Rideout Board Approves Affiliation With Adventist Health

Rideout Health is the largest medical provider serving Yuba and Sutter counties, with more than 100,000 inpatient and outpatient visits a year to Rideout Regional Medical Center, Rideout Clinics, Rideout Cancer Center and Rideout Senior Living facilities.

Today, Rideout Health announces the next big step to ensure modern, efficient, compassionate, and affordable health care remains available to everyone in our community.

The Board of Directors of Rideout Health is pleased to announce it has formally approved an affiliation agreement with Adventist Health, one of the leading health systems in California, serving more than 75 communities in our state, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii.

This affiliation, which is subject to the approval of the government regulators, will be good for our community’s health and well-being. It will provide the organizational depth and experience necessary to meet patient needs and improve health outcomes here at home as America’s health care landscape rapidly changes around us.

This affiliation will benefit our patients, because, like Rideout Health, Adventist Health’s core principles are to provide health care for all, regardless of a person’s backgrounds or beliefs. In addition, Adventist Health’s long history of promoting whole person health and wellness will help our patients live longer and healthier lives.

The Rideout Health Board of Directors, comprised of men and women who live and work in this community, were determined that Rideout Health thrive and evolve. In the past five years alone, Rideout has invested millions of dollars on the new Rideout Regional Medical Center, invested heavily in

information technology that improves patient care, improved quality control systems, and actively sought an affiliation with a valued and trusted health care system.

These steps have been deliberate. Our Board is confident these are the right decisions for the future of access to quality health care for all in our community. We welcome the value added to our community by this affiliation with Adventist Health.

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