Yuba County Board of Supervisors Meeting

DSCN1076  10 4 17Buck Weckmanby John Mistler

Marysville, Ca.

At the September 26th meeting of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors, under the “Public Communications “ portion of the Agenda, Buck Weckman, long time opponent of the marijuana industry, took the opportunity to update the Board of Supervisors on recent illegal activities related to the growing of marijuana in the foothills.

He stated that he really had no problem with the marijuana plant itself; it is the criminal human element that is associated with the growing and distribution of this illegal drug.

He first pointed out that on September 12 there was a daylight shooting and burglary in Browns Valley. The two suspects were arrested on the same day and a search of their home in Olivehurst revealed an illegal marijuana grow and a Butane Honey Oil Lab.

Weckman also related a disturbing Email he had recently received through his Yuba County FACT (Families Against Cannabis Trafficking) Web Site. He said he could not give the man’s name because it would endanger his life. The unidentified man and his wife live in a Yuba County area where even Law Enforcement will not go alone. According to the email, four trucks had recently pulled up to a ten foot gate just past his home and several men got out with many guns waiting to gain entrance. This man knew several marijuana grows were behind this gate. The man also stated: “I fear for my kids lives”.

Finally Weckman recounted a recent CHP Code Three pursuit through Brownsville and Challenge, resulting in a felony arrest in front of 10013 La Porte Road in Challenge. The person claimed to be a Sureno Gang Member and associated with the house at that location. At the arrest site and within view from La Porte Road was a marijuana grow. One of the plants was over ten feet tall. Weckman provided the Board of Supervisors with a photograph of this grow site. A Google satellite photograph of the site was also given to the Supervisors which showed a Yuba County Road Department Building and Road Equipment storage area right next door. Weckman pointed out that this situation could result into another shooting similar to the shooting of our Sheriff’s Deputies in Oregon House. He further stated he liked the work the Road Crews were doing on New York House Road and it would be a shame if some of the work crew got shot as innocent bystanders during a marijuana theft.

DSCN1077Reverend Heidi LeppFollowing Mr. Weckman at the podium was Heidi Lepp, the reverend, founder and CEO of the the Rastafarian Church in the 9000 block of Marysville Rd., Oregon House, The Reverend Lepp said they use cannabis as a sacrament in their religion. She stated to the Board that she was willing to work with them and share her knowledge at no cost to the county. Reverend Lepp said that she was at the last board meeting and had taken the boards Oath of Office. Since they were not honoring the oath in violation of the First, Fourth and Sixth amendment she was now filing a "Notice of Liability regarding The War on Drugs, Violations of Religious Freedoms with "Cannabis Ordinance Technology". Each Supervisor was served as well as the Sheriff.

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