big girls. There were several participants battling cancer this year . One man managed his pad changes without notice and my wife organized her medications to have the strength to drive the pink tractor with her stage four challenge.


tractor 4


I often marvel at the attendees in wheel chairs and know many would love to be in the parade. The wheel chair compatible tractor with Meyer aboard  wowed the audience . He was so excited to join in he woke up at Two in the morning ready to go.


I saw many vets waving flags . Some had family around  and others sat somewhat alone each with a story. The man driving the John Deere with the “Politicians Wagon”, a restored New Idea Manure Spreader , flew A 4 Sky hawks off the deck of a carrier in the 60's.


Our Universe has many stars.



tractor 3


I was appreciative of the involvement of Chief Chris Sachs and Sheriff Wendell Anderson for the assistance with the extra effort on behalf of the Tractorologists. I wondered how many hours and the skill of Cynthia Verrill  came into play as I watched her operate in the mild chaos at the registration booth. Thanks!!

Stars fill the night sky and we reflect in awe of our creator.


The parade would not be complete without two of our notable characters .Briggs :Moore and Dave Logasa from. KKCY! They add the fun to their morning show and I await the comments with glee that I know will come.

The Milky Way glows with glorious color but one particular glows brightly over Marysville on November 11th , the crowd !


Our community is especially endowed with many vets who have made possible the culture we take for granted . We as a culture may not be perfect, but just visit a third world country. Thank you guys and gals We saw many with vet hats , some in wheelchairs ,some holding their babies, some with friends and family , and some lonely.

The magnitude of the crowd  is nearly overcoming. The energy and the patriotic activity is so different from what is being presented by much of the mainstream media. The smiles , the waves , the thumbs up , the bouncing babies responding to the Claxton Horn on my 46 John Deere Model A brought a big smile to my heart. The energy radiating warms the spirit . Many of the Tractorologists commented about the audience and are willing the drive many miles to enjoy this unusual experience.


It seemed to be the largest parade with the 179 entries and an audience that was also filling the sidewalks up C Street.


Each star has, a story each person has a story.


The energy and the particles that come together on November 11th in Marysville become a massive moment in time .


The crowd that comes to honor our vets - Thank you , Vets Thank you!


picture by Laurie Pringle

by Lou Binninger


California’s liberal aristocracy drunk with power has begun the dismantling of the nation’s most powerful economy. Under the climate catastrophe delusion that the sky is falling and managerial incompetence, a state blessed with natural resources in abundance is now rationing.


            Golden State socialists have absolute power and have been in control for 50 years. They are doing whatever they wish. By abandoning forest management and forcing PGE to use unreliable and expensive green energy they have attracted the world’s attention. 


They burned down the entire community of Paradise. The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history and the most expensive natural disaster in the world in 2018 in terms of insured losses.


            The fire caused at least 85 civilian deaths, injured 12 civilians, two prison inmate firefighters, and three other firefighters. It covered an area of 153,336 acres (almost 240 sq. miles), and destroyed 18,804 structures, with most of the damage occurring within the first four hours.


            The Camp Fire is the deadliest wildfire in the United States since the Cloquet fire in 1918 and is high on the list of the world's deadliest wildfires; it is the sixth-deadliest U.S. wildfire overall.


            The Camp Fire actually is considered a blessing by the United Nations Agenda 21 smart growth folks that believe no one should be living in rural California anyway.


            The Camp Fire is just one of hundreds of major Armageddon-style infernos in the state ignited by liberal policies. This is a bell ringer accomplishment of liberal legislators after assessing thousands of rural Californians an illegal annual $150 per dwelling fire tax above their normal taxation from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2017 for “fire prevention.”


            By the state being the quasi-managers of PGE and the state’s deranged forest care policies normal weather patterns now cause cataclysmic disasters. Gov. Newsom’s suggestion that the state take over the largest utility in the nation is laughable when he can’t even keep needles of the ground, rats out of state buildings or human shit off the shoes of pedestrians in his home city. The state has already mismanaged PGE by banning nuclear and fossil fuel energy and even limiting hydro-power.


Newsom also neglects to mention the utility has given nearly $700,000 to his political campaigns, his wife Jennifer’s and his sister’s nonprofit organizations. The utility has also donated $1,000 or more to 98 members of the state legislature which is fairly common for monopolies.


            Will Yuba City, Marysville or Linda / Olivehurst flood before our utopian rulers organize a think-group to “scope” whether drug addicted and alcoholic squatters should be allowed to tunnel into multi-million dollar levees that hold back raging rivers? Ignoring this behavior is now considered charitable and humane.


            The state has abundant run-off and the Pacific Ocean that could provide endless amounts of water. However, the state’s managerial incompetence again mucks-up the ability to build more dams and desalination plants to harness and utilize this resource. One-half of all water is mandated to remain unused by humans destined instead for the ocean.


            Californians have been repeatedly suckered to vote for “water” bonds that actually were used to keep more water from humans rather than catch and conserve the rains. The socialists are liars and deceivers.


Therefore, California has enacted new statewide water conservation rules to begin rationing. Water agencies are to limit customers' indoor water use to an average of 55 gallons per person each day. The target is reduced to 52.5 gallons by 2025 and 50 gallons by 2030. But the targets can be further restricted anytime.


Of course, the current electrical blackouts are the beginning of power rationing. As fossil fuels are forbidden, there will never be sufficient green energy to power the state. Buying from neighboring grids will be cost prohibitive, utilities will become unaffordable and lead to routine interruptions. The state has declared that natural gas be eliminated as well.


All fossil fuel vehicles have been given their drop-dead date and much road maintenance is being scrapped in spite of increasing fuel taxes and DMV fees taken to be used for “upkeep and new roads” - another bait and switch lie. Northern California is not benefitted by any high speed trains or mass transit. The truth is that the rulers will not let the northern counties break-away into a new state because they want to depopulate the north in favor of rewilding.


For California to return to its golden past change needs to occur quickly. The start must begin with signing the petition to recall the governor (


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Marysville, Ca.


 In an effort to address serious public health and safety concerns along County rivers, parks, and other public and private properties, the Yuba County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved an urgency ordinance concerning camping and storage of personal property. The ordinance affects all residents and is expected to have its most profound impact on the river bottoms and the levee system—where encampments and piles of personal property have affected the health of area rivers, riparian habitat and its visitors.


 The urgency ordinance, which took effect immediately upon approval, prohibits camping:


  * on private property without the owner’s permission


 * on any park grounds or trail facility


* on the County airport


* on any County cemetery


*on any property within or below 200 feet of the high water mark


 * on any levee or within 50 feet of landside toe of the levee


* on any County right of way


* on any other County property from 30 minutes after sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset (with exceptions during cold or wet weather conditions). 


 The ordinance also prohibits the storage of personal property:


 *on any private property without the owner’s permission


 * on any County park or trail facility


* at any County airport 


* on an public property if it obstructs the use of the property


* on any public property that has a posted closure time


 * on any property that is within or below 200 feet above the ordinary high water mark.


 The ordinance allows for due process prior to removing personal property. Residents are given a 48-hour notice and informal hearing before the removal of personal property. After items are removed, those same residents are given a chance to reclaim the property within 90 days of its removal and storage. While there are some fees associated with moving and storage, the owner of the removed personal property can apply for a fee waiver.


 “This Ordinance puts in place reasonable regulations for dispersed camping and personal property storage, and provides Code Enforcement -- as well as the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office -- a much-needed enforcement tool to reduce activities that pollute waterways, that create a hazard in public places, or that damage the levee system which provides flood protection to the community,” Building Department and Code Enforcement Manager Jeremy Strang said. “Because regional reservoirs can cause sudden and quick-moving changes in water elevation, proactive enforcement of this Ordinance will facilitate the relocation of individuals that have established camps within our waterways. This type of proactive enforcement will also provide an additional layer of safety for our first responders— who put their lives in harm’s way to evacuate from or perform rescues in encampments dangerously situated within our waterways.”

by Lou Binninger


Venezuela once had one of the strongest economies in the world. The liberal media has cited a number of reasons for its downfall, corruption, mismanagement, falling oil prices, even blaming the United States.

            Yet corruption and mismanagement were the direct result of increased government control of the economy—socialism. Lower oil prices and U.S. sanctions have little to do with the crisis.


Instead, the mass starvation and exodus faced by Venezuelans are the natural consequence of the socialist policies implemented by dictators Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.


Venezuela took over the utilities, private businesses, crude oil and food production. The outcome was that they ran out of everything.


Since California now has a power crisis due to a government managed utility let’s see how it all started in Venezuela.


From 1992-1996 power outages were occasional. Twenty years of socialist revolution brought about glaring mismanagement and underinvestment in the power grid. The electric sector then was fully nationalized in 2007, which led to bigger outages.


On March 7, 2019 Venezuela achieved a low point in their modern history. Many areas lost power for thirty hours, rebounded with twelve hours of power and then darkness for another thirty hours.


Governor’s Brown and Newsom would have blamed Global Warming or utility mismanagement or Trump but it was the government at fault. Venezuelan President Maduro blamed the incident on America. He said it was an “electronic coup,” a “cyber-attack.”


Christian Caruzo says, “Caracas felt like a ghost town. You couldn’t hear a single thing, not even gunfire and car alarms — quintessential sounds that one often hears through the night. It was as if we were all collectively going through a bizarre mass solitary confinement.”


“Water distribution was disrupted, people desperately sought for it, even in sewer drains. Telecommunications, as well – we were essentially disconnected from the world. We couldn’t even access our money since the banking network was offline. In Zulia, all hell broke loose.”


Power continues to be erratic including a second period of long black-outs. It has been 3 years since the nation has had a constant supply of water and electricity. Caracas, the seat of military power, has been spared interruption. However, elsewhere regions get water 36-48 hours each week. From March 25 to April 5 there was no water.


When available, water is collected in buckets to make it through power / water outages. Power is often out for 18 of 24 hours each day.


Nationalization destroyed production in affected industries because no government has the capacity to run thousands of businesses or the profit motive to run them efficiently. Instead, government officials have incentives to please voters by selling products at low prices and hiring more employees than necessary, even when that’s the wrong industry decision. Welfare was expanded without any accountability.


Venezuela’s food production fell 75% in two decades, while the country’s population increased by 33%. This created shortages and economic disaster. After agriculture, the regime nationalized electricity, water, oil, banks, supermarkets, construction, and other crucial sectors. In all industries, the government increased payrolls and gave away products at low cost, resulting in days-long countrywide blackouts, water service interruptions, falling oil production, and bankrupt government enterprises.


In California, PGE predicts black-outs for a decade. Farmland hasn’t been taken from farmers yet but has been forced out of production by government-mandated water rationing. The Gig economy has now been banned to be instead government managed. California socialists are on the move.


Back in Venezuela socialists may be learning it doesn’t work and free stuff comes with a price. Newsom and his people haven’t a clue yet.


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ywa 1A diverse group of nine organizations announced today their commitment to prioritize, plan, and execute forest restoration on an unprecedented scale in the North Yuba River watershed, covering 275,000 acres of the northern Sierra Nevada.


The memorandum of understanding spells out the group’s commitment to work together to increase the pace and scale of ecologically-based restoration within the North Yuba River watershed and to prioritize community safety, forest health, and resilience through landscape-scale restoration.


The North Yuba Forest Partnership includes Blue Forest Conservation, Camptonville Community Partnership, National Forest Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Nevada City Rancheria, Sierra County, South Yuba River Citizens League, The United States Forest Service - Tahoe National Forest, and Yuba Water Agency.


“Many forests in the North Yuba River watershed are critically unhealthy, overcrowded with small trees and brush,” said Eli Ilano, Tahoe National Forest Supervisor. “Unhealthy forests are at a greater risk of high-severity wildfire due to fire suppression and historic timber harvesting practices, a risk that is exacerbated by a changing climate.”


The North Yuba River watershed runs through multiple Northern California counties and two national forests, from Yuba Pass to New Bullards Bar Reservoir. The area includes thousands of acres of forest habitat, is an important source of water for downstream users, supports high biodiversity, is home to many rural communities, and offers excellent opportunities for recreation.  


“We’re loving our forests to death,” said Willie Whittlesey, Assistant General Manager of Yuba Water Agency. “A ‘hands-off’ approach to forest management is no longer an option now that our communities, infrastructure and water supply are at significant risk. To make a meaningful impact in this massive effort, it’s going to take all of us who care about the watershed coming together.”


Forests once characterized by large, widely-spaced trees and beneficial low-to-moderate severity fires are now overrun with vegetation that is not fire-resilient. This has increased the risk of destructive wildfire causing significant damage to local communities, entire ecosystems, and watershed health. 


Projects to restore resilience to the North Yuba River watershed include clearing underbrush, thinning smaller trees, managed burning, reforestation, and meadow restoration, among other efforts. In addition, traditional ecological knowledge from the local Nisenan people will be incorporated into planning and design.

“We are planning ecological forest management projects using the best available science,” said Rachel Hutchinson, River Science Director for South Yuba River Citizens League. “It’s important to all of us that we strike that balance between the desperate need to restore the forest’s resilience to wildfire and the need to preserve and protect vulnerable species and cultural artifacts.”   


“This public-private partnership holds promise as a model to restore the forests of the Sierra at a landscape scale,” said David Edelson, Forest Program Director of The Nature Conservancy. “By using the latest science, innovative planning and new funding approaches, together we can accelerate the restoration of our forests while maintaining the environmental safeguards and community input that are central to success.”


This effort is expected to take up to 20 years to complete, with the highest priority given to at-risk communities, emergency response, evacuation access routes, forests of critical ecological importance, and areas that have the potential to stop a wildfire from spreading.


While planning efforts for the larger North Yuba River watershed are just beginning, the 14,500-acre Yuba Project is already underway, serving as a pilot for the larger-scale North Yuba River watershed restoration effort. The Yuba Project is benefitting from a new financing tool called the Forest Resilience Bond (FRB), a public-private partnership that accelerates the pace and scale of forest restoration through investment from private capital sources, including foundations, impact investors, and insurance companies. 


“Investor demand for this first-of-its-kind private investment to support public land management greatly outpaced supply. Investors are eager to finance future, larger projects,” said Zach Knight, managing partner of Blue Forest Conservation, the lead developer of the FRB. “The North Yuba Forest Partnership plans to use the FRB model and other innovative approaches to finance planned work in the North Yuba River watershed.”

To learn more, visit the partnership website at


A downloadable map, audio from today’s press conference, as well as b-roll and photos of forest health initiatives can be found here. 

About the Partners: (click on agency name to learn more about them)

  • Blue Forest Conservation: An innovative nonprofit organization committed to creating sustainable financial solutions to pressing environmental challenges. 

  • Camptonville Community Partnership: A nonprofit organization with a mission of rural people working together for a safe, sustainable, and healthy community.

  • National Forest Foundation: Engaging Americans in promoting the health and enjoyment of our public forests. 

  • The Nature Conservancy: One of the world’s leading conservation organizations, dedicated to scaling up forest restoration across the Sierra Nevada.

  • Nevada City Rancheria: The local tribal unit of the Nisenan people of Northern California, passionate about forest health and management, as it is central to their well-being.

  • Sierra County: Positioned at the headwaters of the North Yuba River, Sierra County’s highest priorities include reducing wildfire risk, enhancing forest and watershed health through implementation of fire resilient treatments, and protecting its rural communities. 

  • South Yuba River Citizens League: Uniting the community to protect and restore the Yuba River watershed, SYRCL understands that forest health and resilience are essential to a healthy watershed.

  • The United States Forest Service – Tahoe National Forest: Sustaining the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation's forests and managing over 50 percent of the Yuba River watershed, which lies within the Tahoe National Forest.

  • Yuba Water Agency: A special district in Yuba County, committed to forest health in the entire Yuba watershed, to ensure a sustainable water supply and reduce the risk of fire for the people of Yuba County. 


by Lou Binninger


Arresting addicts just might save their life. When the police arrested Paul Roussell with heroin, the 58-year old lobster fisherman had been using for a decade. He progressed from two to ten bags of heroin a day, then up to 17. He thought he was going to die in his addiction. He went to jail first.


            While locked-up in Rhode Island’s Adult Correctional Institutions Roussell was offered Methadone. “It was helpful. I started feeling like my recovery was kicking in.”


Released after three months, Roussell was mandated to another  eight months in residential treatment. Now he’s living with his parents and working as a landscaper and maintenance man in a business park.


His case will be dismissed after his graduation from drug court. Every morning, on his way to work, he stops by an opioid treatment clinic for a daily Methadone dose. “That keeps me stable,” says Roussell. He’s gone a year without taking heroin. If not for his Methadone, he says, “There’d be a good chance of me using.”


In 2016, shocked by the number of opioid overdose deaths Rhode Island began treating incarcerated addicts with Methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol . Most importantly, the inmates continue their treatment after their release, usually through the state’s Medicaid program, when they’re at the greatest risk of a relapse and a fatal overdose. It is not unusual for an addict to die using right after release from prison or rehab due to a change in tolerance.


Vivitrol blocks opioids from producing a high. But it doesn’t help with withdrawal symptoms, so it isn’t appropriate for newly incarcerated inmates. Unlike Methadone and Suboxone, Vivitrol doesn’t relieve pain, and its users have to turn to non-opioid analgesics for pain relief.


This unique program is among the opioid crisis reforms touted by Governor Gina Raimondo in response to Rhode Island’s overdose death rate, ninth-highest in the nation.


In the first half of 2016, 26 formerly incarcerated people died of drug overdoses upon release in Rhode Island. In the same period in 2017, only nine did. That’s 61 percent fewer fatalities.


“The magnitude of that drop in mortality is almost unheard of in public health,” says Dr. Josiah Rich, a professor at Brown University’s medical school and co-director of Rhode Island’s Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights.


Some other states offer inmates Vivitrol. But because Methadone and Suboxone are also opioids, corrections officials usually ban them as contraband, concerned that inmates might divert them to others.


“It met with a lot of resistance over the years,” recalls Dr. Josiah Rich, a Rhode Island task force advisor, who wrote unsuccessful grant applications for a prison Methadone program in Rhode Island 20 years before. “People who have this disease are thought to be somewhat subhuman.”


In the 1990s, Dr. Rich got into a disagreement with a prison nurse over whether to help an inmate suffering from drug withdrawal. “I said we should give him medication to make him feel better,” he recalls. “She said, ‘No, we don’t do that. He’s supposed to suffer. That way, he won’t come back again.’”


Rich sounds like retired Yuba County Jail Dr. Joe Cassady. Cassady brought the first Methadone clinic here and then introduced Suboxone to the Yuba-Sutter area. Cassady de-toxed addicts in the jail, and allowed them to have Methadone if already prescribed.


Rhode Island calls their approach MAT, medically assisted treatment. New inmates who are withdrawing from opiates go straight into an induction program —a few days of Methadone or Suboxone to ease withdrawal symptoms. They start people on treatment right when they come in the door.


Inmates with histories of addiction can choose to go on Methadone, Suboxone, or Vivitrol a few months before their release. “This was, I think, the most difficult for people to accept,” says Dr. Jennifer Clarke, the medical programs director for Rhode Island’s Corrections Department , “that we were taking people who’d been off opiates for years and putting them back on MAT.” But just-released former inmates are at the highest risk of dying of an overdose. They’ve lost their physical tolerance for opioids, but may not have lost their cravings.

“It’s the same thing as smoking,” says Clarke. “(If) somebody’s here for five, 10 years, it doesn’t mean they’re not craving a cigarette the whole time. They haven’t actually quit. They’re not actually in recovery. They’re just away from the substance.”


California politicians like to brag about being America’s trend-setter state but it is sorely behind little Rhode Island on the right coast in treating addiction.


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by Lou Binninger


The movement to minimize penalties for drug use combined with Prop 47’s reduction of sentences for criminal behavior has provided the “perfect storm” for more addicts to remain free to commit crimes, become homeless, overdose and die.


Addicts eventually self-destruct like homosexuals contracting AIDS. However, society took a more compassionate approach to “curing” AIDS though AIDS is a self-inflicted disease resulting primarily from homosexual behavior.


Substance abusers commit a range of crimes to support their habit and violent acts in their addiction. In the past, law enforcement made arrests and brought the offenders to jail. Inmates would grumble that they got arrested or “caught a case.”


However, former Yuba County Jail Doctor and County Health Officer Joe Cassady would remind them that “they were rescued.” Officers and deputies may or may not see themselves as rescuers but they certainly are. Most addicts in jail would agree with that assessment after they get over being butt-hurt.


Many addicts, once sober, begin to consider the loss – their dignity, job, health, spouse and children. Most, if not all eventually want their lives back.


Untreated addicts get sick and encounter a premature death via suffering, illness or overdose.  Addicts often die alone and poor. It is not merciful or humane to make it easier for users to end their lives while funded by the taxpayers and coddled by the institutions that should be rescuing them.


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health states that between 2013 and 2018 the number of people that died while being homeless doubled from 536 to 1,047. Most of the deaths were caused by drug and/or alcohol overdoses between 2016 and 2018. The overdose death rate for homeless individuals in the county was also 26 times higher than the general population, according to the report.


On average, homeless people in Los Angeles died around the age of 51, while the average Los Angeles resident’s life expectancy was 73.


            Politicians, church do-gooders and government paper-pushers pooling their ignorance and touting myths are actually contributing to a humanitarian disaster mislabeled as “homelessness.” The issue is not a missing home or job. The scourge is addiction and we are funding it and catering to it in the name of being charitable. Instead of helping, we are “pulling the plug” on this population.


It is no different than crippling a child’s thinking by catering to their bad choices and protecting them from consequences by doing everything for them rather than making them work and serve others. Not disciplining and training up a child is cursing them to a chaotic and dysfunctional future.


We are treating rebellious and addicted adults like a good parent would never dream of managing their own children whom they love. Society is deceived by thinking that giving addicts what they want, paying them, and allowing them to live in their own filth on public property, unconscious on a sidewalk or under a bush is somehow a good thing, a humane approach. Stray animals are treated better.


It is the “woke” community that has lost its mind. No sane landlord or business owner would rent to or hire an addict circling the drain. Only government bureaucrats can throw that kind of money away.

Californians’ deluded vote in 2014 to reduce penalties for drug and property crimes led to a spike in car burglaries, shoplifting and other theft, researchers say. Thefts from motor vehicles accounted for about three-quarters of the increase. San Francisco alone recorded more than 30,000 auto burglaries in 2017.


Addicts and gang members are literally walking-off with the store. Helpless merchants are reducing their evening hours, closing off multiple entrances at night and considering closing altogether in some communities. Stores may have great sales but thefts devour profits.


Proposition 47 lowered criminal sentences for drug possession, theft, shoplifting, identity theft, receiving stolen property, writing bad checks and check forgery from felonies that can lead to prison terms to misdemeanors that often bring minimal jail sentences.


Reduced penalties meant that fewer drug addicts are getting treatment and then “are stealing to support their habit,” said San Luis Obispo County Chief Probation Officer Jim Salio, president of the Chief Probation Officers of California.


Enforcing the laws and incarcerating addicts saves lives and makes a healthier and safer community. Addicts need treatment leveraged by the courts. Sobriety leads to family reunification, work and money for the needs of life.


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